Sunday, April 29, 2018


As the moronic seek further ways to create economic fund  transfers with  Carbon Scams, we now see the idjits looking to include farming in the grab. Just coz most hate farmers dont they. Milk veges and meats all come from supermarkets!

Living organisms release various amounts of carbon dioxide just by being.

So the call to include farmed animals in the tax grab wont include Humans that the state increasingly farms for profit, now why might that be?
It is claimed a human can emit two tonnes of carbon a year so NZ inc is allowing a massive 10 million tonnes of carbon emissions to escape the drag net from people just farting, burping and breathing and of course some, more active at burning sugars will be in excess of that two tonnes.

Will Zoos be included and that includes the one on Bowen St? Then there are fish farms, bee hives, feral animals on the DoC estate?

Moronic behavious reached new heights recently with yet  another virtue signal suggesting internal combustion powered vehicles be "levied " to allow subsidising of EVs.

Will cyclists, who incur serious costs for cycle ways and road congesting laneways financed by "levying" the available carbon burning road users, escape again as their exertions create extra CO2 emissions along with creating the sweat and body odours that can be confronted in Cafes near major population centers every weekend, be taxed?

Of course many farming practices actually sequestrate Carbon every day but that is another somewhat inconvenient fact so easily ignored.


Noel said...

Ahh you sure you're on the right track?
I thought the issue with farming was methane?

Gerald said...

Paranormal said...

But Noel - where did that methane come from?

Here's a hint, have a look at the Law of Conservation of Matter.

Noel said...

Methane emissions 20 percent oxygen in the atmosphere 21 percent.

Gerald said...


Noel it take 20 grams of oxygen to break down 4 grams of methane.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gerald. It takes a particular sort of left wing genius to believe cows fart methane.

Gerald said...

Never said it was farting genius troll.

DavidW99 said...

No-one has yet suggested limiting family size.

Just putting it out there you know!

Paranormal said...

Yup, Noel & Gerald - you have no idea what the Law of Conservation of Matter means do you?

Anonymous said...

Paranormal said "Where does methane come from?"