Monday, April 16, 2018


persona non grata because of his refusal to step up and rid UK Labour Party of those expressing antisemitic views.    Clearly they see Corbyn as big on rhetoric but when push comes to shove he wimps out ... not overly surprising when it's 'Momentum' (his own bugle band) that's front and centre of the controversy.

The reality is that there has always been an element of antisemitism in both the hard left and hard right of UK politics.   Clearly the Tories do a better job of managing it ... confining it to the Boardrooms rather than shouting it at Party political meetings

Whatever ... it's a big call when the leader of a Labour Party is declared  'untermensch' by another fraternal Labo(u)r Party.

I'm sure Lord Egbut will have a view on this.


Anonymous said...

When I discover what an antisemitic view is I'll comment.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

Antisemitism used to mean breaking the windows of Jewish owned businesses and burning down Synagogues, Egbut

Today it means criticizing Israel

The Veteran said...

To help you MiLord ... antisemitic altn anti-Semitic ... adjective ... hostile or prejudiced against Jews.

Andrei ... you can criticise Israel without being an antisemite. Israel is only 74.6% Jewish.

Back to the question of the nice Mr Corbyn .....

Andrei said...

"Back to the question of the nice Mr Corbyn ....."

Can you Veteran provided concrete examples of Jeremy Corbyn oe an current British Labour Parliamentarian expressing antisemtic views or displaying antisemitic behaviour?

On the other hand anti Russian, Russophobic rhetoric and actions hostile to Russian people are "de rigueur" amoung the Western politcal elites

The other night on TV ONE News they played a soundbite of the Russian Ambassador to the UN speaking at the UN - the odd thing was the audio of the English translation when this speech was given at the UN was provided by a young woman with a sweet sounding voice and a very slight Russian accent but this had been replaced by an older gentleman's voice very harsh with a thick TV villian's "Russian" accent for the News Coverage - very curious

Goebels would be proud

David said...

Veteran, the problem with your "explanation" is that dictionaries are not the arbiter of a word's meaning. They record the usage of a word. This is why the dictionary definitions shift over time.

"Anti-semitic" is a loaded, political word, used to denigrate people opposed to Israel and Zionism. Jews are not the only Semitic people. People who speak a Semitic language are Semites. This includes Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Hebrews, Phoenicians, and many of the peoples of Ethiopia.

The political nature of the term is clear in your prior accusations of me being anti-Jew when my criticisms have never been of Jews or Judaism, but rather of Israel and its reprehensible government.

The Veteran said...

David ... my post is not directed at you. It's about the Israeli Labor Party accusing the leader of the British Labour party of being anti-Semitic.

Andrei ... if you're unaware of the debate currently going on within the UK Labour Party regarding anti-semitism then you must live in a cocoon. I'll try and help you ... have a look at

Andrei said...

So I followed your link Vet and apparently way back in 2012 Jeremy Corbyn expressed support for a mural in London that had come under fire for being allegedly anti-semetic

The mural is shown in the link and I really struggle to see how it is anti-semitic

The six figures depicted are Meyer Carl von Rothschild, John D. Rockefeller , J.P. Morgan, Aleister Crowley, Andrew Carnegie and Paul Warburg

Why Aleister Crowley is there I dunno. Four of the six a Jews but two are not - Why is this anti-semetic and why is this ancient and previously purely local controversy relevant now?

Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill

Gerald said...

Gee Andrei on the occasion you have it right.
All this was covered on other blogs a month ago.
Bit of a slow day Veteran.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ya gotta laarrrrf.

When someone is on shaky ground you will see phrases like 'way back in 2012'

Was that a typo? Surely you meant 1912?

Corbyn looks as though he was born in 1880.

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... read the whole article. Gueez, when you have 12 MPs of your own Party calling you out on the issue somethings up.

Gerald ... what's this month ago crap? The Israeli Labour Party made its decision just last Thursday ... please do me the courtesy of doing your homework. Anyway, I'll post what I want on my blog when I want without recourse to you.

Andrei said...

"Andrei ... read the whole article. Gueez, when you have 12 MPs of your own Party calling you out on the issue somethings up. "

I did read the whole article Veteran (twice) and it is all innuendo backed up with this utter nonsense which leads the article over mural painted on a wall in some London bourough six years ago

The only other named person in the whole wordy pile of crud is Ken Livongston who has been kicked out of the Labour Party anyway and for saying something that is historically accurate

What makes me laugh about people who think of themselves as the right is that they are indistinguishable from the so called left in their behaviour

Why the fuck would anybody read through that steaming pile of horseshit you linked?

And the answer is of course they wouldn't, they loose 99.99% of the readers after the first paragraph which is what the people who put it up count on but it justifies the screaming headline associating Jeremy Corbyn with anti-semitism

I am surprised and disappointed how easily you are manipulated manipulated by these obvious propaganda techniques Veteran

Anonymous said...

Now you are getting into the murky area of Jews and Zionists being different descendants from a common ancestor.


The Veteran said...

Andrei ... "the only other person named in this wordy pile of crud is Ken Livongston" (sic). Strange that comment from someone who claims to have read the article twice ... could have sworn I saw mentioned Naseem Shah, Shami Chakrabarti, Jack Mendel, Diane Abbott and David Seymour.

Seems to me you are engaging in a re-run of Stalin's 1952-53 Doctor's Plot in defending Corbyn.

Andrei said...

"Seems to me you are engaging in a re-run of Stalin's 1952-53 Doctor's Plot in defending Corbyn." Non sequitur

" could have sworn I saw mentioned Naseem Shah, Shami Chakrabarti, Jack Mendel, Diane Abbott and David Seymour. "

Apart from Naseem Shah who I inadvertanly forgot in my comment the others are not Labour MPs accused of Anti-Semitism, not even Labour MPs in most cases

Naseem Shah reposted a map on facebook suggesting that Israel be moved to the USA - the origin of this map ironically is an American Jew whose parents were holocaust survivors - one Norman G Finkelstein

But that isn't anti-semitism, its anti-Zionism, a political stance and I believe the facebook post even predates her becoming an MP.

Funny there is another group of Europeans, victims of the holocaust who died in the ovens of Auschwitz in great numbers, who are still considered the niggers of Europe and don't get the kid glove treatment - and they would be the Romani. Politicians can say what they like about them