Friday, March 16, 2018


Not much more to be said on the Labour Party Youth Camp debacle except to say the meme being pushed by Party apologists that the camp was only "vaguely" connected with the Labour Party has been blown well and truly out of the water with the admission by PM Minister Ardern and Party President Haworth that 'they' took full responsibility for what happened and that 'they' had failed in 'their' duty of care to provide a safe environment for those attending the event.    For f******e ... there was even a Labour Party MP sleeping over in the camp on that night.

And now there are reports of at least two more incidents at Labour Party events.    I do think however that David Farrar over at Kiwiblog injects a degree of realism into the discussion.   Young people and free access to alcohol coupled with a lack of supervision is an explosive mix ... shit happens.     But that aside ... it's the apparent and clumsy attempt to coverup the sexual assault that is more concerning.   Nuff said.

Then we had our Deputy Head of Mission in Washington and her entirely inappropriate and explosive tweet attacking the Trump administration ... for Noel ... are your sources still telling you that NZL is going to get an exemption from the tariffs to be imposed on our steel and aluminum exports to the US? ... methinks that just got a whole lot harder.

And now Mr 'Medals' Mark busted for diverting RNZAF assets, including NH-90 helicopters, to act as his Uber taxi service.    Is this the same Ron Mark who, in a press release issued on 21 April 2017, described the NH-90 as "unreliable gas guzzlers"?.     Mark has access to both Crown limo's and self drive cars both of which cost considerably less than the $19.70/minute operational cost of the NH-90 (operational cost excludes depreciation and the capital charge).   All this at a time when the Finance Minister is signalling the defence budget is being closely scrutinised ... code word for cut.  Seems Ethnic Communities Minister Jenny Salesa has a rival for the title of Minister for Extravagance.

But all this is overshadowed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his going off the reservation in his attempt to curry favour with the Russians over his long promoted free-trade deal with that country.   In doing so he has been rightly labelled as Putin's poodle.    First there was that extraordinary interview where he dismissed Russian involvement in the shooting down of MH-17 saying there was no evidence of 'their' wrong doings.   This despite the fact that the Dutch investigation showed the downed aircraft embedded with fragments from a Russian Buk missile; that the missile launcher itself was tracked that day moving from Russia into pro-Russian controlled rebel territory in the Ukraine and then back into Russia after the missile was fired and that the Russians vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to prosecute those responsible for the criminal act.

Then Peters goes so far as to equate Russian human rights excesses as comparable with the  Australian decision to deport NZL citizens convicted of serious criminal offending in Australia back to NZL and now New Zealand stands isolated from the UK, France, Germany and the US in its failure to condemn in the strongest possible terms the use of nerve agents by the Russians to silence Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the UK just a few days ago.     The joint declaration called the attack "the first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since the second world war" and that "there is no plausible alternative explanation to Russian involvement".

Peters has sandbagged himself into a corner.   He has wined and dined himself too much at the expense of those from 57 Messines Road, Karori and is now beholden to them.   He truly is Putin's poodle.  And the real sad thing is that St Jacinda can't do a thing about it ... he is the power behind the throne; call him back into line and the coalition is a busted flush.   Peters is a law unto himself ... always has been ... always will be.   Labour knew what they were getting and got what they deserved.

The weak from hell for Labour just keeps keeping on.


Duncan Brown said...

Ron Mark from 1917 must surely be well past his Use By date :-)

The Veteran said...

Duncan ... my mistake (corrected) but I agree with your comment. He is.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Vet - concise summary that you would expect from the MSM but you will never get. Expect another revelation
Peters will be the undoing of this, except his partners will no have the courage to confront him Wonderful fuel for National- bring it on

Andrei said...

I know Vet let's have WW3 - its a redux of WW1

Let's just do it - obviously Russians are subhuman brutes that need to be put in their place by the totally virtuous Anglo Saxons appointed by God to rule the world and make it safe for homosexual marriage or something

Lets get on with it see if we can top the 160 million dead that WW2 caused

Andrei said...
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Psycho Milt said...

...the meme being pushed by Party apologists that the camp was only "vaguely" connected with the Labour Party has been blown well and truly out of the water with the admission by PM Minister Ardern and Party President Haworth that 'they' took full responsibility for what happened and that 'they' had failed in 'their' duty of care to provide a safe environment for those attending the event.

The PM and the party president have no repsonsibility whatsoever for Young Labour camps, but when dirty-politics operatives are smearing shit all over you, you say whatever it takes to shut down the operation.

I do think however that David Farrar over at Kiwiblog injects a degree of realism into the discussion.

One of the chief dirty-politics operatives injects only poison into discussions, although he prefers to describe it as "fomenting happy mischief."

Young people and free access to alcohol coupled with a lack of supervision is an explosive mix ... shit happens.

Rape culture involves, among other things, peddling the view that sexual assault and consensual sexual activity are effectively indistinguishable as "shit that happens" when people are drinking without authorities keeping a beady eye on them. In reality, sexual assault happens because there are men who want it to happen and alcohol or the lack of it is irrelevant.

... it's the apparent and clumsy attempt to coverup the sexual assault that is more concerning.

Fantasies that right-wingers make up about things are of little interest. For an actual cover-up, read up on Bill English and John Key's involvement in the Todd Barclay affair.

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... no, I don't believe the Russian people are superhuman brutes per se. Many that I have met are the salt of the earth but they do have an unquestioning love for the Rodina as you might expect ... problem is that they have been played like a fiddle by the Russian leadership into believing that Putin et al represents Russia at its best whereas the reality is the exact opposite.

The Veteran said...

PM ... as one of those who pushed the 'only vaguely' Party line you are certainly leading with your chin. Remind mind Sir ... who did Todd Barclay kiddy fiddle. Oooops, sorry, I meant Darren Hughes.

The story has now been running for five days ... made up things that are of little interest don't.

But really the BIG story (apart from the coverup) is YOUR Minister of Foreign Affairs going off the reservation in his determination to pursue a Russia-NZL free trade deal.

Please feel free to keep the story going, please, please.

Psycho Milt said...

Remind mind Sir ... who did Todd Barclay kiddy fiddle.

Who did Jacinda Ardern or Nigel Haworth kiddie fiddle?

Anonymous said... many smears and nearly true's I don't know where to start.

1/. The NZ Govt has canned any talk of trade deals and come out firmly with UK et al.
Your view is redundant.

2/. The Russian involvement in the shooting down of MH-17 is unclear but it was low level decision making initiated by Russian speaking rebels. The Russian Govt. was NOT involved in making the decision to fire, continuous denials is their default position on anything. They are their own worst enemies. Peters like most people on this blog failed to differentiate between nationality and Government. ie. The "French" sunk the rainbow warrior. No... a rogue unit of the French Govt was responsible.

3/. The Herald printed the flights Marks used some of them scheduled. Which ones were personal I don't know. Your comments on individual flights would be invaluable. It is known that that the AF sometimes offer flights at the drop of a hat in order to get their pilots flying hours in particularly where there are budget constraints.

4/. Two of NZ's top law firms are facing investigation into sexual shenanigans and assault. Nation donors presumably. The point is I don't expect the perps were falling down drunk and unsure of their sexuality in that they had to grope both sexes.

None of the above are linked to party policy or effect the good governance of the's just froth and frenzy. Shoot into the smoke and you might hit something.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Just desserts for the rotten to the core COL, I have been enjoying every last snippet.

Honeymoon soured due to moral decay.


Andrei said...

"problem is that they have been played like a fiddle by the Russian leadership into believing that Putin et al represents Russia at its best whereas the reality is the exact opposite."

Are you so sure it isn't you are not being "played like a fiddle" Veteran?

Who was it that wantonly trashed Libya again?

A whole litany of failed states and devasted lands could follow here all of which have been given a lesson in democracy and freedom at the hands of American airpower and military might

I believe there are elements in the Western establishment hell bent on war with Russia and it is all deja vu - history repeating itself

Anyway Jacinda has come into line, joined the chorus of unthinking sychophants

Anonymous said...

Ron.....Stupid unhelpful comment lacking depth and substance.

Andrei....Instead of continually banging on about Libya try looking at it's funding of terrorist groups around the world in the 80's and 90's. They supplied the IRA with Russian made weapons, Semtex explosive and trained several operatives on their soil. They had it coming and were warned. When you are a loose cannon you have to sometimes expect to fall into the sea.

What is the western establishment? you mean the mysterious leader of the New World order?. Without an organisation and leader there can be no anti Russian conspiracy, if Russia was more open and just accepted responsibility for it's excesses every now and then then they would get on better with everybody.

Putin has effectively rendered democracy redundant in Russia...he will win the election in a landslide over the other candidates, Putin, Putin and Putin.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Andrei.....required reading...

Snowflake said...

How much wailing, smearing and shrieking can one man do, “Veteran”? Let’s find out...

Noel said...
"5 flights are to or from Masterton." ??

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... re the Russian trade deal. Good news that St Jacinda has overruled Putin's poodle who, as late as Thursday night, was pushing the line that New Zealand's pursuit of a trade deal with Russia (provided for in the Labour/NZ First coalition agreement) would not impact on negotiations with the EU or GB ... this was AFTER the joint UK/US/German/French statement condemning Russia as the perpetrator behind the use of a nerve agent to silence a Russian defector and his daughter living in the UK. Winston will be hurting ... he doesn't 'do' being called out well. Trouble at Mill brewing!!!

I am gobsmacked at your statement that the Russian government was NOT involved in the decision to fire the Buk missile that downed MH17. Sheesh, the launcher was tracked moving from inside Russian to rebel controlled territory from where the missile was launched and then back into Russia again. Is it your position that Russia provides s sanctuary within Russia for the rebel fighters, arms them, but cannot be held responsible for what they might do? Thought you were better than that.

I will follow up on 'Medals' Mark in another post. Jacinda makes herself look stupid falling for his bullshit.

Anonymous said...


Andrei said...

"I am gobsmacked at your statement that the Russian government was NOT involved in the decision to fire the Buk missile that downed MH17. "

And I'm not surprised that you beleive that - as Mark Twain said "A lie travels half way around the world before the truth gets it boots on"

But never fear war against those evil rooskis is coming and after that quite likely THE DAY of JUDGEMENT when all will be revealed and true justice administered

And those who lied and distorted and caused human misery and mass DEATH will not be able to hide behind their sophistry or even Nobel Peace Prizes

The Veteran said...

OK Andrei ... clearly you subscribe to the Russian rebels theory acting independently of the Kremlin (how does anyone in Russia act independently of the Kremlin?) or perhaps you are suggesting that the Ukrainians highjacked the launcher from inside Russia and drove it into rebel controlled territory and fired the missile and drove it back into Russian territory again, abandoning it, and making their way back into the Ukraine.

Sheesh ... just writing this and you know how silly that proposition is.

And your take on Russia vetoing the Security Council resolution calling for those responsible to face justice?

Andrei said...

And your take on Russia vetoing the Security Council resolution calling for those responsible to face justice?

Let's be repectful here but that resolution was politics and had nothing to do with establishing the truth or with obtaining justice

Politics as we know is all about controlling the narrative and establishing public perceptions

The Russian position was that until the enquiry into the causes of the crash of MH17 was complete a tribunal to try the culprits would be premature - it would in fact have been a circus - and when that resolution was proposed those behind it knew it would be vetoed and that was actually the point of proposing it

They, the Russian delegation also pointed out that there was no precident for such tribunal for other cases of the downing of civiian airliners - including a Russian one downed in 1991

A question for you Vet - if there has been a similar UN resolution proposed for the downing of Iran Air Flight 655 what do you think the USA would have done? Vetoed it maybe?

As for the UN resolution that established an international enquiry into the loss of MH17 that was passed unanimously before that contentious one was proposed

And despite what you may believe that enquiry has not yet completed its work - it has issued a preliminary report that concluded that MH17 was probably shot down by a Buk Missile

Attached to that report are two annexes - one from the Ukrainian Government and one from the Russian Government

And it is the annex from the Ukrainian Government that gets the coverage even though it is not part of the official interim report per se

This commission is now dormant and will remain so probably forever

Its politics not a scientific enquiry

50 years, 100 years from now Historians with access to declassified documents maybe will be able to reveal the truth of that disaster

All sorts of things come out when the main players are dead, the issues are no longer important contemporarily and previously classified information becomes public

And when the dirty laundry is aired most people don't care or notice

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... re IA655. No resolution needed. It was clear what happened and although the US government declined to admit legal responsibility (dancing on the head of a pin) they settled the matter with Iran in the International Court of Justice with Iranians agreeing to accept a payment of USD131.8m in full and final settlement with $61.8m going to the families of those killed. Not pretty but at least they fronted up ... MH17 waiting, waiting ... and so are the families.

Andrei said...

Vet you are making the assumption that Russia is in some way guilty

This is important: There is a reason why we have an independant judiciary, before which the prosecution has to make their case while the defendant gets to challenge the prosecutions evidence in a mostly public forum

And the prodecution has to ensure that nothing prejudicial to the defendant unrelated to the case at hand enters the public domain until after the trial is concluded

Thus when someone is found guilty in a court we can be 99% sure that they are truly guilty

With MH17 within 15 minutes of the news breaking and long before any evidence was gathered Joe Biden, the architect of the Ukraine coup was on the TV blaming Russia amd long before any evidence was gathered it was established in the public mind including yours that Russia was culpable

This feeds on pre existing prejudices you and most people in the West have

The same is at play with the Skripal case - Thereasa May in Parliament is announcing that Russia is most probably culpable while the evidence is still being gathered

That would never happen in a criminal case - indeed it would make a defendant so accused unprosecutable - do you comprehend that?

Its politics and the people who behave in such manners have no interest in the truth or justice, they just want to advance their political agendas

And they are doing noone any favours by doing so

In any case Russia has opened a criminal case in the case of Yulia Skripal and of Nikolai Glushkov which is legitimate under Russian law because they are both citizens of the Russian Federation.

How much cooperation do you think they will get from the Brits?

Anonymous said...

Veteran..... twisting my words do not a good argument make. I did not say the Russian Govt was not involved. They were in it up to their necks. What I did say is that they were not responsible for the decision to launch the missile any more than they chose the artillery targets. A huge error of judgement took place and if the Russian Govt. did what the US govt did after the shooting down of the airliner by USS Vincennes and admit that they fucked up the world would have thought better of them....deny everything all the time is their mantra.

The Buk launcher was in the Ukraine, along with heavy artillery, battlefield comms, Spetsnez Special forces etc courtesy of Russia. The Buk launcher was tracked out of the Ukraine but not in and there is more than one. On the basis that New Zealand troops were in Vietnam we must bear responsibility for Mai Lai according to you.

Andrei......yet another Russian business man has been murdered in London now all the old cases are being reopened (14). Cooperation is a two way street, how much cooperation dis Moscow give on the Litvinenko polonium poisoning case......fuck all just obstruction. The reason the Russia is being hammered is not because of the nerve gas it is because of all the past provocations and if we roll over one more time the democracies will be seen as weak and tell me about all the Russian facebook accounts tied to the US election and the ongoing denials by RT and Sputnik.

Corbyn (and I) feel uncomfortable that the poisonings and last murder is being led by the counter terrorism police......not the right people as they are to close to the seat of power.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... your sophistry is interesting ... the Russians were in it up to their necks ... I think we an agree on that ... but they were not responsible for the decision to launch the missile ... can you back that argument please.

We don't know who manned the missile and who gave the order to fire. It was either the Russians or the rebels but as the rebels were acting as proxy cannon-fodder for the Russians it matters not ... aiding and abetting a war crime is a criminal offense.

It is la la land stuff to argue that a terrorist incident should not be investigated by the counter-terrorism police.

Anonymous said...

Veteran.....still talking about Russians and not the Russian Government. The shooting down of MH17 was a tragic error and not a deliberate act nor was the Kremlin consulted before launch anymore than they would be consulted before an artillery strike on "enemy" positions.

The Russian govt is complicit and accountable in this action but not responsible. If I worked for you and you sent me out to clean a shops windows and I robbed the shop you are accountable but not responsible for my actions.

To many Dodgy dossiers have been run through Parliament with jingoism in the we have a Foriegn Minister and PM who were on the ropes staking their political future and the future of the party on Putins involvment.

The counter terrorism police are far to close to the Govt for safety. The police have passed off all the Russian deaths as accidental or suicide in spite of one being killed with two different knives. Millions of pounds have been laundered through London and the Tory Party has had over a million pounds in donations from the London Russians...something stinks. Counter terrorism work closely with SAS who are answerable only to the Govt. This should be treated as attempted murder and murder by the police force that has jurisdiction.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... got it. The Counter-Terrorism Command (SO15) is a poodle of the Tory Party.
Really, is that the best you can do.

The reality is that SO15 is a branch within London's Metropolitan Police Service. Since 2012 the Mayor of London is responsible for the governance of the force exercised through the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). MOPAC is headed by the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, one Sophie Linden who is a Labour Party Councillor.

So, in your imagination, Sophie Linden is a Tory poodle. I guess that will come as some suprise to both the Labour Lord Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and herself.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, it was truly tragic when Legbut's Russians accidentally moved that pessky missile launcher over the border into another country, from whence it fired on and brought down a civilian air liner and then accidentally brought it back again, the very next day.

Absolutely tragic. Not a chance it was deliberate.

Anonymous said...

Veteran...investigating a murder is entirely different to what the CT police's mission statement.

Detecting, investigating and preventing terrorist threats and networks.
Working with partner agencies to acquire and use intelligence and evidence about terrorism and extremism.
Ensuring that Counter Terrorism Command activity is focused, delivering value for money, productivity and an efficient and effective use of our resources.
Engaging, building and maintaining working relationships with boroughs, local communities, national and international partners to better understand their needs and to use their expertise and experience in jointly combating the terrorist threat.
Working with communities, partners, institutions, groups and other agencies providing advice and support to tackle the ideologies that drive terrorism and extremism.
Supporting, working and collaborating within the National Counter Terrorism Network to deliver UK counter-terrorism policing.

The poisonings were attempted murders not a terrorist incident and the people best placed are those with local knowledge and not a London based outfit that answers directly to to Govt. The Wiltshire constabulary is perfectly placed to carry out investigations on their own patch just as the Met should be investigating the London murder. Having nailed their colours to the mast the Govt do not want or need another explanation if one exists and by using the CT police the investigation can be kept inhouse.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... dancing on the head of a pin methinks. And where did you get the bit that SO15 answers directly to the government? I went at some lengths to detail their governance setup ... they answer to their Labour Party bosses. I agree that's a bit odd but that's the way it works although the reality is they are bound by legislation and, in that sense, they are bipartisan.

Nice put down (oooops clarification) of Corbyn's position by his Deputy.