Thursday, March 15, 2018


As a classic failure in political management, the incident at the Young Labour summer camp near Wahi might have some residual  value as a resource in advancement of knowledge where the cover up can turn a manageable situation into a cluster.

It was not a third rate burglary of the Democratic Party offices in the Watergate Complex that sank Nixon to a point where resignation and a pardon from his successor Gerald Ford became the only option, it was the paranoid bungled attempts to avoid any provable Oval Office involvement.

With Nixon's Re-election committee chairman, ex  Attorney General John Mitchell no longer a member of the executive and more middle men including Hard man Gordon Liddey who was able to demonstrate his level of staunch by holding his hand over a flame until his flesh burned, there was a very long shot to link Nixon to the break in. However his close advisers including Chief of staff Haldeman and Senior Whitehouse counsel Earlichman went into full coverup mode and eventually it all unravelled leading to Nixon's resignation and gaol time for most of his closest advisers.
A massive factor in the unravelling came with an FBI leaker dubbed "Deep Throat", in reality Mark Felt who fed vital  info to Bernstein and Woodward from Katherine Graham's Washington Post investigation.
Was that in fact the onset of politicisation of the FBI.
The Prime Minister is being seriously let down by her Party apparatchiks and with her increasing tarnished image as an open and honest leader emerging in greater revelations  with each day that passes, she does not need any more manure dumped on the front lawn of her McMansion, being pregnant and all

The events of yesterday that saw Party President Haworth and the PM refusing to clean house with an Inquiry to be conducted by  friendly Wellington Lawyer Maria Berryman leading the interior decoration team charged with the refurbishment.

One of the face saving ploys to be instituted in addition to a temporary cessation of such youth indoctrination events will have  a  senior Party official in charge in any future efforts  ???

50 year old Liz Craig MP, Invercargil based list member, a public health expert, was not sufficiently senior???

Richard Worth was gone and very few know what he was actually supposed to have done.
Aarron Gilmore similarly gone quick smart for a drink fuelled faux pa.
Gilmores replacement Claudette Hauiti gone by lunch time.

Coffey,  Craig, Ardern, Warren-Clark all MPs addressed the gathering with Coffey and Craig in starring roles in images  on the interwebby.

Frazer House and the Ninth Floor will need some bigly rugs and more brooms.

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Labour starting to look like the Weinstein of political parties: