Thursday, April 19, 2018


Readers will know I'm no fan of President Trump (nor his opponent in the 2016 elections).    Indeed, I think James Comey is pretty much on the money in his description of him.

But all that aside it appears his shear unpredictability as President may have forced the North Koreans to the negotiating table ... if he manages to pull this off he will have achieved what no other US President in recent times came close to.

Lotsa water to flow under the bridge and the talks (if indeed they take place) might well end in failure but, if I were a betting man, I would put money on them resulting in some easing of tensions accompanied by ???    The reality is the tough regime of US orchestrated sanctions are biting and the DKR needs to have them lifted either in whole or in part.   This, coupled with the limited economic reforms now being championed by Kim3, means the time might now be right for a constructive dialogue between the two nuclear nations.

If President Trump can pull this off he deserves kudos for that even though my opinion of him is unlikely to change.  


James said...

Teddy Roosevelt of course said "talk softly but carry a big stick" when describing how to do foreign policy well.

The problem with successive presidents since Bush 1 (Clinton, Bush and especially Obama) is that they have talked loudly whilst ensuring their stick was never going to be used.

Trump, or probably more accurately Sec Def Mattis, has talked loudly (that's for sure!!!), but he has been the first one to credibly brandish any sort of stick. For all his bluster, Pres Trump has actually gotten a million times further than his predecessors, in no short measure thanks to the visible and effective preparations of the US military in East Asia.

NB that the US military has been ably supported by Japan, South Korea and even Australia, but NZ is once again MIA, even in our own region. We have absolutely nothing to offer the party, despite the moral imperative.

Noel said...

More credit to the South Koreans perhaps?

Noel said...

David said...

This could be Trump's Nixon visit to China moment, but as we are talking Trump, I think Nixon's watergate moment is likely to get him first.

Cohen will be in the witness box soon, and trump cannot find an experienced Criminal Lawyer to take on his case. The only lawyers Trump can get are the Criminals that the FBI is coming for,

Anonymous said...

I said many posts ago that the key this dilemma is Chinese sanctions. The Chinese wacked some pretty stuff on the Norks coal, ag products and other raw materials. Strangely enough it also included beer. N Korea has had to open a Taedonggang, (a beer I have touched on before) brewery in China.

The Chinese have kept NK afloat for thirty years and now Fatboy orange seems to be taking credit for an about face.

Incidently Taedonggang is rated one of the top beers in Asia and I still reckon it is Steinlager based

Lord Egbut