Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The media is agog with Stormy Daniels and her claim she had an affair with Trump before he became President.    Well, if true, at least it happened before he assumed office.    Not so in many other instances ... seems to go with the territory of being 'the man'. 

A short walk through history confined to just the US and UK and we come up with ...

President Roosevelt ... married to Eleanor.    Marguerite 'Missy' Lehand worked for FDR as his secretary.   She lived in the White House and  FDR altered his will to include her.   FDR's son Elliott later revealed that she and FDR had a long affair of which the family was aware at the time.

President Kennedy .... married to Jacqui.    Kennedy was a serial bonker of other women.    While President he had at least three affairs; with Marilyn Monroe ... ended shortly after her very sexy rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to the President at a Democrat fund raiser in Madison Square Gardens in 1962 when the gossip became too hot to handle; with Mimi Alford,  a 19 YO White House intern deflowered on Jacqui's bed and Judith Exner who had links to 'The Mob'.   Exner claimed he made her pregnant and she had an abortion.

President Bill Clinton ... married to 'her'.    Most famous affair was the Lewinsky scandal (what is it with White House interns) and best remembered for his statement 'I did not have sex with that woman'.    His predilection for 'the women' was best summed up by HRC when she said 'it's hard to keep an old dawg on the porch'.

Prime Minister David Lloyd George .... married to Margaret.   Gave rise to the old ditty 'Lloyd George knows my father, father knows Lloyd George repeated ad infinitum and sung to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers.    Said by one of his biographers to have fallen in love with different women at least three times a day.  His long time Mistress for thirty years was his secretary Francis Stevenson.   She lived with him in London leaving Margaret at home in his Cararvon Boroughs constituency.     I love this from Lord Kitchener who is said to have remarked early in WW1 that he tried to avoid sharing military secrets with the Cabinet as they would all tell their wives except for the PM (DLG) who would tell someones else's wife.

I'm sure our readership can come up with many more examples and that's why I find it hard to get unduly concerned over what Trump may or may not have done as a private citizen.


Andrei said...

Washed up porn star needs attention

Gets another fifteen minutes with the help of a homosexual journalist

The USA is a totally debased Nation - and its political class are just degenerates

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... you opened the gate for us to talk about Alina Kabeava, Vlad's mistress since 2008. Putin divorced his wife in 2013 so Alina's current status is unknown ... married, mistress or dumped. Putin's private life is very secretive.

Andrei said...

Alina Kaebaeva is chairwoman of Национальная Медиа Группа (National Media Group)

Does a lot of work encouraging sport among the young, especially girls throughout Russia and ex Soviet Republics for that matter - she is visiting Belarus opening a gymnasium, she met with Alexander Lukashenko while there of course

Some people claim she is married to Vladimir Vladimirovich and they have two children - maybe, maybe not

But whatever there is a big difference between her and Stormy Daniels - her claim to fame is based on multiple acheivements and providing a positive role model to girls not on dirty movies and kiss and tell interviews

Mike said...

A one night stand is hardly an “affair”

Anonymous said...

Andrie..... I can see now what I have been doing right in my youth....intelligent fucking instead of dumb fucking.....you are a sanctimonious Percy Perfect. I was going to say twat.

Veteran......No one has mentioned impeachment over the Stormy affair. Impeachment is coming up with his sexual assault on a campaign helper. All this without the aid of Tui beer and and young labour supporters.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Eisenhower and Kay Summersby and every French President since Patrice de MacMahon.

Trump has been promoted to commander in chief of the golf course inspectorate. The 60 Russki "diplomats" given the heaveho were pinged without Trump knowing...somebody else is running the Whitehouse..........apparently Trump was quite pleased as Obama only sacked 30.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

But whatever there is a big difference between her and Stormy Daniels...

Sure is - Ms Kaebaeva was clearly able to leverage a hell of a lot more out of the transaction than Ms Daniels was. Maybe Trump is better at deals after all...

Anonymous said...

Upon reason of biblical scripture, Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived. He saw God 3 times, was the richest man of his day and yet he was thicker than a plank when it came to women. He's recorded as having 600 wives and 300 'secondary wives'. A busy but stupid man. Whatever it is about the type of ego a man has that drives him to power, the attraction of women is reciprocal.
Find a strong male leader and the odds are you'll find a man that just can't figure its in his best interest to keep his belt buckled.
Whether that is also true of women leaders I don't know. But as an example Golda Meir [who looked as about as atractive as Yassir Arafat's sister] was allegedly never short of a lover.
Maybe it's that decisive leaders are just unsettled types.


Anonymous said...

Mick...Katherine the Great went through the entire palace guard, refusniks were posted to very cold places. According to Andrei that is noblesse oblige not degeneracy.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

"Ms Kaebaeva was clearly able to leverage a hell of a lot more out of the transaction than Ms Daniels was"

Don't be ridiculous Milt, Alina Kaebaeva was a household name in Russia, and fairly well known outside Russia long before anyone had heard of VVP

Andrei said...

It was Kissinger who said "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac" and you can understand this in terms of evolutionary biology

Royal Bastards are a dime a dozen in history

Around about 1 in 200 of all men alive today are direct male line descendants of Ghengis Khan

But none of this alters the fact that a porn star is a slut and a whore

Anonymous said...

"But none of this alters the fact that a porn star is a slut and a whore".......and what does that make a man who uses them?

You are as mad as a box of frogs.......http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6356707.stm

Lord Egbut Nobacon

David said...

But none of this alters the fact that a porn star is a slut and a whore

And there we have it, today's example of christian love and compassion.

Andrei, many women are forced in to prostitution and porn by coercion and threats. Linda Lovelace, one of the very first "porn stars" fit that category. A massive amount of porn is coming from Ukraine and Russia as people struggle to survive.

Many other women take up prostitution and porn as a choice, and it is a choice they are free to make. Remember all that garbage about 'free will" Christians spout to absolve god of any responsibility?

There is no one more evil than a sanctimonious misogynist christian, even Jesus will never forgive what you do.

Andrei said...

"you are as mad as a box of frogs.......http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6356707.stm"

LOL Egbut you link to an old article from the British State owned propaganda outlet BBC about an example of bullying in the Russian Army over a decade ago and sexed up with lurid fantasies of gay brothels

The Royal Marines had a similar scandal in their ranks just last year . phtttt

"Lt Col Coombes said: "The first charge relates to a group of marines being forced to masturbate to gay porn, which was shown to them on a laptop.

"The last person to finish would then be further punished.

"When one of them told Foster 'I ain't doing it', Foster told him 'you f***ing are'."

Andrei said...

"Andrei, many women are forced in to prostitution and porn by coercion and threats. Linda Lovelace, one of the very first "porn stars" fit that category. A massive amount of porn is coming from Ukraine and Russia as people struggle to survive."

The porn capital of the World is Southern California David - though some originates from every country in the World

NATO occupied Ukraine is the largest source of trafficed women in the world, the center of the modern slave trade. The Baltic republics also NATO occupied are also a large source of women for Western and Turkish brothels.

Stormy Daniels is an American woman though born and bred in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

David said...

Nice attempt at deflection, Andrei, something else the Religious Reich is good at.

Not sure the Baltic states are full of NATO soldiers in the same way that they were once under the heel of Russian soldiers. It is the thin shield of NATO that is keeping Putin's thugs at bay.

It is past time for you to own up to your hatred of women's agency and their celebration of their sexuality.

Stormy Daniels is an American woman though born and bred in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

And your point is?

In the USA, the biggest consumers of porn are in the red states of the bible belt, and that tells you a lot about the hypocrisy and sexual repression in religious communities.

I stand by my remark that you are nothing but a sanctimonious misogynist christian, even Jesus will never forgive what you do.

And a Putin bot. (H/T Egbut)

Andrei said...

Lol David the Baltic Republics never existed as independant entities until 1919 and even then their status as independant nations was very tenuous because the Poles had designs on them

They became part of Russia in the time of Peter the Great who took them from the Swedes

And a significant though declining part of their population is Russian though since
NATO occupation Russians have been second class citizens in those sad lands

All of them have seen their industries dismantled and their populations are in precipitous decline because their young go west - the lucky ones end up as Hotel maids and the unlucky ones as prostitutes

You have been brainwashed to believe the West is superior and all their actions are benevolent but nothing could be further from the truth

You probably don't even know that the British intervened in the Russian civil war or that they used chemical weapons during that intervention - or that the USA was fighting in Vladvostok

We are still living with the consequences of this today

David said...

More Russian propaganda from Putin's NZ bot.

I have a far greater understanding of the history, culture, and rape of Lithuania. My children are 50% Lithuanian. Lithuanian nations go back a long way further than 1919.

After the brutality inflicted on Lithuanians by Russians, the Russians can consider themselves lucky to still be allowed to live there.

You have been brainwashed to believe Russia is superior and all their actions are benevolent but nothing could be further from the truth.

I am well aware of the history of the russian revolution and the active participation of UK, US and Australian troops in attempting to suppress the revolution. As to the use of "chemical weapons", name me a weapon that isn't chemical. The term "chemical weapons" is used as a cover, its is saying, "look, we're not as bad as them" when all weapons are designed to kill with maximum efficiency and the victims are too often those who have no choice in being killed.

Andrei said...

"Lithuanian nations go back a long way further than 1919."

Not since the 1400s David when they turned themselves into Poles

Now they are ruled from Brussels with US forces stationed in their lands to make sure they stay in line

That is why the West needs the Russian bogey man - to justify NATO and to ensure its vassal states keep paying their tribute - part of which in the case of the Baltic states is women for whorehouses and as mail order brides

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


It appears momentarily cohabiting with a female citizen renders one an expert on her country's history.

David said...

Wrong again, Andrei, but you keep parroting Putin's propaganda. The NATO troops are the only thing holding back Putin's thugs from invading, just like they did in Crimea.

Adolf, I don't think that 37 years marriage is akin to "momentarily cohabiting".

Anonymous said...

Total number of US military in Eastern Europe is about 5,000 spread over six countries. This figure is remarkably static except when there are large scale exercises and even then the Europeans out number the US by three to one. Lithuania has 100 USAF personal only.

The Bulk of the US forces are are in Belgium, Germany, Italy,UK etc......have looked for news of large scale despoilation of the female population in vain. A Russian speaking BBC reporter was covering the recent elections and went off the beaten track to places not usually visited and interviewed people live......So many said that the US had 66,000 troops ready to invade and only Vlad could save them....66,000 an odd number you would agree.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

They became part of Russia in the time of Peter the Great who took them from the Swedes

Have you considered that the readiness with which Russians can persuade themselves they have some kind of "right" to imperial ownership of their neighbours might have some bearing on why those neighbours find NATO membership and the presence of US troops reassuring?

Andrei said...

No Milt - history is history it is what it is a cannot be changed (except by politicians who rewrite it from time to time)

The narrative coming from the Russophobes is that Putin wants to recreate the Soviet Union (which most people seem unaware dissappeared 27 years ago) and by deploying this narrative provide themselves with an excuse to occupy those countries

Instead of being subject to Moscow, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn are subject to Brussels which is itself a vassal of Washington DC which actually demands more tribute from those lands than the Soviets did

Orwell expressed it in "1984" the three empires Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia - in our time the Transatlantic Empire based on the Washington/London axis, The Russian Federation and China

In out time "Oceania" is dominant and expanding but is also in terminal decline and well along the path to collapse. Just this week the US Government had to borrow $300 billion just to keep going

Both Russia and China are net creditor nations while the Western nations the US in aprticular are Debtor nations

And Russia and China (in particular) own an awful lot of that US Government debt

Right now if China called it in it would harm their economy as much as the US but virtually unreported is the fact that Russia and China are building their own settlement systems and starting to trade with each other and other nations in Gold backed currencies the Renminbi
in particular

And John Key who is not dumb in thesse matters cut a deal with China a few years ago that NZ could settle directly with China in Renminbi rather than $US

Thís is the real meaning of Trump's "trade war" with China and for the hostile posture the West is taking toward Russia

American dominance is built on a "house of cards" which is on the verge of collapse

Psycho Milt said...

Oh, I don't believe Putin wants to resurrect the USSR, but he does consider the Russian Federation to have a sphere of influence and the governments of the Baltic republics don't want to be on the inside of that sphere. Their reluctance is entirely understandable. As you say, history is what it is, and Russia's historical behaviour towards those countries gives them excellent reasons to regard it as a threat.

Andrei said...

Nonsense Milt - the whole thing is about controlling trade routes and exacting tribute from the flow of international trade

Russian Trade with Europe has to pass through the ex Soviet republics to get to its markets and to interfere with that the Western Empire has ensured that these Nations have Governments hostile to Moscow in place

Has it done the citizens of these nations any good? Of course not - their economies in the 1990s were for historical reasons tied to Russia's economy and the EU had little interest in the products and commodities they produced

Result their industries failed and one third of their population emigrated, some to the West and some to Russia

There is nothing new in this- the same thing happened during the Napoleonic Wars when Napolean enforced the so called "Continental System" on Europe and occupied these very same territories when Russia wouldn't play ball - eventually invading Russia through these lands in 1812

History records what happened next - he lost his army and the Russians under Tsar Alexander 1st chased him to Paris and occupied it -
When Napolean was deposed and exiled to Elba the Russians went home and European nations were free to trade with whom they chose on terms they chose

Tsar Alexander was seen as the liberator of Europe - the baby destined to be Queen Victoria of England was named for Alexander 1st. By the time she asended the throne it was not politic to use that name as her regnal name so she chose Victoria, her second name

Of course what Napolean had built in the early 19th century was an early version of the EU

Nothing new here Milt

Today Russia supplies cheap energy to Europe and will settle in currencies other than the $US dollar and if they settle in Euro or Renimbi the US doesn't get its tribute

Which is why the USA and its muscle NATO are creating problems and hostility toward Russia in these regions but it doesn't benefit the citizens of these countries and some of the leaders of these nations are wise to that

The latest round of expulsions of "Russian Spies" gives a hint to who is fully on board and who isn't - It isn't the EU nations who expelled Russians that is telling, it is the ones that didn't