Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday's Fulminations

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Anonymous said...

New Zealand's profile has never been higher than in the last week or two with the European visit of the PM. It does help if you are photogenic and pregnant but those who have met her are genuinely taken with her. She has ensured her place in posterity where those who have gone before remain unremembered.

Meanwhile back at the ranch her 2IC has not declared war on Fiji, fiddled his expenses or chased various secretaries around various desks, some of the posts on this subject made a few weeks ago look a bit foolish know who you are.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

"New Zealand's profile has never been higher than in the last week or two with the European visit of the PM"

You really do live in a world of your own Egnut!

Jacinda Ardern's visit to Europe means about as much to the average Frenchman or German as a visit from the President of Albania would

In fact the vast majority probably couldn't even tell you that it had occurred or care less

pdm said...

Egbut if you are referring to Kelvin Davis as 2IC he would not:

1. Have the nous to declare war on anyone.
2. Have the energy to chase a secretary around a desk - now Lees Galloway is apparently a different proposition in that area.

If you are referring to Winston as 2IC - how would we know - he has vanished which is not necessarily a bad thing of course.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... naughty.

Anonymous said... that, sitting in a dentists waiting room in Angouleme reading about our PM in a Paris magazine while two middle aged French ladies were talking about her in glowing terms. Not to mention the fact that she has drawn the inside page in most Euro papers.......oh, and number 98 now, a journalist investigating the shadow Kremlin army in Syria "jumped" from a 5th story window two days ago.....obviously overcome with remorse that he doubted the great god Putin.

Lord Egbut