Friday, March 9, 2018


The moronic MSM have been dining out on "International Women's Day" yet it is difficult, if not impossible, to find much rational commentary on the oppression of females in the Great Religion of Peace.   Virtually unchanged for one and a half millenia, and in truth possibly morphing yet more rigid, contemptible and brainless today.

Female Genital Mutilation (euphemistically misnamed circumcision), forced and arranged marriage, women as chattels of males, circumscribed opportunities in employment, ownership and education, make up a large bloc of the teachings of the male only hierarchy of Islam, yet not a peep from the SJWs of socialism.

Then we are forced to confront a phenomenon that was previously merely a fact of gender life. People running things tended to be male for a plethora of reasons, many based entirely on the principles of Darwin, yet women in power is a fact of life.  Governor General, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Mayors of many urban authorities (plus many so called males of some gender conjecture), there is hardly a seat of power that does not have good female representation or control in this country that enfranchised women over a century ago.

Yet there are still some who want more. 

It is a fact that Law School participation and graduation is female in majority.

For bankers, doctors, lawyers, school teachers, and in fact any professional I have had dealings with, gender has never been an issue, although I have come up against more obnoxious and ignorant males than females by a country mile.

I do however have a gender issue that defies logic, biology, and common sense and that comes with the lily-livered cowardly concession that sees a male weight lifter, after all the male hormone advantages created from many millenia of natural selection, apparently able to just become a female for competition. In this instance it clearly does matter.  Not only are we seen as a joke but those who are charged with administrating such matters where basic fairness should be at the heart of deliberations have abdicated in the face of a whole dumpster of political correct dogma.
Ex Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard's weightlifting child is a bloke and even if severely pruned physically,  he is still at the very least an ex bloke!

Calling it Gavin might just have been a vital clue.

I am old enough to remember Irana and Tamara Press, Ukranian athletes who, before gender rules tightened, were often referred to as The Press Brothers. To my knowledge neither ever had children, now why could that be I wonder?

If our current PM were an hermaphrodite it would be of no matter as her performance would still be a total embarrassment as gender is not the issue.  Incompetence, lack of understanding of basic business principles and the clear dearth of any ability to negotiate are markers that no eraser could rub out.  However, a degree in communications and some very clever use of language as covered elsewhere by Hobsonville MP Chris Penk and an adoring unquestioning media will allow a longer than deserved Honeymoon.

Only the truck loads of Twink that the inept MSM are using have so far prevented the truth from being exposed.   Just as Margaret Thatcher suggested about other peoples money it will only last until all the twink is exhausted.


Andrei said...

"I am old enough to remember Irana and Tamara Press, Ukranian(sic) athletes"

No Gravedodger they were Soviet Athletes and ethnically the were Jewish girls from Kharko

Waikikamukau News said...
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Anonymous said...

Andrei.......Judaism is a religion not an ethnicity. Hitler and his gang of deviants tried that and it seemed to work with the German people, just like the Russians are easily convinced..

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.

Thus being Jewish is an ethnicity as is being a Northern Irish Protestant

The "Ukranian"(sic) ethnicity was defined in Vienna during the later half of the 19th century and applied to population of the then Austro Hungarian province of Galacia - the dialect of Russian they spoke being defined as a seperate language from Russian and given a new orthography - the purpose being to sow dissenion in the Russian province of Malorossiya (Little Russia) where the people spoke similar dialects and had a common history with those of Galacia

Life was difficult for those with East Slavic ethnicities in the Austro Hungarian Empire particularly those who held the Orthodox Faith - there were several large scale massacres of these people during the first world war for example.

When they came to America they were called "Russians" but colloqually known as Hunkies - The protaganists in the movie the Deer Hunter were Hunkies. Today we might call them Rusyns or Lemkos

Another term used for these people was "Ruthenian"

We could wax lyrical for hours on the peoples found in the Borderlands between the Russian and German world but Kharkov where the Jewish sisters Irana and Tamara Press is a thousand Kilometers to the East of these troubled lands with its troubled history though thanks to gross American and EU malefesance those ancient troubles have been inflicted upon the residents of Kharkov in the 21st century

Nut whatever they may be (have been) the Press sisters were not "Ukranian"(sic)

The Bunbury Baker said...

Egbut, Judaism IS a religion. Jewish is an ethnicity, but not a religion. There are many people who are Jews/Jewish but who are not adherents of the faith. Secular Jews, Communist Jews, even Christian Jews.

Snowflake said...

Poor confused old bugger. Do you find ATMs confounding as well?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It is rare for me to knock out a comment on someone else's post but, in this case, Kauwhaka has well and truly stepped over the line.

The Bunbury Baker said...

Here’s what might be a novel idea in Akaroa – instead of criticising SJW’s for your lack of understanding, how about you write a post yourseld condeming barbaric practices?

Here’s a link to get you started.

Anonymous said...

Apologies to the blog. That will learn me to wiki small points about which I thought I knew the answer.

Lord Egbut

B Whitehead said...

All good, I learned some stuff as well.