Monday, April 30, 2018

Sharks' Breakfast

Over recent weeks there has been a spate of shark attacks in Western Australia.

On one day, there were two attacks in the same spot, about six hours apart, at a place called Gracetown.  It just so happens a professional surfers' competition was underway there on the day.  The organisers kept the event going after the first attack but eventually caved in to common sense and cancelled the event.

Image result for great white shark

Among the usual hooting and hollering for the gummint to kill all the big sharks, some sage  observed that this is the time of year when  of sea salmon (Kahawai) and herring school along this coastline and these fish are the staple diet of White Pointers and other big sharks.

The question needs to be asked:-

Who on earth would be stupid enough to hold a surfing competion right in the middle of the spot where sharks congregate for breakfast?


On her winning the Mediheal Championship in San Francisco.

Pity the same can't be said for the Blues or the Warriors.

I see that Richard Wade, rejected Oz wicket-keeper, has urged their national side not to try and play like New Zealand ... methinks he would be better urging his colleagues to stop cheating.

Limited blogging for the remainder of the week.   I'm in Wellington.


Or was the hapless one misquoted or merely misunderstood

Failed Presbyterian padre, now intent on removing all doubt as to any ability to deal with the always difficult and fraught Health portfolio, has now blamed the demands of the Melons and Winston First for delaying the campaign promised $10 relief from costs of GP visits.

Fresh from a debacle over conditions of Middlemore Hospital where extravagant claims of derilection of duty by the previous government were demolished by those in charge of that DHB  now replaced with reliable Labour Party Hacks,  the new Minister of Health reveals a mindset that strongly suggests, an out of depth, "state of mind".

So any relief from the necessary three monthly visits to my good mate Dr Smith currently running at around $90 a time will continue to be a part of our largely self funding retirement regime.
All because the fairy dust sprinkling , funding for "free" university first year for rich white kids,  creation of nearly a hundred inquiries and focus groups, expansion of the bureaucracy,  have eaten up the healthy balances bequeathed  by the National government. Now who wudda thunk that?

What a surprise,  a consensus is emerging that the almost invisible Kris FaFoi is one of the better performing ministers, gawd help NZ, cant see anyone else to assist.

Competition is serious when the only others from Wonderland in action are Shane "Billion Dollar" Jones, "Current Calamity" Curran, and Twy(t)ford who wants NZ to believe the 30 odd houses begun under National have been reassigned as the beginning of the ten thousand affordable homes per year. Clearly not for "working" NZ, situated on the edge of the known world of Jaffas, that inacurrate notion is going head to head with the approaching birth of the Nation's  first "bastard" to lead the "news"
Hope the poor little one does not end up under the growing heap of excrement being delivered daily from Wonderland.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

National's biggest challenge

For a while now I've been pondering whether the Nats understand their greatest challenge over the next two years or so.  It's not to find gaps in Labour's spending plans and criticise them.  Neither is it to try to claim the scalp of Clare Curran or any other minister.

National's biggest challenge is finding a coalition partner to form a government with after the 2020 election. 

The best way to assess risk and plan the mitigation is to set out the options available and choose the best one.  Hence, I'll do that here for the Nats greatest challenge.  These are in no particular order.

Option one - do nothing

This is always an option.  It is possible (but not to any great degree) that the Nats just keep doing what they're doing and expect they could govern alone or just wing it after the the next polling day.  They could gamble on Act getting 3-4% and Winston or the Greens disappearing.  Under this option, the Nats make no concerted effort to do anything about forming a MMP government and just let fate take care of itself. 

Option two - talk to Winston First, now

The Nats could start warming themselves to Winston or Shane Jones or whoever is in charge of that motley crew.  And they need to do it now, rather than look at the polls a few months out from 2020 polling day and realise there's a panic.  The person chosen to do this needs to have a good relationship with Jones, because Winston's a liar and a fraud.

Option three - throw Act a few more electorate seats

This option suggests Act won't get 3-4% next time, and there's nothing to suggest that is wrong.  After all, after Rodney Hide's excellent performance in 2008, where he got Act back to over 4% after that election, it's been all downhill since.  Indeed, ever since Hide was deposed as leader, Act has struggled  to get 1% consistently.  Throwing Act some more candidate seats will only produce an overhang and so the maths don't work here, unless to everyone's great surprise, Act does manage to gain 3-4%.

Option four - look for a new party

Under this option, the Nats would hope for a Colin Craig resurrection (almost impossible) or cross their fingers that a new party on the right will be formed between now and 2020 and gain enough votes to get the Nats their required 61 votes.  MMP has proven that the 5% threshold is extremely difficult to break for a new party, and so any new party would have to be formed from within National by a well-respected electorate candidate and leader who will win his or her seat and be good enough to get 5-10% from mainly the Greens or NZ First.  The centre ground is quite crowded between Labour and National, with them getting a combined 90% of the votes on recent polls (or close to it).  Any new party must takes votes from Labour's friends, the Greens or Winston.  It's not impossible that a new green party is formed from the Blue-Green faction within the Nats that is actually Green, not Red as is the case with the current "Green" party.

Option five - talk to the Greens, now

For the same reasons, if the Nats were considering a coalition with the Greens next time, they need to start working with them now.  James Shaw seems a decent bloke, if not very weak and dominated by bossy women, so an approach to him might work.  But with their new co-leader taking the party to the hard left, this option is about as realistic as Phil Twyford building 10,000 houses this year.  In other words, no chance.

Option six - talk to Labour about a grand coalition

No words needed.

Feel free to throw out any other options you see.  There's probably a couple more, but none that stick out to me.  Whatever happens, this is National's greatest challenge and one I trust they are planning for.


As the moronic seek further ways to create economic fund  transfers with  Carbon Scams, we now see the idjits looking to include farming in the grab. Just coz most hate farmers dont they. Milk veges and meats all come from supermarkets!

Living organisms release various amounts of carbon dioxide just by being.

So the call to include farmed animals in the tax grab wont include Humans that the state increasingly farms for profit, now why might that be?
It is claimed a human can emit two tonnes of carbon a year so NZ inc is allowing a massive 10 million tonnes of carbon emissions to escape the drag net from people just farting, burping and breathing and of course some, more active at burning sugars will be in excess of that two tonnes.

Will Zoos be included and that includes the one on Bowen St? Then there are fish farms, bee hives, feral animals on the DoC estate?

Moronic behavious reached new heights recently with yet  another virtue signal suggesting internal combustion powered vehicles be "levied " to allow subsidising of EVs.

Will cyclists, who incur serious costs for cycle ways and road congesting laneways financed by "levying" the available carbon burning road users, escape again as their exertions create extra CO2 emissions along with creating the sweat and body odours that can be confronted in Cafes near major population centers every weekend, be taxed?

Of course many farming practices actually sequestrate Carbon every day but that is another somewhat inconvenient fact so easily ignored.

Ho Ho Ho


Some on the political right hold the view that the public service is a hotbed of socialist intrigue acting as the government in exile whenever National holds the treasury benches.   I have never subscribed to that view.   That may be fair comment when directed at PSA drones but in my experience the senior echelons of the public service are politically neutral and take pride in that.

Clearly that's not a view shared by Shane Jones.   He wants to replace departmental heads with political sycophants whose only role is to say 'how high sir' when their political master sez 'jump'.

Far be it for me to argue the toss with Minister Jones.   Instead and in the spirit of friendship I have drawn up a list of 'safe hands' from his political past and present he may wish to consider for appointment to the senior ranks of the public service ....

Cuzzie Hone Harawira ... Hone will delight in shoving it up any 'whitey' bureaucrat who might want to argue the toss with you.   He is a shit kicker extraordinaire.   Might occasionally go orf the reservation but you can guarantee his unqualified support in ending Pakeha privilege in the public service.

Taito Phillip Field ... your old Labour Party cabinet colleague.   Not sure if he's out of jail yet but if he is he'll need a job and can point to tonnes of experience in cutting through red tape especially when it comes to the construction industry.

Dover Samuels ... another of your Labour Party cabinet colleagues who jumped ship to Winston First.  Dover has a history of being prepared to push boundaries and challenge norms.   Just make sure he doesn't book himself into hotels that have CTV surveillance of their corridors.     You can pick him up from Matauri Bay each week on your way to Keri2 airport thus saving travel costs which you can put towards reinstating the SH1 Wellsford to Whangarei upgrade canned by your lot which might just get you out of a very deep hole.  

Asenati Taylor ... ex Winston First MP.   Ok, so she broke a few rules accessing data illegally and  remains convinced that the Reserve Bank is controlled by foreigners but heh, you need someone prepared to break a few rules and question establishment orthodoxy.    Latest word is that she has fled the country and is looking for work on the Gold Coast but, assuming you can persuade your colleague Iain Lees-Galloway to let her back into the country, her presence would certainly cause many in the public service to think again.

Ross Meurant ... ex National MP and now Winston First bagman.   No matter that he couldn't reconcile the fact that being a member of the Executive and accepting a directorship of the Russian PROK Bank might be seen as creating a certain conflict of interest.   But on the positive side he certainly would be prepared to bang a few heads together with some left over Minto bars to achieve whatever result you wanted.

Bill Gudgeon ... another ex Winston First MP who would be ever so grateful for a job please.   You might need to check out his c.v. though ... claimed someone else wrote the bit claiming he was a member of the SAS and had served in Vietnam.   Suggest you check out all his qualifications.

Also rans might be Richard Prosser, Dennis O'Rouke and Brendan Horan all of good NZ First Party stock but I would urge you to run those names past His Holiness the Great Helmsman in accordance with the 'no surprises' policy.   He may have a comment to make.

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Aotearoa Water Action (AWA) handed over a 115,000 strong petition to ECAN yesterday calling on them to revoke three consents allowing for foreign companies (with 'Chinky' sounding names) to bottle water and export it overseas.

Is one allowed to wonder whether the fact that these are foreign owned companies stirred AWA to such righteous indignation.

AWA's press release refers to 24 million litres being taken from the ground aquifer each and every day.    What it didn't say was that New Zealand's total bottled water exports are in the order of 11 million litres per year ... less than half of one days draw down.

And we won't even talk about the jobs created by the industry and the goods and services utilised in the process.

Some will see this as the ugly face of xenophobia.   Others will see it as the public face of Eco-terrorist Nazis.   

Friday, April 27, 2018

Witless Protection Programme.

Labour continues to mismanage its continuing and festering Currancy problem.

Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran came under fire after arranging a meeting with RNZ's Carol Hirschfield. Photo / File

They can't afford to have her answer any questions because if she does, she'll be seen to be in need of dismissal.

Who was the idiot journalist who rated the Coalition of Losers ten out of ten for its first one hundred days?

Good Old Westpac

Readers may have seen that Westac are withdrawing (rapidly as mrspdm and I have found) a number of their cash machines around the country and I can understand that because having been in the banking industry for 18 years way back I know that money stuck in a machine waiting for someone to withdraw it is unproductive money. A short while (30 minutes or so) ago I bowl up to Kmart Hastings where there have been Westpac and ANZ machines side by side for years. Well bugger me the Westpac machine is gone but no worries I can use the ANZ one for free so I slide in my card, put in my pin and hit fast cash for what I want - invalid transaction, so I reduce the amount by half (roughly) and ditto. Both times it asked if I would like another transaction but I said no the second time and headed home to check my balance - which as I thought was roughly 10 times the amount I was trying to withdraw. Thanks for the customer service Westpac - any chance you could put that machine back at Kmart, Hastings because it is very convenient for me and there is always parking. Plus it was much more user friendly than the ANZ one.


One of the lead items on TV1 News last night featured worthy people from the Auckland and Christchurch City Missions saying that the demand for food parcels had never been so high and was expected to increase.

This against the backdrop of the election of the COL who promised 'Nirvana' on steroids and near record low unemployment bequeathed to them by National.

Might it just be a variation of Sod's law that the demand for anything 'free' is bound to increase exponentially?


Someones going to have to explain to regional New Zealand just why our petrol is going to be taxed an additional 10c/ltr (not mentioned in Labour's election manifesto) to help fund their Auckland Transport Plan along with the dumping of the next generation of improvements to the RoNS programme announced by National 12 months ago.

For those of us up here in Northland that leaves SH1 (our economic highway) unfinished and terminating at Wellsford.   Forget about the Wellsford to Whangarei upgrade ... ain't going to happen under this government.

Still, with the now Minister for Regional Economic Development on record as saying the Puhoi to Wellsford upgrade currently underway was a waste of money I guess it was pretty much signaled.

Minister for Regional Economic Development ... what a sick joke.   He's going to have a hard job defending that decision when he carpetbags his way back up north from Whangarei (where he was soundly rejected by the voters in that electorate) to contest Northland in 30 months time.

Updated 2.10 pm ... I see the decision has been slammed by Kaipara Mayor Jason Smith speaking on behalf of the regions other Mayors and the Chair of the Northland Regional Council.   I have no doubt that the super sensitive and bullying Shane Jones will seek 'utu' in some way, shape or form.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Just When You Thought You'd Seen Everything

Today Adolf slipped down to Woollies for a few grocery items.

At the self service checkout I noticed a fellow in his fifties, bending over with his face pressed to the glass scanner, muttering sweet nothings to the machine.   When he noticed me looking at him, he stood up and said "I thought the bloody machine was talking to me."

For a moment I thought it might have been that troll and stalker Ledgut but the fellow was too young.


The decision by the Greens to field a candidate in the Northcote by-election has gotten Labour crying foul.

FFS Labour what did you expect.   The Greens are not part of the coalition government ... merely a support party which has offered Labour and Winston First confidence & supply in return for the scraps thrown them by the two coalition parties.

Their Ministers are in the outer cabinet simply because Winston refuses to have them at the cabinet table.    Not too much collegiality there.

So quelle surprise ... the Greens decide they must maintain an election profile and presence in order to remind their constituency that they are not joined at the hip like Labour and NZ First ... and that while they might be poodles .... poodles too can bite and snap if the occasion demands.

Better that Labour explain the failure of their governing council to invoke rule 18.18.1(b) of their constitution against their selected candidate caught 'doctoring' his c.v.    Kirton's excuse that he was studying for the degree is simply pathetic.    Since when have those studying for an MBA (or any degree) been allowed to append those post nominal letters against their name ... answer ... none because you can't ... slam dunk.

Labour's whinging ... their candidate was already in big stuk and the Green's intervention
just confirms the inevitable.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


They shall grow not old
as we who are left grow old
Age shall not weary them
nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning
We shall remember them

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Personally I am in awe of Eric Murray and Hamish Bond for their domination of Pair rowing for almost a decade.
Bond has got onto a bike and won a bronze at the GC Com Games.

The hand wringing "solve everything with a ban"  brigade have now decided in their wisdom that Eric should be stripped of a last gasp at making a quid from his exploits, by banning his "beer adverts".

When I was an impressionable teenager and even in my early twenties everyone over 35 was headed to grandad status and eminently disposal material. Now the social justice warriors have in their wisdom decided Eric will not make any real money selling beer when the target market will be the hoards of pot bellied never made it while the impressionable yoof will be looking for their next "star", not a burning up hasbeen like good old Eric Gordon Murray. Eric who just happens to have waved goodbye to 35 years, he will be 36 early next month.

However they have made a stand, pity it wont amount to a knob of goat poo.


In the interests of preserving our history and with the kind permission of the author, one of my Corporals, who wishes to remain nameless (for fear the 'authorities' might wish to have words with him even after all these years) I am reproducing a story which first appeared in the Pipiwharauroa newspaper, November 2008, under the by-line 'More action packed yarns from out of Vietnam'.

This story is really about my Section. We were sent back to Nui Dat to guard our base camp. It entailed night time duties of sentry duty on the perimeter wire and the occasional listening patrol beyond the perimeter. Daytime duties were light and rest was the order of each day.

The Coy 2IC, a distinguished ex-NZSAS officer, ordered a clean-up of the lines, especially the gun-pits. Someone important was going to inspect. It has been noted over a period of time that rats had become a nuisance in the bunker due to food scraps left by errant guards.   Mysteriously the rats seemed now to have disappeared.

Cleaning up and the reason for the sudden disappearance of the rats became evident. Our gun-pit had been constructed with a recess to the rear of it, possibly as an ammunition storage bay. The recess needed attention. It too accumulated discarded rubbish. To our amazement (and consternation) we discovered a sleeping python of vast proportions. It was over three metres long and weighed in at a good twenty-three kilograms. His stomach was bloated to the size of three rugby balls. An autopsy revealed a hundred or so rats in different stages of decomposition – hence his need to sleep off the digestion process.

The air-field below our camp at Nui Dat at its northern end (nearest to us) was the storage area of at least two acres on canned Australian beer of every description stacked three pallets high. Soldiers seemed to suffer from acute thirst because we observed a slight reduction in this storage area at times. It always seemed to be replaced. Perhaps there was some form of accounting procedure for the stock as it came and went but it was not evident. The only evidence of protection for this treasure trove out in the open was a night guard of four men in a hut. A 'casual' visit by one of my section to the hut established vital information. At 2000 hours on TV in the hut was a round-up of what was happening in the war. This lasted for about 30 minutes. It was then that the guard took a break.

Planning swung into action. One of the major advantages in our favour was darkness. Calculation of timings and individual loads transported estimated that each man could manage thirty cartons in the 30 minutes. Further, to offset or delay discovery of the missing beer, it was prudent to remove the beer from the pallets in the centre of the pool. Rubber soled boots had to be 'stockinged'. Lastly, the pallet straps had to be replaced. Storage in our lines was no problem. Three old bunkers were re-commissioned as bars.

The same sort of situation was available at the Horseshoe as well. The truck driver was also easily tempted with a share of the booty so transportation was no difficulty either. My sections TOD at base camp coincidentally ended the day following the raid on the air-field storage area.   We had to return to the Horseshoe.

The Coy 2IC, mentioned earlier had a nose like a bloodhound. Trouble in the form of something out-of-place or untoward never went by him. Suspicion creased his brow when he first noticed the rather over-large tarpaulin covered load in the supply truck. His suspicions increased further when the supply truck stopped of at my patrol's bunkers first, a flurry of activity followed and then the tarpaulin covered load arrived at his HQ a lot smaller in size.   He was a man who exercised discretion with wisdom. Many months later with a twinkle in his eye, he mentioned over a beer how he had failed to apprehend the culprits, but knew who they were.

Footnote: As did the Company Commander, who with the Wisdom of Solomon, told the MPs to bugger off when they turned up at the Horseshoe 'sniffing'. But I do remember him telling me that if any of my platoon were ever caught drinking on duty I was for the high-jump. They never were.

Sunray 5/2

Footnote …. Victor 3 Company served in Vietnam from May 1968 through to May 1969.   It was part of 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion.  19 members of the battalion, including four New Zealanders were killed in action while 27, including 8 New Zealanders, were decorated for gallantry.

Monday, April 23, 2018


Some unkind people have described Waiouru as “the place God made and never visited”.   Clearly they never experienced Fire Support Base Concord.     Charlie was expected to attack the Long Binh – Bien Hoa areas during their 1968 mid year offensive.   Concord was one of a string of FSBs designed to dominate the rocket belt to the north east of Long Binh Junction (LBJ) as a foil to their plans.   It was adjacent to the Dong Nai River (more about that in Tales 5).

Victor 3 deployed into Concord direct from the Horseshoe.    First impressions were that Concord resembled ‘Smokey Mountain’ (the Metro Manila Rubbish Dump) and time did nothing to dispel that impression and indeed, there was a rubbish dump just outside the wire where a couple of ‘lady’ believers in the free enterprise ethic set up an establishment to cater for the needs of healthy young men (well, they probably were healthy until they went there) … I digress.

It was with some amazement that we disembarked from the helicopters to be confronted by a series of above ground bunkers fashioned out of wood and iron scraps and looking like adverts for ‘Junkyard Wars’, occupied by our American cousins who constituted the majority in the FSB.   John Hall, our OC, took one look at them and immediately issued orders to dig, dig and dig some more so we all became ‘diggers’.   We dug and dug and scrounged and scrounged stopping only at ‘stand to’ when all our American friends would come over to look at the sight of soldiers waiting to be attacked.     What’s more they had a penchant for congregating in front of our trenches to discuss the phenomena and blinding us with camera flashes as they recorded the strange habits of their allies.

But it was Company Headquarters that features in this story.   John Hall was determined to create a ‘real’ command post.   Something that General Navarre at Dien Bien Phu would have been proud of.    Laurie Bailey, our faithful Assault Pioneer Detachment Commander, managed to acquire a motorized mini digger, from I know not where, and eventually a bunker extraordinaire was constructed deep deep underground, so far deep that the roof of the bunker was at ground level.   You could walk across it without knowing it was there and that, in retrospect, was a major design flaw.   To provide ventilation Laurie also ‘found’ a number of pipes which protruded about 3 feet above ground level.

And so it was that with the bunker complete and replete with all mod cons we sat down for our first ‘O’ Group in our new home.    The Boss had just started his homily when cascading from the ventilation shafts come a torrent of amber liquid.   Many of us were sprayed.   John Hall, standing straight under one shaft, got soaked,   There was a rushed general exodus.   On making it to the surface we could see a bunch of US soldiers congregated around the ventilation shafts where they protruded from the ground ‘doing their thing’.   They claimed the pipes were standard ‘pissaphones’ on the US side of the base.    John Hall was not amused and not for the first time in the tour vented his feelings with passion.

p.s.   If you want a guaranteed method of removing writing from a plastic surface I know of a good product.

p.p.s.  Laurie B …. Didn’t they tell you what the pipes were being used for when you ‘acquired’ them and does that explain why I have never seen you wearing the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal?

Sunray 5/2

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Some housing and property matters

In this post, I highlighted the discriminatory aspect of the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill.  I said:
I've made a personal submission, which I'll link to once online.  A part of it referred to the discriminatory nature of the Bill.

Section 21(1)(g) of the Human Rights Act 1993 makes it unlawful for anyone to discriminate on the basis of nationality or citizenship.  Section 3 confirms the Act binds the Crown.  If an individual property owner told his or her selling agent not to bring a buyer from any other nationality than New Zealand, that person would fall foul of the Act.  If someone included such a term in a sale and purchase agreement, that term would likely be discriminatory.

Yet the Government is forcing this discrimination on property owners under this Bill.  Through this legislation, owners are compelled to discriminate.  They have no choice.  Lawyers are complicit in it, as they have to enforce the legislation through their property practices.
The IMF has backed me up.
IMF officials, in New Zealand this week, called the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill "discriminatory" and hinted that banning foreign investment in housing was an over-reaction to a problem that might not even exist.

I rest my case.

I also note that our beloved Prime Minister, she who opposes the monarchical privilege that is bestowed on the Queen and her family but turns up at Buckingham Palace with her boyfriend for a cup of tea and a scone, has just sold the home she speculated on less than two years ago and made a whopping $340K profit.  Let me play back to her the words from her own party's policy on housing:

Speculators flicking houses for quick capital gain are out-bidding families looking to buy a home for themselves and forcing up house prices at a dangerous rate. The current government’s policies have been half-baked and half-hearted (Labour's website).

But of course if you're an anti-monarchist Marxist who travels around the world business class wearing designer clothing having tea and scones with the privileged royal family, I guess some capitalist free-market tendencies have to rub off on you.

A Peaceful Life

Adolf uses neither Facebook, Twitter nor Google's search engine.   If he could find out how to ditch Google altogether, then he would.  (A little white lie.  I use Facebook solely to comment at Powerline where it is the only means possible.  Fortunately that is about to change and at last I'll be able to get rid of thee damned thing.

You've no idea how pleasant it is to not see the demented ravings of the leftists who infest these so called 'social media' sites.

Ho Ho Ho

I thought it was a couple of dead dugongs

Saturday, April 21, 2018


This is the second in an occasional series of tales relating to V3's tour in Vietnam.    It is recorded in my 'battle diary' which comprised, in the main, unused pieces of toilet paper.   Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

It is a privilege, not given lightly, to command men in battle.   I was privileged as a young Lieutenant to command 35 fine young New Zealanders in Vietnam.    They came from all walks of life.    On operations they were second to none.   They also played hard given half the chance with much wine, women and song and sometimes all three at once.    This is about the ‘wine’ bit.

The New Zealand Embassy in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City but always Saigon to us) was situated directly opposite the United States Embassy.   Their embassy compound was surrounded by a high concrete wall with any number of watch towers and bunkers built into it and guarded by a Company of US Marine guards plus a platoon of tanks.     The New Zealand embassy was guarded by a receptionist with a fearsome pot plant.      

After the 1968 Tet offensive and with the wisdom of hindsight it was decided by the powers that be to detach a four man New Zealand guard detail from the ANZAC Base at Nui Dat on a one week rotation to provide embassy security.  They had the day off (sleeping????) while at night they stood guard on the now empty embassy building (that was theory of it anyway).    They took their personal weapons to Saigon but, acknowledging the need for additional firepower (to match the Americans!!!), the ambassador had obtained a pump action shotgun along with six rounds of ammunition which was given to guard commander along with the admonition not to use it unless absolutely necessary because shotgun ammunition was in short supply.

And so it was that a four of my ‘best’ proceeded to Saigon determined to do their duty.   As it transpired it took them less than 36 hours to discover that the embassy contained a store room complete with a vast array of duty free booze needed so that the ambassador could properly entertain his guests at official embassy functions.     What’s more, the key to the store room was on the bunch of keys entrusted to the guard commander.  Silly mistake.

On their third night in Saigon and after a hard day sleeping or whatever my mob fronted up for duty.     As the night progressed and with the Viet Cong showing no sign of attacking the guard decided to relieve their boredom by liberating some of the embassy booze and having a drink or two or three or four or five.    Later still the guard commander decided it would be wise to unload the shotgun (just why he thought that quite escapes me) and it was then things really turned to custard because in doing so he managed to fire the weapon which took out completely the very large window facing onto the US embassy.     Mayhem ensued.    The Americans thought they were under attack, sirens sounded, marines manned their battle stations and the tanks were fired up in preparation for a full scale assault of the New Zealand embassy which had clearly (to them) been overrun by the Viet Cong.  

This had the potential to be Tet 2.    Fortunately wise heads prevailed and WW3 was narrowly averted.   Certainly our ambassador was not amused and neither was the Commander NZ V Force stationed in Saigon.    My Corporal XXXXX (the guard commander) arrived back in Nui Dat under arrest along with the other three members of the guard detail who weren’t looking too flash either.     I can report that my platoon was never again called upon to provide the guard detail during the remainder of our time in theatre and neither was Cpl XXXXX ever seen wearing the Long Service and Good Conduct medal.

During the remainder of his military service Cpl XXXXX was forever known as Shotgun XXXXX.   Bill was a great soldier. He died five years ago. 

Soldiers will be soldiers and who would ever be so stupid as to entrust soldiers hot out of operations with the keys to a liquor store.   Answer – civilians.    Talk about an accident waiting to happen that did.

Sunray 5/2    

Footnote …. Victor 3 Company served in Vietnam from May 1968 through to May 1969.   It was part of 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion.  19 members of the battalion, including four New Zealanders were killed in action while 27, including 8 New Zealanders, were decorated for gallantry.


Got up this morning and switched on Sky News to see it lead with with the story (delivered with much solemnity) that the CHOGM had agreed Prince Charles should, at sometime in the future, become Head of the Commonwealth.

WTF ... have I been missing something?

Mind you, Sky News is an Australian news channel.

Friday, April 20, 2018

"Vim Hoc Cum Humilitate"

This is right up The Veteran's alley.

Australia's Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Campbell has banned using symbols of death.  

Apparently he fears such symbols might give the army a bad name.  For God's sake, Chaps.  Don't mention the word 'Kill!'

“As soldiers our purpose is to serve the state, employing violence with humility always and compassion wherever possible. The symbology to which I refer erodes this ethos of service.”

The title of this post is to be the new Ocker Army motto.   It translates as the above piece in bold.

As more than one commenter has already pointed out, he's going to have a bit of a problem because the skull and crossbones to which he objects is part of the insignia of a  number of British regiments.

Queen's Royal Lancers

Anzac Day might just get a bit interesting with one or two provocative fancy dress costumes on display.


Sheesh ... will 'they' ever learn.   DPF over at Kiwiblog here has an excellent post on the 'doctoring' of Shanan Halbert's c.v. to include an MBA from AUT which he was never awarded.   His c.v. has now been amended to exclude any reference to the degree.

First Golly Gosh and now Labour's candidate for Northcote.   Methinks 'he' just managed to sink his own campaign.   His personal credibility is now zilch.

Any serious candidate can expect the blowtorch to be applied to them and they are kidding themselves if they think they can get away with falsifying their credentials.

More to the point ... will Labour's NZ Council now proceed to act in accordance with rule 18.18.1(b) of their constitution which reads "The NZ Council may withdraw the the candidacy of any candidate whose candidate's biographical statement knowingly includes information that is inaccurate or misleading in any material respect or omits significant relevant material."

Waiting, waiting ......  

Seems to me Labour's two months from hell just keeps on keeping on.


In the lead up to ANZAC Day I thought I might relate some stories from my time in Vietnam which I originally published on-line under the heading of  'Tales from the Dark Side of Victor 3'.    For your light amusement or whatever .....

Victor 3 commenced its tour on the Horseshoe which was a horseshoe shaped feature (funny that) about 8k away from the ANZAC Base at Nui Dat.   It overlooked the town of Dat Do which contained many VC sympathisers.    2 Platoon (my platoon) occupied the left hand position; 3 Platoon were in the centre with 1 Platoon on the right.     In front of and down the hill from the platoon positions (about 40 yards away) were a series of barbed wire fences (to keep the enemy out or the troops in - I know not which).

At dusk and just before daylight everyone 'stood to' in that great military tradition which has it that the enemy would likely choose that time to attack (as it happened the enemy probably read from the same training manual and so never did  ... I mean, why would they).    In reality it signaled the change from day to night routine and vice versa.

It was twilight and stand to and over the Company command net came a message from 1 Platoon that a small mouse deer had somehow gotten into the wire and was proceeding along their front and could they use it for target practice please sir.   

The Company Commander ever anxious to allow his soldiers to develop their shooting skills gave permission on the basis of 'one shot, one deer'.    Everyone was warned not to be alarmed.     A few minutes later there was a crack from a M16 ... then silence.    Seconds later there were two shots from an SLR; seconds later still there was a burst of fire from an M60 ... and so the noise got closer as everyone in 1 Platoon had a go.    A few minutes later again firing began from the 3 Platoon position to our right and I swear this time it may have included a .50 cal machine gun.  The firing got closer.   Then the phone in my Platoon HQ rang with a report from my right hand bunker (immediately adjacent to 3 Platoon) that they could, in the gloom, just make out a small furry animal picking its way along the wire with spurts of dust all around it and could they avago too please.    In my wisdom I said yes so my lot joined in the fun to see the deer continue its merry path right across my front and then exit the wire at the left heading towards Dat Do.

I think something in the order of 1,200 rounds of ammunition was expended during the 30 minute ‘battle’.    Victor 3 nil, deer 1.

About the only people in the Company not to be involved in the fire fight were Larry Southern's mortars although I suspect he would have called in a fire mission given half a chance.

It would not be a great revelation to say that our Company Commander was not a happy chappie.    My diary records that all Platoon Commanders were read their pedigree by him.    I suspect same same from the Company Sergeant Major to the Platoon Sergeants.    Jack Wooster, the doyen of shooting theory in the NZ Army, would have been mortified even more so if he heard.     On 'sober' refection I think there may have been some connection between this and the 'Great Nui Dat Beer Heist' described in a later story.   This would explain much.

Sunray 5/2

Footnote …. Victor 3 Company served in Vietnam from May 1968 through to May 1969.   It was part of 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion.  19 members of the battalion, including four New Zealanders were killed in action while 27, including 8 New Zealanders, were decorated for gallantry.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018


The theme for this year’s RSA Poppy Appeal, not all wounds bleed, highlights the fact that mental health injuries are the most common, but least understood, of all wounds suffered by New Zealand servicemen and women. 

75% of New Zealand's veterans with a mental health injury resulting from their service are under the age of 45. 

Please give generously.



Readers will know I'm no fan of President Trump (nor his opponent in the 2016 elections).    Indeed, I think James Comey is pretty much on the money in his description of him.

But all that aside it appears his shear unpredictability as President may have forced the North Koreans to the negotiating table ... if he manages to pull this off he will have achieved what no other US President in recent times came close to.

Lotsa water to flow under the bridge and the talks (if indeed they take place) might well end in failure but, if I were a betting man, I would put money on them resulting in some easing of tensions accompanied by ???    The reality is the tough regime of US orchestrated sanctions are biting and the DKR needs to have them lifted either in whole or in part.   This, coupled with the limited economic reforms now being championed by Kim3, means the time might now be right for a constructive dialogue between the two nuclear nations.

If President Trump can pull this off he deserves kudos for that even though my opinion of him is unlikely to change.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


An All black, a member of a cult that accommodates adherents  tossing homosexual men blindfolded from upper stories and almost total silence.
A Wallaby player suggests homosexual men might be consigned to hell and it becomes a massive media outrage.

The rugby gin swilling old farts bend over backwards to allow the AB to remove sponsors logos from his strip while a young fart who may or may not drink gin is facing a sponsor backlash when her man makes rather questionable threats that may or may not ever eventuate from his christian motivated faith, while the Islam adherent just carries on with a finger saluting the judeo christians.
Of course should  the poor buggers, pun intended,  survive their horrific dive they will almost certainly face additional life threatening repercussions, invariably life ending.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


That the COL would agree to establish a reference group to assist the Inspector-General of Intelligence & Security carry out her role without reference to Parliament simply beggars belief.    That some of those so appointed have earned themselves a certain notoriety compounds the issue.

And let's be very clear.   The appointments will have been made by way of Ministerial warrant.   This is a government initiative and, dollars to donuts, will have been made without reference to our Five Eyes partners.    Make no mistake ... there will be consequences ... perhaps not immediately ... just a slow turning off of the tap.

Appears to me the Greens are well on the way to achieving what for them has always been a cause célèbre ...  the editing of New Zealand out of Five Eyes.     But this can't be sheeted home just to the Greens.   Labour and Winston First along with the Greens are jointly and severally responsible. 


that 'our' government will turn a 'Nelson's eye' to the racist decision of the South African government to amend Section 45 of their constitution to allow the expropriation, without compensation, of land belonging to an estimated 12,000 white farmers for  redistribution to their mates in what will almost certainly be a re-run of what happened in Zimbabwe which saw that country turn from being the 'breadbasket of Africa' into a net importer of food.

The South African government is determined to make these people into economic refugees in their own land.    They are being made scapegoats in order to turn attention away from the economic failures and endemic corruption that is the hallmark of the ANC governing Party.  

Will there be worldwide condemnation of this decision? ... give me a break.    South Africa is a 'black' country and these are' whites' ... who is going to stick their head up over the parapets and advocate for them and risk being labelled racist.    Nah, better that those being dispossessed of their land are to be seen as authors of their own misfortune by accident of birth.   They must pay for the sins of their fathers and and sins of their father's fathers.   

South Africa faces a bleak future.