Thursday, April 26, 2018


The decision by the Greens to field a candidate in the Northcote by-election has gotten Labour crying foul.

FFS Labour what did you expect.   The Greens are not part of the coalition government ... merely a support party which has offered Labour and Winston First confidence & supply in return for the scraps thrown them by the two coalition parties.

Their Ministers are in the outer cabinet simply because Winston refuses to have them at the cabinet table.    Not too much collegiality there.

So quelle surprise ... the Greens decide they must maintain an election profile and presence in order to remind their constituency that they are not joined at the hip like Labour and NZ First ... and that while they might be poodles .... poodles too can bite and snap if the occasion demands.

Better that Labour explain the failure of their governing council to invoke rule 18.18.1(b) of their constitution against their selected candidate caught 'doctoring' his c.v.    Kirton's excuse that he was studying for the degree is simply pathetic.    Since when have those studying for an MBA (or any degree) been allowed to append those post nominal letters against their name ... answer ... none because you can't ... slam dunk.

Labour's whinging ... their candidate was already in big stuk and the Green's intervention
just confirms the inevitable.


Psycho Milt said...


Links or it didn't happen

The Veteran said...

Milt me old mucker ... go2 the Daily Blog ... read the post dated 25 April under the by-line 'Greens trash Labour's chances in Northcote - with allies like these who needs National?' ... penned by a certain Bomber Bradbury.


Psycho Milt said...

Ah, I see. Bradbury represents Labour to the same extent I represent the Greens, ie not even remotely. Also, he has a lengthy history of berating others on the left for not sharing his "thinking," which is one reason he's generally ignored. ("Thinking" in quotes because I've read some of his posts and they mostly come across as gut reactions with some post-hoc justifications thrown in, and I don't call that "thinking").

Gerald said...

Am I missing something. The Blog opinion suggests Greens is trashing Labour by putting up a candidate. Back to the Stuff article in the thread and is about Greens fielding a candidate.
Then back to Veterans post and the head line has morphed into Labour is whinging already???

Anonymous said...

Maybe Judith overhead some scuttlebutt in the Beehive corridors?

The Veteran said...

Jueez wept ... Labour Party apologists out in force today. Gerald ... I wuz asked to provide a link ... I did it. This was a blog with a long history of supporting Labour trashing the Greens. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anon 10.15 ... WTF are you rabbiting on about. What has Judith got to do with 'The Daily Blog'.

Clearly and in the immortal words of Lcpl Jones ... they don't like it up em'.

Gerald said...

No Veteran you headlined "Labour is whinging already." Neither the Blog nor the Stuff article mention a Labour position on the Green candidate.
Keep dancing.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... get real, I repeat, get real. THe Daily Blog is a Labour Party supporting blog in the same way as Kiwiblog supports National. The article was penned by one of 'yours'. It's all 'your' own work.

And if you think this decision by the Greens is being applauded either at Fraser House or in the Labour Party caucus room them I have a bridge to sell you going cheep.

Consider this ... National went into the 2015 Northland by-election defending a majority of 9,300. It came out of it losing to WRP by 4,408. The Greens, who six months previously had polled a respectable 3,700 at the time of 2014 general election, decided for strategic reasons not to stand a candidate. It is not an unreasonable assumption to suggest that many of those 3,700 votes went to WRP contributing to his margin of victory.

Forward to Northcote ... seven months ago Coleman won the seat for National over Labour by 6,200 votes with the Greens putting up a no-name candidate who polled a tad under 2,500 votes. This time round and with Labour still in their honeymoon period (albeit 'slightly' fraying on the edges) the Greens are doing a u-turn compared with Northland and standing a candidate (for I think what are very good reasons).

Hence the vitriol from this Labour supporting blog which if Gerald thinks is not reflected in the mutterings of Labour Party apparatchiks as they gather together to quaff chardonnay then he is truly delusional ... all Bradbury is guilty of is telling it how it is.

And we won't even talk about 'his' doctoring of 'his c.v.

Paulus said...

Have you heard that Metiria Turei will stand for the Greens in Northcote so that will show those people like her ex Mother in Law, who was a Labour MP, Mayor and lives there how to do it.
Then she will join the COL conversation group on Social Welfare changes, and how to cheat and lie to the authorities. It appears that the new Green leadership are quite happy to have her return.

The Veteran said...

Paulus ... are you serious or just creating happy mischief? If the former then the Greens have truly lost it ... if the latter then you get an A+.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I would bet on the former.

Gerald said...

Not mine Veteran. Didn't vote for them. I wouldn't claim that Labour was whinging just because there was some opinion piece from a blog considered to be left leaning by you.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... then clearly I wuz wrong to speculate you were one of 'them'. What's clear though is that you ain't one of 'us'. I can live with that although the fact that you don't consider 'The Daily Blog' to be left leaning has me wondering just a tad.

Gerald said...

Can everything you post here be assumed to be the National Party posting??

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... you may assume my posts are the musings of me. However it is no secret that I am a National Party activist and, over the years, I have chaired a number of electorates as well as holding a range of senior appointments withing my Party. Currently I am involved in policy formation and I make no apology for that. I can't speak for the National Party per se but my views tend to reflect mainstream National Party thinking. I do however reserve unto myself the right to criticise my Party when the occasion demands ... done it before and will do it again.