Saturday, March 17, 2018


I will be watching the result of the South Australia State election with some interest both as a 'renegade' Australian and someone whose ancestor, William Butterfield, was the architect for Adelaide's St Peter's Cathedral.

The House of Assembly consists of only 47 seats so a Party needs just 24 seats in order to govern alone.   Now Adolf and/or David will no doubt correct me if I'm wrong but Sky News Australia was reporting this morning that a record 300,000 voters (about 25% of electors) had lodged early ballots but that they wouldn't be counted until Monday.    That would render the Saturday night result pretty meaningless in the 17 seats classified as marginal.   

Just why the early ballot can't be counted on the day quite escapes me.   They're a weird mob over there.

Mind you many Australians argue that South Australians and Tasmanians don't matter anyway.


Anonymous said...

Nah nothing there about Ron Marks horrendous use of NZDEF assets.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... get a f*****g life. Clearly basic comprehension is beyond you. I said I'll be making another post on Ron Mark. Didn't say when. I post my posts when I'm good and ready.

David said...

Just why the early ballot can't be counted on the day quite escapes me.

We like suspense, we don't like to know too early, we like to keep the suspense going.

One thing I can predict with absolute certainty is that if the Liberal party cannot form government there will be the usual howls of rage about getting more of the vote and fewer of the seats.

Labor looks on track for a record breaking 5th term, something the Slibs couldn't even manage in the days of the Playfordmander.

The Liberal Party needs a generational clearout, Rob Lucas has been there since Jesus played full back at Jerusalem, Isobel Redmond is a failed leader, Stephen Marshall sounds whiney, their candidate in my electorate told me that working longer hours improves productivity, thus showing her ignorance.

This is a friend of mine, possibly a bit young at 22, but they are standig fresh blood in a seat that has been held by three of the past 4 Labor premiers.

gravedodger said...

Can Marshall get his Libs over the line this time and if he does will he address the gerrymander that saw his Libs outpoll Weatherall's Labor mob by 6% in 2014 yet lose by five seats.
Of even greater interest will be the X factor of the Greek who gave up a Federal Senate seat to seek a place in history as saving the funny farm from itself.
Xenophon on current polling is gunna struggle.

The Veteran said...

David ... then we should disregard the fact that in the latest opinion poll close to 60% of voters think it's time for a change.

David said...

Veteran - opinion polls don't elect governments. So yes, we can disregard that.

Dodgie Brother - there is no gerrymander. The art of winning in Australia (except Tasmania) is to win enough seats, the total vote doesn't enter in to it. Are you suggesting we adopt the the fucked MMP?

I also seem to recall you rejoicing in Trump's hollow victory of winning the electoral college but losing the popular vote by over 3 million.

Marshall could have formed government, but he was incapable of winning the support of the Independents and couldn't even hold on to one of his own MPs, Martin Hamilton-Smith.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thank you David for explaining why it is the ABC is calling the election decisively for the Liberals.

The Veteran said...

David ... perhaps the last word on this thread should belong to you ... "Labor looks on track for a record breaking 5th term".

Some track. Get over it old son ... it's called democracy.