Sunday, March 25, 2018


with the admission by Steve Smith, Oz Cricket Captain, that 'they' were guilty of ball tampering during the test match being played at Newlands.

Worse still the admission by Smith that the tactic had been devised by the 'leadership group' (so called) without reference to the coaches or team management.   For the record the leadership group comprises Smith, Vice-Captain David Warner, fast bowlers Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazelwood and spinner Nathan Lyon.

Their action was best described by the SMH as 'dumb' and 'deplorable' in equal measure.   Dumb because there were thirty TV broadcast cameras focusing on the players every move; deplorable because it reflects on the whole teams culture when a plan such as this can be conceived on the hop and there's no one around to put a stop to it.

The fall guy in all of this was the bowler Cameron Bancroft.   He has now been charged with a grade 2 offence by the ICC and, at the very least, will sit out the fourth test due to start next week.   But the buck can't stop there.   Steve Smith, talented cricketer and fiercely competitive player as he is must, at the very least be stood down from the captaincy.   Problem is who to replace him with Vice Captain Warner donkey do in the whole sorry business.

Oz cricket is in crisis and all of their own making.   Seems to me they haven't moved on too far from the (in)famous under-arm incident.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

They have never, never ever learned how to handle losing.

That's where it all started. Just like bloody socialists for whom winning is everything - 'whatever it takes.'

Anonymous said...

Veteran...It's not just Oz cricket. Cricket started to lose it's appeal when sledging become acceptable and in doing so became more personal. English and Welsh cricket lurch from one disaster to another purely because the playing pool is so small and getting smaller as more and more grounds are turned into housing estates. Cricket is played or practised for only four months because of weather whereas the sub continent, SA and OZ have all year round opportunities. I'm not talking about the top players I'm talking about the kids who are the future of the game.

Walter.....the more stupider the comment the less relevant you become.

Lord Egbut

Noel said...

It hasn't just been sledging in cricket where sportsman ship has been replaced and accepted into the game. Pulling an advantage in football by claiming an injury,lifting in the lineout in rugby and grunting in tennis, just to name a few.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


It's not a good idea for a pseudo literate to blurt out 'the more stupider.'

Gerald said...

You would make a good cricketer Adolf.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I was.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Smith will be greeted at Perth Airport with placards saying "Welcome Home Hansie."

David said...

Grow up Adolf.The two are not alike.

Hansie took cash for fixing matches, he threw away games, and was rewarded for it. What Smith and co did was foolish, but on its own was never going to change the result of the game.

Two words for you - Chris Cairns.

David said...

Two more words for Adolf & co - Chris Pringle.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Your deflections won't work.

Cricket in NZ is not the religion it is (or was before last week) in Australia.

Smith has destroyed the respect people had for the team. Watch for Channel 9's rating to tank and ticket sales for matches to decline. There won't be enough money to pay the players their ridiculous salaries.

Smith and co have actually trashed the brands of Cricket Australia and Channel 9.

Quite an achievement, don't you think?

The Veteran said...

Ball tampering is bad. IMHO Smith's subsequent actions were worse. He said it was a collective decision by 'the leadership team' but declined to name those involved. We know the leadership team comprises Smith plus the four names detailed in my post. It now transpires that at least one of those four claims he was not involved and is reportedly furious that he is being hung out to dry with the rest of them.

Whatever, cricket Oz has suffered a major blow. Smith sent home in disgrace ... shades of Keith Murdoch. Murdoch never played for the ABs again. What's the bet that Smith is back in their team in time for the first ODI at The Oval.

Egbut ... I'll take your word that 'they're' turning cricket grounds into housing estates. Seems to me some local authorities in Pom-land have much to answer for in depriving English youth the opportunity of laying their national summer game. Don't think Wales counts while the Scots and Irish seem to have taken some big strides with their cricket.

Noel ... care to let me know when lifting in the lineout became illegal.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And now it appears Cricket Australia has Smith remaining in SA to 'assist with inquiries.'