Thursday, April 5, 2018

NZ Currancy - Episode II

It's only eight days ago that I expressed admiration for the CoL's ability to demonstrate incompetence and stupidity.  The Vet followed up today with a heartfelt (or is that Hirschfeld) plea to Labour.

Minister Curran continues to excel in this regard and, accordingly, she has been banished to the Comwelth Games in Australia with instructions to leave her cell phone on 'Off' for the duration and to take a long holiday after the games before returning home.

It appears from reporting in the pro Labour rag The Herald that Curran not only lied about her meeting with Hirschfeld but pursued a staff member of RNZ with a job offer.  I know RNZ is a hatchery for Left Leaning Chicks but one wonders if this dopey sheila from Dunedin knows anything at all about proper employment procedures or about the importance of negative perceptions.


SouthPac Cynic said...

Google Curren Ministry for the Environment 2006 or look at the December 2007 state Services report. She either knows what she is doing or is very very dumb.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Originally I spelled her name Curran. Then saw widespread usage of Curren so changed it.

Seems I was right first time.

SouthPac Cynic said...

Yes you were but potato/potahto. Issue is will she be pushed as she sure doesn't look like jumping.