Sunday, March 4, 2018


It was instructive to hear Simon Bridges on Q&A this morning.  

He reiterated that it was National Party policy to do away with the Maori seats; endorsed the right of locals to challenge any decision by their local Council to create separate Maori wards ... effectively the 'recall' option ... and made it clear that for him, Te Reo in schools cannot and should not be made compulsory.

Talk is cheap but maybe, just maybe, we are starting to see some wind-back away from the notion that Maoridom needs to be protected as an endangered species.    Maoridom is better than that and the fact that five, soon to be six, of the top positions in the four major political parties in the country are held by persons with Maori heritage is proof positive of that.

I'm a declared supporter of Judith Collins and remain so.   But it is encouraging that Bridges appears to be prepared to challenge the status quo within National.   Long may it continue.


Gerald said...

Last polling I saw had retaining the seats at 53 percent and 23 percent for adbolishing.
I'm not on the Maori roll and believe it's up to them to decide.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... 2/3 of Maori voters are on the general roll. Those choosing to remain on the Maori roll tend to be losers and firm believers in John Frum.

I repeat ... retention of the Maori seats is patronising to Maori.

BTW ... suggest to bone up on your history. The Maori seats, when created, were only expected to last until Maori were accorded the full franchise. They were a decade or so later. Then it became a question of ensuring Maori had representation because they were a dying race. Both those imperatives no longer exist.

Pete said...

Don't agree Gerald. The matter is one for all voters to consider as the costs are taken from general taxation and Maori can select to be on either roll.

The time has past where Maori needed that provision to get closer to equitable franchise. Maori now have many representatives ably demonstrating capability and attaining elected office.

Snowflake said...

Yeah, the Maori seats are patronising to Maori, so the old white guy wants to abolish them for them. It’s for their own good. Or it could be you just can’t win them and it’s embarrassing for you to have your lack of support among Maori so obviously revealed.

Brudges is just trying to shore up his exposed right flank by promising something he can never deliver. Good to see you lapping it up.

The Veteran said...

Snowflake ... You have no idea of my whakapapa nor my Marae ... in fact I hazard a guess that you have never slept on one although you probably wear an ersatz bone carving as evidence of solidarity with Maori. Truth be known Maoridom doesn't need your white liberal support. Maoridom can go it alone and it's the handout culture that has held them back ... not me saying that, try Sir Aparana Ngata.

Most Maori opt for the general roll ... why ... because they, like me, think the Maori seats are an historical anachronism. Maori losers and Pakeha liberals support their retention for no other reason than they think Maori deserve to be considered second class citizens who can't make it on their own merits..

Snowflake said...

Holier than thou much? And what “hand outs” are you referring to exactly? Careful now.

I love the way tories chuck around Ngata likes he’s their very own Uncle Tom. Is that seriously all you have?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Snowflake .... You have no idea of mine either but it goes back to a chap called Te Ika o te Waruki who was running round chopping heads off around 350 years ago.

However, I can tell you it is long past time for these anachronisms called Maori seats to be dispensed with.

I will laaaaarf my arse off if Bridges and Bennett announce a bill to do just that and challenge Peters to oppose it. Of course, he'll find a way to bullshit his way around it.

Anonymous said...

Worshipping at the Shrine of St Jude the obscure will bring no good.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Pretender......I feel envious of your position. As you you have zero credibility left you can post the the most appalling nonsense without further risk to your reputation.

IT NOT PETER'S CALL........ Maori seats currently operate in Labours favour so they will remain because THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT.

Lord Egbut of Bunbury.

Snowflake said...

Yes, Adolt you claim to be Maori in order to somehow excuse your appalling racism. That just compounds it. I take it you’re all staunch republicans, given your principled disdain for tradition and anachronism. Funny how you never mention it though isn’t it?

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... we agree. Under a Labour/Greens government the seats will remain. National under Key bottled out on the issue as the price for dealing with the Maori Party. For Peters his promise was a vote catcher to be ditched at the first opportunity.

Bridges now has the chance to make it happen if/when he forms the next government. Won't be easy but then doing the right thing ain't always easy.

Great to see the push back occurring re the establishment of Maori Wards in local government. It will be interesting to see the result of the referenda. More accurate than opinion polls.

Anonymous said...

Seriously snowflake, get some help. Being bitter and twisted doesn't promote a fulfilling life.

baxter said...

And could he also change Oranag Tamariki Department back to his former title.