Monday, April 30, 2018


Or was the hapless one misquoted or merely misunderstood

Failed Presbyterian padre, now intent on removing all doubt as to any ability to deal with the always difficult and fraught Health portfolio, has now blamed the demands of the Melons and Winston First for delaying the campaign promised $10 relief from costs of GP visits.

Fresh from a debacle over conditions of Middlemore Hospital where extravagant claims of derilection of duty by the previous government were demolished by those in charge of that DHB  now replaced with reliable Labour Party Hacks,  the new Minister of Health reveals a mindset that strongly suggests, an out of depth, "state of mind".

So any relief from the necessary three monthly visits to my good mate Dr Smith currently running at around $90 a time will continue to be a part of our largely self funding retirement regime.
All because the fairy dust sprinkling , funding for "free" university first year for rich white kids,  creation of nearly a hundred inquiries and focus groups, expansion of the bureaucracy,  have eaten up the healthy balances bequeathed  by the National government. Now who wudda thunk that?

What a surprise,  a consensus is emerging that the almost invisible Kris FaFoi is one of the better performing ministers, gawd help NZ, cant see anyone else to assist.

Competition is serious when the only others from Wonderland in action are Shane "Billion Dollar" Jones, "Current Calamity" Curran, and Twy(t)ford who wants NZ to believe the 30 odd houses begun under National have been reassigned as the beginning of the ten thousand affordable homes per year. Clearly not for "working" NZ, situated on the edge of the known world of Jaffas, that inacurrate notion is going head to head with the approaching birth of the Nation's  first "bastard" to lead the "news"
Hope the poor little one does not end up under the growing heap of excrement being delivered daily from Wonderland.


Anonymous said...

its worrying they've already run out of money , when they received a bonus $500m in the last budget update.
What dire straights wed be in if Nationals brilliant financial management give Labour that get out of jail free card

EH of D

James said...

Failed Presbyterian Padre - well said! He was a minister for only a few years of the most liberal and (self-described) "progressive" parish in the country - St Luke's of Remuera, Auckland.

Ie, he was a failed presbyterian minister of a church that isn't even Christian! It is a typical wealthy, white and liberal church of nothingness.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I might be wrong but I don't think it is the same fellow.

The Rev David Clark I met at St Lukes a number times was openly homosexual and a regular consumer of gin and tonic. By now I expect he would be aged in his mid fifties if he hasn't talked himself to death.

I can find no reference for parishes to which the current Labour Minister may have been called. It's possible there weren't any which would have him.

BTW the current Minister is married with three children.

Correction From the ODT I see he worked for an unspecified but apparently short time at ST Lukes as an assistant minister in the early nineties.

Anonymous said...

James said...

From 1997 to 2000 he describes himself as minister at Community of St Luke (correct me if I'm wrong, but there is only the one parish in Auckland that describes itself like that).

But yes, the ODT specifically says assistant minister

Which raises a question of integrity - why does he claim in his official Labour party website bio to have been the minister, when in reality he was assistant minister?

Either way, he is still a failed presbyterian padre, having only been involved in what is widely seen as a heretical church that preaches the typical lefty drivel of progressivism and other such denials of scripture (and official church teaching).

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


If you know anything about the Presbyterian Church you would realise (a) it does not employ 'padres' who, as I understand it, are found only in the armed forces and may be of any denomination and (b) a "minister' is a person who has been ordained into the Ministry and may serve as an assistant minister or a parish minister or in a number of other non parish roles. So, in my view, he is quite able to say in his CV that he was a minister. He still is, for such ordination is for life.

To be fair to him, when I read the CV to which you link, he does not claim he was "the minister' at St Lukes.

Of course, nothing I have said at all detracts from his status as a failure.

James said...


I was using the term 'presbyterian padre' that Gravedodger used in his original post, and I was agreeing with the comments he made on the Rev Dr David Clark. Furthermore, many readers of this blog (though maybe not much longer if we have to interact with you) are members of the armed forces, therefore the term 'padre' is one quite commonly understood, otherwise why would Gravedodger have used it in the first place?

Your snarky response is completely unnecessary and reveals a bitchy side of your character.

I am actually fully cognisant of the Presbyterian Church, its terms and its workings, being a lifetime member of it. That is how I can describe the contempt that the rest of the church holds the community of St Lukes - their incessant attempts to redefine the church's understanding of marriage (along with a few other liberal parishes from Wellington) have been constantly batted away by General Assembly. For now, they can minister to their misguided flock of heretics with their heathen progressivism, and the rest of the church will carry on having once again defeated their liberalism at General Assembly 2016.

David Clark should not brag about being minister (associate or not) of such a vacuous church of nothingness, especially since he abandoned the endeavour after only three years.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goodness me! If you think that is snarky you ain't seen nuthin' yet!

BTW how many years constitutes your 'lifetime' membership?

My recollection of the PCANZ was of a church which allowed people to make up their own minds on issues. There were all sorts, ranging from rabid homosexual activists at one end of the scale to bigoted bible bashers at the other. (The vast majority of members were moderate and rejected either extreme.) I was never able to understand how the latter managed to single out and exclude one group of sinners from positions of leadership.

Perhaps you could explain.

Once Was Presbyterian said...

Dunno who James is, but he sure doesn't understand the position of his church.

Contrary to the assertion that the AG of PCANZ " batted away" the notion of same sex marriage, the GA itself has this to say:

Once the Amendment Act takes effect:
(a) All Ministers of PCANZ whose names have been provided to the
Registrar of Marriages will be permitted to conduct a marriage
ceremony for the purposes of the Marriage Act, whatever the sex,
sexual orientation or gender identity of the couple to be married.