Monday, April 16, 2018

Back In The Day

Today is the first day of the Adolphian honeymoon.  (If I've told this story before, I apologise to those who are having it inflicted upon them again.)

Well, it was the first day forty six years ago.

I met my wife in Bunbury in March 1970.  Adolf and The Cook tied the knot on April 15th 1972 in a small circular church in Bunbury.  Shortly thereafter, the church had to be demolished due to structural defects.  The wedding reception was held in the pub next to the racecourse.  Shortly thereafter, the pub burned to the ground.

I still have the receipt for that night's accommodation at the Captain Fremantle, a reasonably flash motel.  Bed and breakfast for two - $17.50.   Shortly thereafter, it was bulldosed and the site redeveloped.

BTW in those days, fresh out of Lincoln, I could have started with the NZ Gummint on a salary of $2,200 with no perks.  I started with Shell Chemical (Australia) P/L on a salary of $4,000 with a brand new Chrysler Valiant station wagon and unlimited private mileage.

To people who are silly enough to ask 'Why did you come back to Bunbury?' the stock answer is 'For the divorce.'


Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

How much are you prepared to bet?

Anonymous said...
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The Veteran said...

Anon (both) ... what stupid, silly posts.

The Bunbury Baker said...

I can assure you Adolf is in Bunbury. He was in yesterday to get an Eccles Cake for his anniversary. I said "sorry mate, this is the West, we only do Squashed Fly cakes here".

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

A reminder for a deleted dick.

gravedodger said...

Just a bit of advice, almost certainly not sought, but here it is anyway.

Dont let the approaching half century cause distraction, only use sand paper on your bat and take it in singles. you cant risk a cross bat as by now the wicket will be a bit two paced and the bounce variable.

Stay with the straight bat and my thoughts are with the "cook" as being a spectator can be very stressful as the 50 gets closer.

Those early "dropped catches" are in the past, pity about the church, the pub and the motel but that Valliant was equal to a straight drive for four.

In 1970 I was in debt to somewhere above my head, seven years into a marriage my old man predicted wouldnt last and the carriage was a Vauxhall Viva. Our equity was 5% of a hundred K bit of dirt near Waipara with a recorded rainfall going back 50 years at average 23 inches. In that first year June to May we recieived 13 inches. the second year was 16 inches.
Btw turned out not too bad a Citreon Car, Landrover disco, and er in doors still wifing.

Best wishes to you both. M