Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Faster Please!

Oh dear, oh dear.

The Human Rights Tribunal is unable to function due to work overload.  It is in danger of collapse.

No doubt it has been flooded by frivolous complaints from melting leftist snowflakes like Bradbury.  They'll demand a vast expansion to the bureaucracy and Toothfairy will oblige.  It will be money far better spent than fixing black spots on the nation's highways.

You got what you voted for.


pdm said...

No no no Adolf - it is under pressure from the mountain of `Old White Men' like you Gravedodger and I filing complaints about Julie-Anne Genter wanting us to go forth and multiply.

Anonymous said...

The day when the "Human Wrongs Commisariat"* closes will be worth a huge celebration.

* Title courtesy of Lindsay Perigo circa 1997.