Friday, April 27, 2018

Good Old Westpac

Readers may have seen that Westac are withdrawing (rapidly as mrspdm and I have found) a number of their cash machines around the country and I can understand that because having been in the banking industry for 18 years way back I know that money stuck in a machine waiting for someone to withdraw it is unproductive money. A short while (30 minutes or so) ago I bowl up to Kmart Hastings where there have been Westpac and ANZ machines side by side for years. Well bugger me the Westpac machine is gone but no worries I can use the ANZ one for free so I slide in my card, put in my pin and hit fast cash for what I want - invalid transaction, so I reduce the amount by half (roughly) and ditto. Both times it asked if I would like another transaction but I said no the second time and headed home to check my balance - which as I thought was roughly 10 times the amount I was trying to withdraw. Thanks for the customer service Westpac - any chance you could put that machine back at Kmart, Hastings because it is very convenient for me and there is always parking. Plus it was much more user friendly than the ANZ one.


Andrei said...

You still use cash PDM?

Honestly I have about thirty cents on me as cold hard cash, and its probably been through my washing machine more than once - never carry it because everything can be done electronically these days

Of course I realize when the infrastructure that allows this is destroyed I'll be tubed but then again so will everyone else

pdm said...

Yep - always like to have some cash in my pocket/wallet. Must be a generational thing as most of my friends seem to as well - all in our late 60's or early 70's.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I haven't written a a cheque in I don't know how many years - at least ten and I rarely carry any cash and never more than $20. Imagine my anger upon entering one of those sandwich'wrap/roll joints in Don Buck Rd to be told they don't accept credit cards.

Dumbarse Korean immigrants. Went next door and bought some Sushi from the smart Japs.

Andrei said...

Here you go PDM - Join the 21st century

pdm said...

Nah - call me old fashioned and a stick in the mud if you like but I will stick to he way I am doing things.

Adolf I must admit it is a -fair while since I have issued a cheque - I am sophisticated enough to pay bills by internet banking when required.

The Veteran said...

Anyone want to argue the toss that by 2025 cheques will have ceased to be a medium of currency?

Andrei said...

Checks are like telegrams something that exist for symbolic reaasons only as a nod to tradition.

Can you even get checkbooks today?

david said...

Andrei, I hope you don't use google pay, because as soon as they find out you are a grumpy old white russian christin heterosexula dominant male of the GRWC sort, your account will be closed. :-)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Perhaps you could ask for a cheque book or move to the USA?

Or is that where you actually live?

alwyn said...

I finally used the last cheque from my National Bank chequebook.
I had about 25 forms left, in the old National Bank green, when all the branches were renamed as ANZ outlets.
I doubt that cheques will ever die out completely. Law firms still seem to like them for doing their disbursements. You can also write them for much larger amounts than you can get with EFTPOS or Internet banking. Try transferring the odd million or two for an Auckland starter house via EFTPOS.
Cheques were always safer than things like Internet Banking of course. If the bank paid out on a forged cheque it was their problem in law. Internet banking where you accidentally pay to the wrong account is all your problem.

Andrei said...


Do you know what a "White Russian" is or was David?

I pledge and swear before Almighty God,
His Holy Gospel and the Life-Giving Cross:
to be faithful and ever true to the Russian state as my Homeland.

I pledge and swear
to serve it as the Supreme Ruler of Russia,
without regard for my life,
family ties or friendship,
enmity, or gain,
and mindful only of the revival
and success of the Russian state.

Hereby I make the sign of the cross,
and kiss the words and Cross of my Saviour.


Does this inspire you?. Does your heart beat a little faster now I have given you the dialogue?

A long way from check book redundancy perhaps but why in that clip which is a historical recreation do both the American and British flags appear? And what were the consequences of those flags appearing at that time and place?

Andrei said...

"Try transferring the odd million or two for an Auckland starter house via EFTPOS."

You can get a cashiers check for large amounts, last time I did that was more than a decade ago, I guess, it cost $5. /But last time I bought a new car it was done electronically and happened in real time, how that worked I don't know but it did maybe the money was in some sort of escrow account . My Lawyer does it all electronically and I guess that is through escrow accounts

pdm said...

Been at work since 4.30pm so thought I would rejoin the debate.

I have an Aunt and Uncle who use cheques on a regular basis - she will be 90 later this year and he is coming up 94. Often we buy things they need for them and they reimburse us by cheque to preserve the cash they have on hand as they do not drive.

mrspdm and I arenot that antiquated and we recently paid for a Pacific Cruise using eftpos. I dislike using my card for trivial amounts - say under $20 when I can have cash in my wallet to deal with such paymentsand it is usually far quicker.

Andreri said...

Sorry PDM but the phone apps which use NFC are quicker than anything else even cards with paywave

Pay cash you have to get your wallet out - get the cash out, it has to be counted and the change made

With a phone you get it out, unlock it and wave it over the terminal - it vibrates and you're done and out of there - its so simple and you have an instaneous record of what you spent and where you spent it on your phone and at your fingertips

For today I have

service station name -$123.93
Burger King -$7.90
supermarket name and location -$78.41

I can pay the lawn mower man from my phone to his - he gets a text message with a link and following that link he can transfer what i paid him into his account in real time

With cash it just seems to evaporate - its like what happened to that $200 I had?

Technology is great - we are moving to a cashless society I'm 99.9% there already and so are most people I know

Andrei said...

My daughters are even more advanced, they use their smart watches on their wrists to pay

Just hold their wrist over the EFTPOS terminal - bing and they are done

B Whitehead said...

Meanwhile, in the outback of Aussie, Eftpos isn't that common because of the transaction charges. It's a place where the ANZ bank closes for an hour when they have lunch.
I got caught out quite a few times, until I just started carrying cash again.

pdm said...

Andrei a mobile phone is for making and receiving phone calls and a watch is for telling the time. I ditched my `so called' smart phone for a simpler option because of all of the shit that was coming up.

At 72 years and 11 days old I do not want or need that crap.

Noel said...

PDM I don't want to lose my landline but two years from now it wont exist.
Took me a long time to realise it's the market that drives change not the worth of the technology. Probably why I chose Beta over VHS and lost.