Monday, April 9, 2018

A question about The Masters

How is that the organisers always have a made to measure Green Jacket available for the winner? I guess that a condition of entry is that all players have to supply their measurements with their entry but am sure that they do not get a jacket made for each of them - does anyone have the answer? Well done Patrick Reed - just reward for your consistency.


workingman said...

All the information you could want about the Green Jacket.

So the one they are given is an exisitng jacket that roughly fits, then a jacket is made for them, which remains the property of the club.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And cudos for getting rid of those obnoxious wankers who scream 'get in the hole' every time Tiger Woods takes a put.

pdm said...

workingman - thank you.

Interesting that they don't get to keep the jacket.

Adolf - I am with you on that one - there were even idiots doing at the womens major a week ago.

Johno said...

They do get to keep the jacket, but they may not take it off the premises (1 year exception for winners). Members and champions get their own locker to keep it in. There are two locker rooms one for champions and one for members.

More info here:

Johno said...

Also of note: there are (at least) two Kiwi members at Augusta - Craig Heatley and Clark Perkins.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


And a few Kiwi winners to boot.