Friday, March 9, 2018


An unnamed couple only months into a new house had a nightmare yesterday when a rogue weather system delivered a flash flood that left two  real workers with silt through their accommodation, destroying their dreams..

They had Insurance cover on the structure (possibly borrowing related) but not on their contents and the moronic media assume they were "uninsured for contents".
Maybe, just maybe they made a conscious decision to carry the risk themselves, Fukishima was a lower insurance event in dollar terms than the seismic events of Christchurch at the beginning of the current decade due entirely to the fact that personal insurance rates in Japan are at a lower level than NZ.  So it is entirely possible these hard working citizens made an error in judgment and it failed them.

I carry much of my insurance risk myself with high excess rates and declining to cover, that said third party and public liability are never omitted.

Some of the ill-informed comments on their situation are downright cruel with many looking to blame someone else, council, town planners, building inspectors and  the now very  sad and devastated couple, anybody somebody.
Sh*t  happens and yesterday it happened in Rissington, my heart goes out to the  couple, I hope it is not insurmountable for them, small comfort I know,  but no one died.

I have family not ten miles from the destruction site where they had a great rain to set their bit of paradise up for the winter.

Of course with the benefits of hindsight there will be smug bastards who will escape deserved  blame but prior to instant digital communication revolution the incident would have never been known about beyond the immediate area.

AGW, Climate Change, Humans burning oil and coal, counting down.

During our farming phase on the Tauweru River east of Masterton, a rain event coincided with a seismic event that overnight temporarily dammed the river then released a torrent that took a normal 28 foot level rise in flood water another meter causing stock losses on previously "safe ground".
You will be surprised to hear that loss was not covered by insurance!!!!.

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Anonymous said...

One of the wife's rentals lost its saturated back yard down a hill after the Kaikoura earthquake in Nov 2016. We insure to the reasonable max with a large voluntary excess. The repairs by way of a retaining wall will cost about $120,000. EQC (who have been pretty tardy really) have paid about $12,000. Whether it sucks or not the reality is what it is - the "settlement" (interim while I look to scrape a bit more out of them) was calculated in the appropriate manner. That's our capital gains gone but shit happens and its no one's fault. Being greedy I'll put the rent up a bit when the wall is complete - it will still be well below market rent but they look after the place so I cut them some slack.

I was chatting to the land agent that sold it to us and he expressed his concern about our situation to which I laughed and suggested if his concern was to be measurable in a real way I'd give him a bank account number that he could put some money into. He's a nice bloke but not that nice.