Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday's Fulminations

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Anonymous said...

Walter.......You might consider the wisdom of putting Friday Fulminations so close to your post where you insult people then delete replies. I'm not prepared to engage in a battle of wits with you as I will not fight an unarmed man.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

The troika is in panic mode as hard evidence that the Douma "chemical attack" was indeed a staged false flag.

But refusing to attend the briefing where the evidence was presented wont change that evidence, which is fairly compelling.

Anyway let's change the subject to Bill Cosby so we don't have to think through the implications of all of this

David said...

Andrei, I don't give a tinker's cuss about the truth or lies around Douma, when the reality is all weapons are chemical, and all weapons kill. The people of Syria are mere pawns in a game being played where they are not privy to the rules, they will not share in any profits made by the victors, they will simply wear the cost.

Unlike you, many of us are capable of thinking about the pain in Syria as well as the pain inflicted by Bill Cosby. We can understand the anguish of the victims of harvey Weinstein and the victims of Israel.

Andrei said...

"Andrei, I don't give a tinker's cuss about the truth or lies around Douma..."

Well then you are a total fool - if the sovereign territory of Syria was attacked justified by the attackers lying to you and you just shrug your shoulders you are as culpable as the Germans who did the same as the cattle cars rolled across the European countryside

Let us not forget the Gulf of Tonkin incident when the American Government lied to the American people to justify an "intervention" that ended up costing 2 million Vietnamese their lives, not to forget 58,000 Americans, over 400 Australians and 37 New Zealanders who also were sacrificed. All so unnecessary

Howard Hughes briefly became the richest man in the world on the back of that conflict, not that it did him much good

It is important David to seek the truth and to call the authorities out when they are lying to you because tou can count on it if you are being lied to the people doing it do not have your best interests in mind but other agendas

Andrei said...

"...the pain inflicted by Bill Cosby"

You know David this too is a matter of finding the TRUTH but in this case for you or I or anyone else to know the truth in this matter is impossible

Forever women have attached themselves to rich and powerful men, granting sexual favours in order to advance their own. This has its basis in biology, a subject that you are well versed in if I recall correctly

It was none other than Henry Kissinger who said "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac"

We live in an age where "newspeak" requires we ignore that men and women are fundamentally different and approach meeting the necessities of life in fundamentally different ways.

Bill Cosby is a distraction and the whole circus is reminiscent of the Soviet Union in the late 1930s where previously idiolized figures were publically denounced and given show trials.

Maybe someone will denounce Henry Kissenger for his peccadillos during the seventies

As is cimmon knowledge s Bill Clinton has been denounced many times for his sexual transgressions, with hard evidence (something entirely lacking in the Cosby case), but as we all know the Clintons are coated in teflon

Andrei said...

Needless to say TV ONE News was obsessed with Bill Cosby and Jacinda's baby bump tonight but not a word of the Syrians of Douma who featured in the video they played over and over with prior warnings about distressing content giving their testimony at the Hague.

Well color me surprised

Anonymous said...

I see the Chuckle brothers are at it the Russians refuse to accept the OPCW findings on the Salisbury attack I suggest that the the Russians be given complete control of the OPCW, the Olympic Anti Doping agency and the Atomic energy commission........there fixed it for you.

Gulf of Tonkin......Fifty years ago a neighbour, who is no longer in residence, burnt down your garage and in your mind it is still relevant in today's fast changing world.

It is Jurassic thinking that is the problem. Still 98 Journos murdered Andrei....why is that?

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

FFS Egbut you do not know what the OPCW report on the Skripal poisoning says because it is classified

All you have and all anybody has is the non classified executive summary which actually says sweet FA and poses more questions than it answers

And you have what Theresa May et al. have said in the British Parliament which may or may not align with what Porton Down told them

In fact we know in part it didn't align because Boris Johnson was called out by the director of Porton Down for claiming they had said things they hadn't!

Also my friend Great Britain has violated the Chemical Weapons treaty it is a party to in the way it has handled this case and is also in violation of the Treaty of Vienna in the matter of granting consular access to the Skripals, Yulia in particular

None of this will matter to you because in your dotage your atrophied brain is clearly incapable of analyisis of current events beyond B grade movie plots from the sixties type narratives

But then again most Westerners are so ignorant of Russia that the latest episode of Homeland which was supposed to be set in Moscow had Hungarian Street signs in its outside location settings and nobody noticed

We sat there rolling on the floor with laughter watching it with its bogus villain Russian accents and out of kilter scenary

Hear my friend hear how beautiful the Russian language really is - famous poem from the Great Patriotic War - a soldier at the front to his love

Anonymous said...

1/......Wrong on violation of Chemical Weapons Treaty...

2/.....Wrong on consular access to people in intensive care. Statement was issued declining the offer when she was well enough.

A large part of Salisbury commercial centre is a "nogo" area under wrapping being decontaminated ....ah the perfidious British will go to any lengths to blame Russia including poisoning it's own citizens. You really do have no idea how things work in a Democracy, do you?

If the Russian people had spent more time nurturing the fragile flower that is democracy you would not be in this stupid situation where financial gangsters run the country by terror......still 98 murdered journos, any comment?

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

Well this is interesting WADA, they are the people who do the drug testing in sport have just released their report on drug cheating in sports for 2016

It includes the number of Athletes from each nation caught in 2016

Which Nation had the most Athletes caught do you suppose?

It would be Italy
then France
followed by the USA
followed by Australia
followed by Belgium
followed by India and only then comes Russia

From the horses mouth

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Which goes to show how good the Russians are at not getting caught.

Anonymous said...

Andrei....can't you read? ADRV's are not doping convictions. Russia has certainly tidied up it's act since 2010 in the face of world sanctions and is getting better due to the fact that the influence of the state on athletics has diminished and many of Russia's top athletes now use overseas training camps.........I suggest you read your own links, pay particular attention the numbers over the years that have remained consistent.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

Holy dogshit Egbut - ADRV Anti Doping Rule Violation

But don't worry the interest the media will show in this is zero

WADA is controlled by the Anglos which is why the entire British Cycling squad gets theraputic exemptions to take steroids to aid breathing, they are all asthmatics apparently and the USA female gymnasts all suffer from ADHD and get to take ritalin while a Russian gymnast who takes an over the counter cold medication cops a ban

And the Williams sisters are on a whole cocktail of things for which they have exemptions while Maria Sharapova copped a ban for taking an over the counter medication containing Meldonium which WADA surruptiously added to the list of banned substances in December 2015 and went hunting for in January 2016 - Meldonium is used in Russian over the counter medications of course while other analogues which are not banned are used in Western equivalents

Anglos can't help themselves they make the rules and then they cheat.

Wanna talk about Australian cricket?