Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Personally I am in awe of Eric Murray and Hamish Bond for their domination of Pair rowing for almost a decade.
Bond has got onto a bike and won a bronze at the GC Com Games.

The hand wringing "solve everything with a ban"  brigade have now decided in their wisdom that Eric should be stripped of a last gasp at making a quid from his exploits, by banning his "beer adverts".

When I was an impressionable teenager and even in my early twenties everyone over 35 was headed to grandad status and eminently disposal material. Now the social justice warriors have in their wisdom decided Eric will not make any real money selling beer when the target market will be the hoards of pot bellied never made it while the impressionable yoof will be looking for their next "star", not a burning up hasbeen like good old Eric Gordon Murray. Eric who just happens to have waved goodbye to 35 years, he will be 36 early next month.

However they have made a stand, pity it wont amount to a knob of goat poo.

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