Saturday, March 10, 2018

When Black Is White and White Is Black

The various headlines at RealClearPolitics are worth a good chuckle today.

Here's what the deranged left wing press (includes the Guardian where Ledgut goes to have his brain washed each day) have to say:

What Will Trump Give Up for Peace with North Korea?
Meeting Kim Is a Half-Baked, Dangerous Idea
How Democrats Can Sweep the Midterm Elections   (While they are tanking in opinion polls.)
Trump Abandons Families in Immigration Impasse
Donald Trump Is a Walking Maelstrom
Stormy Daniels Beat Trump at His Own Game

Not for nothing did someone the other day observe that if "If Trump came out for a big increase in the minimum wage, the Washington Post would suddenly realize that it would increase unemployment among minority youths."

On the other side of the divide you will find saner, more rational commentary:-

Trump's Shock and Awe Foreign Policy
Democrats Sing the Texas Blues
Trump Bet on North Korea Shatters Decades of Orthodoxy
Kim's Offer to Meet Proves Trump's Strategy Worked
Can The Donald Rein in The Kim?

For what it's worth I think the Norker Porker has run out of money and fuel and couldn't launch any missiles, even if he wanted to - and he does.  So, for him, this meeting is part of a big bluff.  The bluff would have worked three years ago with a brainless beanpole President but not today.  (It would have worked today also with a fat arsed female President.)

Which ever way you look at it, getting the murderous little prick to the table is a major achievement, even if The Guardian won't admit it.  It remains to be seen what, if anything, will come of it.


Anonymous said...

All sane and thinking people hope that the talks are successful but those who think that this is a mid term election stunt by one and a Chinese sanction buster by the other are more likely to be proved right. Without an enemy both Fatboy and orangeman are handicapped.

If Chairman Trump and President Kim are able to complete the denuclearisation of the continental United States then just perhaps we’ll be able to avoid Armageddon.”

The two leaders are expected to play golf for a hooker a hole at one of Mr Trump’s gaudy palaces during the visit.

Betty Swollocks

Anonymous said...

He's flying blind, he doesn't attend intelligence briefings, 30% of countries still do not have an ambassador and his Secretary of state, who is probably the last sensible person left in the WH, was not informed of developments. He is making decisions outside his scope of experience. All the hooha about arranging a meeting that was brokered by Sth Korea .....all credit and no blame heads to the top.

Lord Egbut

George said...

First time the little fat boy has decided to 'talk'
No friends or allies. The only family he has not killed is his sister.
His people starve and march in large formations for his amusement.
Yup. We have a winner

Ghosts of KGB said...

Meanwhile, almost unreported Donny Two Scoops grants Presidential pardon to a Russian spy because Fox News.