Saturday, March 17, 2018


Would the Young Labour cluster have fallen foul of liquor supply laws?  Sexual assault looks potentially open and shut unless being a committed socialist gives immunity.
Will  the complex and its owners/operators/managers have some problems around supply of liquor to minors?
Is "Dr" Liz Craig really a doctor when contrasted  to, say Dr Meg Woods?
Why did Ms Craig not qualify as a "Senior Party person" in attendance? (she is according to Wiki around 50 years old) and in one image posted, seen  enjoying a bit of active participation holding a green  bottle while seated two seats away from  Doc Sarb Johal.  Must have been just before she got the urge to go to bed only meters away from a raucous drinking session that allegedly resulted in much vomiting and random acts of casting the offensives. Even to the quoted extent some of the attendees could not attend the Sunday morning ongoing indoctrination sessions.
Ms Craig  looked decidedly awake in the image (sans  time evidence) as published. That said she did apparently have "an early flight".
How long can Barely Sober and his fellow travelers in  the Media Party continue to dance on a pin head?
Does any thinking person not see probable cause in Ms Ardern's refusal to be interviewed by Hosking on his breakfast slot just prior to the storm hitting, unless topics were limited around the fairydust sprinkling taxpayer funded pacific jaunt?  Maybe explicable at the time,  she was on the PI junket but now appearing decidedly dodgy in light of the "denial of any knowledge"  of the still emerging cluster.
How was the apparent copious liquor availability 1 Paid for? 2 accessed? and 3 monitored?
Are the in situ  complex managers in anyway connected to the Party,  choose whether that refers to The NZLP or the actual  disturbing activities purported to have occurred, referenced by some as a "party".
Did the Summer Camp Participants pay a registration fee or did the totally uninvolved,  LoL,  NZLP  hierarchy have a greater involvement than acknowledged so far?
Is Tess McIntyre the suggested 'young labour' Person in the hot seat, someone of note or just an itinerant Possum who disappeared the moment the headlights cast illumination.
Did  the alleged, orientation confused 20 year old, have any historical links to the NZLP or its membership, we only are told he is not connected 'now'. If that is correct how and why was he even present, or could any backpacker looking for a 'dump station' just wander in and think it was too good to pass up.
How many  other 'non' NZLP members attended either as facilitators, speakers or registered  gullibles.
What does Kirton have that gets him into witless protection so expeditiously.
Dr Sarb Johal has a web page that includes "disaster mental health" as a specialty-  now is that appropriate eh?
 So Hosking, Garner, Williams, Leighton Smith all from "The Wireless" have asked some questions, is there nobody in the Print Media or Tv blessed with sufficient curiosity to make the effort because it is certain relying on a "Ministerial press release" aint gunna do it.
National are correct in keeping stumm, was it or maybe not, Napoleon who was said to "never interfere when the enemy is destroying itself".

I understand problems with prison overcrowding but is "witness protection" finding space harder to access?

ps Should the VUW students march to the HQ of the Nasty Law firm in Wellywood have gone on to Frazer House? it was only another 15 minutes and one might think a tad more current?
Then using think and student in one sentence a bit------, oxymoronic maybe.


Snowflake said...

Goodness, how long did it take you to excrete that incoherent babble, Gravetodger? Christ alive, seek help buddy.

Ray said...

Dr Liz Craig is a real doctor and is pretty hot on public health and the safety of young people
Here she is speaking on the Sale of Liquor Amendment Act

"First of all, I just want to talk about the huge impact alcohol-related harm has in our community. As a junior doctor, back in the day, I used to work in A & E, and I guess the main thing I actually remember about that was that smell of alcohol mixed with vomit, mixed with a bit of disinfectant thrown in. You know, that smell now brings me back to those days. But what used to happen is about 11 o'clock on a Saturday night I used to be sitting there waiting for stuff to come in, and what we would be seeing was just large numbers of young people coming in with head injuries, because they got intoxicated, been involved in a fight, and it's really, really hard to tell whether somebody's got a concussion and they've got ongoing issues with damage from that or whether they're just intoxicated "

Seems she went to bed early and dropped the ball.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sakes Snowflake (how appropriate is that name) what about avoiding the whole cluster... then? Typical trolling from a millennial.

Great choice of words GD, I love your rhetoric which illustrates how much of a pathetic coverup we are being presented. I hear Ardern saying "we admit we made mistakes here." No shit. But you didn't just make 'mistakes' dear, you made deliberate wrong and appalling decisions. Not mistakes, bad DECISIONS. All decisions which just happened to protect those concerned. Yet no one is apparently to be held responsible. I can only assume Kirton knows where the bodies are buried and is part of the deception protecting the princess. If the Police don't act soon I will be lodging an IPCA complaint as there are a number of laws broken here which any other citizen would be answering to by now. If a hairdresser can't even give a complementary glass of wine to adult clients, WTF are Labour getting away with here with 16 year olds?

God knows why this incompetent lot should be running a country.


pdm said...

Snowflake it got your attention though.

Then in typical lefty/snowflake fashion you had to attack the messenger rather than address the issues raised.

Anonymous said... the hell can you attack the messenger when the message is phsycobabble and unreadable without a code book.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

pdm: You are so right. I find that it is nigh on impossible to debate anything beyond the most trivial with a leftie without the ad-hominems being spewed up. This happens in numerous fori including the spite ridden taunts from lefties in Parliament. Hansard depicts this mindless practice repeatedly. I tried to debate tax reform with a leftie recently and the response I received was more or less as follows: "So you must have been raised with a large family trust to support you!" How that stupid and incorrect assumption could be made is certainly a mystery.


George said...

The witness protection room must be overflowing about now.
Will there be any labor members present on Tuesday who were involved in the cluster ?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Go and get the code book, you idiot.

Snowflake said...
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Anonymous said...

Cadwallader........hearsay. I don't believe you...Is English your first language?

Lord Egbut