Thursday, April 5, 2018

Intellectual Loons and Knuckle Draggers

There is none so dangerous as the blinkered fundamentalist - Christian, Muslim, Atheist or Marxist and Adolf has just discovered a little nest of what can only be styled "Alt Right.'

I hesitate to use the term 'alt right' because it has been debased by lefties who refer to anyone even slightly right of centre as 'alt right.'  However, in this case it is the correct term.

I've just read a piece in which it is revealed that a military deployment along the USA/Mexican border will consist of unarmed members of the National Guard.  The deployment is part of the reaction to a so-called well organised and funded 'caravan' of some 1,200 to 1,500 illegal immigrants from Honduras who are travelling, so far unhindered, through Mexico with the stated intention of bursting across the porous border into the US.

The reaction of the knuckle draggers of the right was instructive.   Most were jumping up and down over the 'stupidity' of stationing unarmed soldiers on the border.

Adolf reminded them a very effective strategy for surrendering both the house and Senate to the Democrats might be to arrange for nationwide, live, network TV coverage of American soldiers shooting and killing Honduran civilians along the southern border of the US.

So far nobody has come back with a reasoned response.  Most likely because there isn't one.


Anonymous said...
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The Bunbury Baker said...

Well, the military deployment your man Commander Heel Spurs wanted is, funnily enough, illegal, but who would expect the President of the USA to know that?

Idiots following idiots down rabbit holes trying to make idiots of us all.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

BB Left your brains behind this morning?

Googgle Bush, Obama, border deployment.

David said...

Looks like you're the one short of a brain, Adolf old chum.

Trump backed down to the National Guard after first saying he would deploy the military.

Neither Bush or Obama were as ignorant as to think they could deploy the Marines or Army on the border.

Googgle (sic) Bush, Obama, border deployment.

I thought you had abandoned google.

How about you bone up on the Posse Comitatus Act. That is the law that the ignorant Trump tried to break. "Who knew there was such a law? I didn't, did you?" Trump asked all his aides who just shook their collective heads at the lumpen stupid in the Oval Office.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


If you were even a halfwit you would know that the National Guard is part of 'the military.'

If bullshit was butter you'd be a walking piece of shortbread.

Anonymous said...
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Reserve it. said...