Sunday, April 1, 2018


a couple of ministers stand out as solid performers.   All power to their collective elbows.   Pity they are the exception and not the rule.   These are my picks; others will have a different view ....

David Parker - Attorney-General; Minister for Economic Development; Minister for the Environment, Minister for Trade and Export Growth.   Heavy work load given someone ranked only 11 in the cabinet; credit due for getting the TPPA through a luke-warm caucus and active opposition from the Greens and NZ First (forget the cosmetic changes; it's the TPPA dressed up).    Rate him 8/10.

Damien O'Connor - Minister of Agriculture; Minister for Biosecurity; Minister for Food Safety; Minister for Rural Communities.   Lowly ranked (16) in cabinet.  O'Connor stands alone in the Labour caucus, a farmer, businessman, conservative Catholic, anti feminazis, all round good guy.    Deserves kudos for his handling of the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak.   7.5/10

Nearly but not Quite - Stuart Nash - Minister of Police; Minister of Fisheries; Minister of Revenue; Minister for Small Business.   Level headed and centrist.   Would be up there with Parker and O'Connor if he hadn't indicated his preparedness to remove cameras from commercial fishing boats after having been leaned on by NZ First.    His job has gotten a whole lot harder given the stated intention of the Minister of Justice to make it easier for those charged with an offenses to be granted bail.   6/10

Mentioned in Despatches - Shane Jones - Minister for handouts.   Best job in cabinet.   Flitting from here to there dolling out dollops of taxpayer money.   Sorta your all-year-round Father Xmas. Not so sure about his one billion trees though and his inability to recognise that Air NZ is not an SOE is of concern.  5.5/10.

Oh, and in case I forget Shane and acknowledging this wasn't your doing but any spare dosh and you might wish to consider making good on your leader's no ifs, no buts, commitment made at the time of the Northland by-election to make travel on the Paihia-Russell and Hokianga ferries free to SuperGold card holders.     Waiting, waiting, still waiting.

Don't ask me to list the non-performers and also-rans.     List is too long and starts with the PM and 'him'.


Anonymous said...

Phil Twyford is a pretty solid performer, with solid experience. He's not too bad, one of the few good debaters in the House also. A beacon in the darkness, someone who seems to know his stuff..


Q said...

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

What about the vertically challenged cowboy hat who is taking full responsibility for the repatriation of our servicemen buried overseas after 1955.

I could be convinced that Bob Davies, Paul Thomas, Andy Peters and some obscure fellow called Mark Mitchell had some input there.

pdm said...

I think Nash is more a `Try Hard' because every time he sticks his head above the parapet Robertson, Little or someone else slaps him down and he has to go into witness protection for a while.

Q - go and troll somewhere else.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


At first I thought it was an official Russian accredited spy. But hey, isn't it April 1st in the US?