Thursday, March 22, 2018


Last Friday and with great fanfare and trumpeting Shane Jones announced the refurbishment of Kerikeri Airport terminal to be funded from 'his' one billion dollars Provincial Growth Fund,   Just one small problem ... the project was signed-off before the change of government.   Stage 1, the conversion of the old Aero-Club buildings into a temporary terminal to allow the old terminal to be demolished along with construction of a new car-park is 90% complete.   The contract for the new terminal is being let after being held up for nine months by the tweaking of the design.    Jones needs to get his story right.

It is no secret that the Jones boy has his eyes on the Northland seat as representing perhaps the only chance of NZ First surviving post 2020 with their current polling somewhere around the MOE.    Problem is that Shane Jones is a four time loser ... 2005 lost Northland by 9,275; 2008 lost Northland by 10,058; 2011 lost Tamaki Mataurau by 936; 2014 did not contest; 2017 lost Whangarei by 11,143   (came third).

He certainly deserves the appellation of carpetbagger extraordinaire along with his penchant for living it up on 'your' dime.    We well remember his watching of porn movies in his hotel room charged off to his ministerial creditcard and his unathorised chartering of executive jets.    We remember too his grant of citizenship to a dodgy Chinese businessman against departmental advice (the Lang Yiu affair) and his proposal to limit the amount of time you can spend under a shower.

Jones is clearly looking to use your dime to buy him the Northland seat.   Problem for Jones is that he has baggage and heavy baggage at that.

Meanwhile 'we' will happily accept 'your' funding of the upgrades to the Paihia and Russell wharves.     Thank you taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

Veteran ...what do think of him weighing into AirNZ over the closure of northerm airports.......shook 'em up a bit. Thank heavens he has Northlands interests at heart and not just in it for the salary.

Lord Egbert

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

'Weighing in to Air NZ...'

In the vernacular of our day, he's been told to go plait his shit.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back are right of course but it is worrying that those who profess to have Northland's interests at heart seem to be silent on the subject of AirNZ closing routes. Just a tip if plaiting shit is anything like plaiting bread a few drops of fresh, I mean fresh, pineapple juice works wonders.

Lord Egbut

George said...

There are enough second and third level airlines to cover the smaller centers if its financially viable

Johno said...

"In the vernacular of our day, he's been told to go plait his shit."

LOL that's a new one to me!

However, I see that he threw his Ardern reprimand straight back in her face and carried on the very next day and accused an AirNZ boss of lining up a National electorate spot.

He can't help himself and Ardern has no control over NZF MPs who are basically running amok.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... no airports have been closed. Up here Air NZ pulled out of the Kaitaia Auckland service simply because of the low passenger numbers. I flew that route many times. Sometimes I was the only passenger. The smallest plane in the Air NZ fleet is the 50 seater Q300. Would be madness to run it into Kaitaia which is now served by Great Barrier Air using a 13 seater aircraft with their no frills Kta-Akl fare much on a par with Air NZ BoI-Akl fare.

Reality is for most people in the Doubtless Bay area it was quicker to get to Kerikeri than Kaitaia. Kerikeri has eight flts per day to/from Akl with around 80% loading.

Air NZ is a independent company running a commercial operation. As such their only imperative is its bottom line return to its shareholders. Indeed, its Directors would be breaking the law if the ran it any other way.

Jones is shooting his mouth orf as only he knows how. Were he serious it is entirely within his gift to make available dosh from 'his' PGF to Air NZ to subsidize unprofitable routes. But he won't do that because he's all piss and wind.

Anonymous said...

Veteran...pretty much sums it return for the shareholders. Short sighted and rather 20th century if I may say. given the Air NZ profits and Govt holding we should do better............

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

" As such their only imperative is its bottom line return to its shareholders."
Yup Government shareholding is 52 percent.

Noel said...


Anonymous said...

Noel ....I see your point but I don't thinks it applies to public transport in NZ.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... suggest you acquaint yourself with company law and also the difference between a private company (albeit one that has majority government shareholding) and a SOE. A SOE may have a public policy objective ... i.e were Air NZ a SOE then it could legitimately subsidize non profitable routes ... but it ain't.

Second level airlines are better placed to pick up that task.

Sad Jones is too thick not to know the difference between a private company and a SOE.

I repeat ... he's all piss and wind.

Anonymous said...

Veteran...I was being mischievous. He can always borrow Rons chopper.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you, mischievous, 'Heavens to Murgatroyd'.