Saturday, March 3, 2018


Both appear to be excelling themselves in recent days.    Trump with his Luddite approach to free trade evidenced by his decision to impose punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and Putin ramping up the cold war rhetoric backed by a new range of stars wars weaponry that can only lead to an intensification of the arms race.

Trump has managed, in one sentence, to wipe billions off the NYSE and piss off the EU, Canada, Australia and China and that's just for starters with the French warning there will be retaliation and that in trade-wars there are only losers.

To be fair (and I don't need to be) and while the US is the second largest export economy in the world (behind China) and it currently runs a negative trade balance of US783B.    All this to feed a domestic market anxious for the best possible deals at the best possible price.  

Meanwhile in Putin land and with the Presidential elections looming Putin seems determined to portray himself as Mr tough guy taking on the world ... you mess with the rodina (translated 'me') at your peril.   No matter that the election is a forgone conclusion and a farce.   Any candidate coming close to toppling Putin from power is likely to be involved in a serious and life threatening accident.

Russia is clearly flexing its muscles and in doing so is courting pariah state status.    And this is the country that Winston First wants to do business with!!!!!!!!!

Interesting times, dangerous times.   


Anonymous said... were doing well up until the last sentence. Money has no allegiance and as Roosevelt said America's business is business. USA lubricants and engine bearings were powering the Luftwaffe bombers over London and Russian wheat fed the Wehrmacht during the battle of France.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... all I'm saying is that trying to negotiate a trade deal with Russia will put at risk our negotiations with the UK post Brexit and hardly endear ourselves to the EU in the process. Risk and reward and for me, right now, the risk outweighs the reward.

p.s. It wuz Cal Coolidge who said that in an address to the Society of American Newspaper Editors on 17 January 1925. Contrary to popular belief I was not there to hear the speech.

David said...

Contrary to popular belief I was not there to hear the speech.

Yes you were, I stood next to you in the pouring rain, :-)

Tweet from Trump

When a country (USA) is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and easy to win. Example, when we are down $100 billion with a certain country and they get cute, don’t trade anymore-we win big. It’s easy!

Can someone catch the butterfly in Trump's skull and educate it?

The European Union will hit back at the heart of the United States, slapping tariffs on products like Harley-Davidsons, Kentucky bourbon and bluejeans, if President Trump goes ahead with a plan to place tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, the president of the bloc’s executive arm vowed on Friday.

How's that for winning, Donny?

Allan said...

There is a lot of evil in this world. Putin comes a very close 2nd to Kim Jong Un when it comes to the meaning of evil. He has a very big chip on his shoulder and suffers severely from "Little Man Syndrome" An absolute dictator with no compassion whatsoever.

Andrei said...

" There is a lot of evil in this world. Putin comes a very close 2nd to Kim Jong Un"

Amazing - who has Russia Attacked?

Who was it that wantonly bombed Libya into the stone age for example? It wasn't Putin now was it?

VVP's crime is that he has stood up the the American thugocracy who are thge biggest bunch of theives in the world and who fool you into thinking they are making the world safe for gay marriage or something as they create havoc across the globe while American Ologarchs line their pockets on the human misery they leave in their wake

David said...

Amazing - who has Russia Attacked?

Syria, for starters.

Andrei said...

" you mess with the rodina (translated 'me') at your peril"

If you heard the whole speech, which you didn't of course, you would have heard a discourse on how Russia needs to upgrade and renew her infrastructure and raise the standard of living of her people

You might also realize that Russian military spending has been reduced so as more can be put into development

And you might comprehend even reading Western News items that the West, read the USA and Britain in particular are doing everything to impede Russia developing and the very real fear is that they may even used force to trt an block Russia's development - believe me Veteran there are historical precidents for this

Anyway Родина (Rodina) means "Homeland" and in the context of the speech and Russian thought patterns that means quite clearly Russia will defend itself against foreign incursions

Andrei said...

No it hasn't attacked Syria David - it has come to the aid of the recognized Government of Syria to help rid the nation of terrorists funded by foreign powers in an attempt to render the country ungovernable so that they may seize its strategic assets for themselves

There is this thing called the UN charter David that recognizes national sovereignty - Russia is acting within this charter in Syria, whereas the USA is not

David said...

Andrei, I don't think the Syrian civilians who are being bombed, gassed, and slaughtered care who is doing it to them, they would just like it to stop. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, and those who you label terrorists were attempting to free Syria from a dictatorship, one you seem happy to see propped up, no matter how many innocent lives are lost.

There's a few people in The Ukraine/Crimea who also feel a little pissed at the thug Putin's actions there, as well as the friends and families of those who lost their lives on MH17.

Andrei, I can see the fleas on you from here!

Anonymous said...

You are just another cluess Anglo Saxon David

How the fuck did the terrorists who kidnapped Christian girls and turned them into sex slaves get American made anti tank Weapons do you think David?

If you want to call the head lopping, liver eating takers of sex slaves "freedom fighters" then their is something seriously lacking in your brain

Dr Bashir al Assad is the elected Presdent of Syria like it or not - whereas America's great ally in the region King Salman of Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarch who holds onto power through terror

As for Crimea that has been Russian since before Captain Cook sighted New Zealand - the British and the French tried to take it from Russia 150 years ago and killed nearly 2 million Russians in the process but FAILED!

Now the Americans are having a go, they covet it for NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) and have fucked Ukraine in the process

Did you know David that Ukraine was the richest and most developed region in the Soviet Union and it has now been transformed into a basket case with most of it strategic assets sold overseas and its aerospace industry caput.

The average Russian, many of whom have relatives in Ukraine have seen what the Anglos have done to Ukraine and are not about to allow that to be done to them - And that is the meaning of Putin's speech

Psycho Milt said...

Blut und Boden! Interesting how national sovereignty is important when western countries want to interfere with the Syrian regime, but it's OK for Russia to own Ukraine because, er, like, history and stuff.

Andrei said...

I kind of think funding and encouraging the overthrow of an elected Government in a sovereign Nation and replacing it with one handpicked in Washington DC that will be hostile to its neighbours is a violation of sovereignty Milt

At the time this video was taken policemen were being set on fire by these "protesters" who of course were funded by the USA and EU

This was an attempt to annex Ukraine for NATO which has spread like a necrotic tumour since 1991 and impoverished the citizens of the countries it has invaded

You want to think about that especially with all the BS going on now about Russian meddling in American politics

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Let's wait and see if these steel and aluminum tariffs eventuate or whether they are the opening gambit in NAFTA negotiations in which Canada (America's largest foreign supplier of steel) has been proving to be intransigent.

Anonymous said...

Pretender......your man in the White House is as crooked as they come, here's a story on one of his mates...

Andrei....Who has Russia attacked?.....Its own people not to mention Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Your lady who is not in the White House is as crooked as they come. You;ll find twenty or more references to he criminality. All you've got is a bullshit piece of fake news from the Guardian.

BTW you need history lessons. Roosevelt indeed! Next you'll be telling me it was Allah who said 'forgive them, they know not what they do.'

Anonymous said...

More whadaboutery, is that the best you have. She is no longer on the political radar but you can't leave it alone 'cos of an unproved accusation from years ago which may or may not be fake. NYSE confirms the share trades but they are an organisation set up to enrich the Clintons...aren't they?.......your are as stupid as you are unreliable.

Next thing that you will telling us is that you live in Bunbury...Hilarious.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

The EU is hitting the Mango in his heartland. Bourbon distilleries are all in the Trump voting states. The biggest consumers in the EU are the UK and Germany but with a market of 600 million people this is going to hurt.

Harley made in Wisconsin, another Trump state...for how long?....... Levi's have me stumped as they are mainly made and distributed from the Far East.

Lord Egbut

George said...

Seem to recall a like set of circumstances in the 1930s when the US packed up her toys and went home.
The US can exist as an isolationist state.
Been done (as I pointed out) before.
And Putin is sounding like he just grew a moustache

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... of course I didn't 'hear' Putin's speech. But I read it in full at

I know what 'rodina' means. For Putin the word is interchangeable with 'himself' ... Stalin acted the same and Putin clearly views himself as the new 'man of steel'.

There is no 'democracy' in Russia as we know it. Russia doesn't do democracy and those challenging the status quo tend to be involved in traffic accidents. Putin will be reelected in a landslide ... the ballots have already been counted.

Wilbur said...

It'll be another of the Donald's campaign promises ticked off if he slaps these tariffs on the Chicoms.

They've been dumping steel and aluminium onto the US market for years knowing full well it kills off domestic production in the US - as well as all the IP they steal. Now someone might stand actually stand up to it for once. I have no problem with tariffs for cheaters.

The post WW2 new world order where every other country can use the US citizenry as a cash cow (The Paris Climate Accord being the most recent egregious example) may at last be coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Wilbur...Do you ever look before you leap? do you ever check anything before you spout knee jerk nonsense.....I will shout just in case you don't get it. CHINA IS THE NOT THE PROBLEM. Canada exports more steel than the next four countries. CHINA IS it?

Sharpen up boy, you are starting to sound like the pretender.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... well put.

Waikikamukau News said...

So everyone on the Right jumps on the "Let's pick winners" bandwagon because Trump.

Trump will protect the jobs of 140,000 workers and put at risk the jobs of 6.5 million by making the steel they use more expensive.

Not to mention the jobs that will go when Europe stops buying Harleys and Bourbon.

The Veteran said...

WKAMK News ... back off Noddy. I'm 'of the right' ... didn't you read 'my' post?

Read previous posts from Wilbur and you might be forgiven from thinking he is of the left.

Both contradict your thesis.

Waikikamukau News said...

Dear Veteran, maybe I should have been clearer, I was referring to the US Right since they're the only ones that count when it comes to Trumpistan.

But my point remains the same - Trump wants to "protect" a few jobs at the expense of very many more.

As to Wilbur, his brain damage shows by the use of "Chicoms", most assuredly not a lefty term. He sounds more like a sock puppet for 3:16.

Andrei said...

"There is no 'democracy' in Russia as we know it. Russia doesn't do democracy and those challenging the status quo tend to be involved in traffic accidents. Putin will be reelected in a landslide ... the ballots have already been counted."

Really Veteran, you really on Radio Free Europe for a copy of the speech "annotated" - Rfrel being a CIA proganda outlet of course

Actually elections in Russia are run far better than they are in the USA - you need to produce your passport to vote, there is no early voting etc.

As for people dying well have you ever heard of Seth Rich? He was the administrator of the DNC server that was allegedly hacked by Russians and a Bernie Sanders supporter.

And guess what he died from two bullets shot into his back a crime which has never been solved

Andrei said...

Oh and BTW I have just read the speech in its original Russian and you'ld never guess what Veteran - he does not use the word "родина" anywhere in it.

The Veteran said...

C'mon Andrei .... 'annotated' = portions highlighted. Are you saying their transcript was doctored ... if you are, produce the official version so we can compare one with the other.

AS for 'passports'. You are referring to the 'Internal Russian Passport' which is mandatory for travel and identification purposes ... distinct from the 'Russian passport' needed for overseas travel. It may have escaped you but those of us who live in a free society don't need an internal passport for the privilege of traveling around New Zealand.

As for 'their' elections being free and fair and that's a pretty tall statement measured against the 12 million false votes in the 2016 elections for the Duma detailed in the report which you can access at

Andrei said...

Veteran - the fucking Atlantic? An American rag

If you want credibilty how about using the OSCE official report to make your charges (which are not supported in it)

As for internal passport we are all obliged to carry our drivers licences which contain pretty much the same information - it is very hard to function as an adult in NZ without some form of identification. In fact the internal passports are being merged with drivers licences as we speak. The point being made being you need photo id to vote, which you don't in the USA and where it is a contentious matter.

Remember the Cuban Missile crisis Vet? If it was wrong for the USSR to station missiles in America's back yard in Cuba why is it OK for the USA to do it in Russia's back yard ny putting them in Poland and Romania?

How long do you think the USA would tolerate Russian armoured divisions "exercising" a couple of hundred meters from the American border in Mexico?

You don't like Donald Trump, you don't like Vladimir Putin - thats your right. But try and base your opinion on facts not Russophobic American propaganda

Personally I think Justin Trudeau is a dweeb and the Clintons are totally malevolent

VVP has done wonders for Russia which is why he is so popular - there is still a long way to go of course

But the Russian leadership which is more than just VVP come across as mature adults when compared to their Western counterparts and that's for sure

The Veteran said...

And the Russian Internal Passport doesn't restrict where 'certain' citizens can travel ... and pigs fly.

Have you ever been to Russia?

Andrei said...

Yes I have Veteran and I'll agree it is a pain in the ass dealing with the migration documents and beaucracy , which do get checked at airports and train stations and you have to register them where ever you go - I guess you have been too and I'll also guess that you had the migration documents sorted for you by someone else

But I'm not claiming Russia is nirvana, I'm disputing your characterization of Russian Democracy

Anonymous said...

Andrei.......all the US missiles you are worried about are are interceptor missiles ostensibly to guard against launches from Iran..there are no nuclear tipped ICBMs in Poland....
The majority of Nato troops US, British, Danish etc are in Estonia and yes, that is a signal to the Kremlin after they closed the country down with a massive cyber attack.

You don't seem to have any problem with two Chinese armoured divisions exercising within a days drive of the Russian border. Or the Norwegian and Royal Marines exercising within sight of your border at the other end of the Empire. Now count up how many sovereign states Russia butts up against and tell me that Russian troops are not in proximity to those borders.

Lord Egbut

Traditionally, in the US elections they field more than one candidate,

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... they do in Russia too ... but get too popular and 'things' happen.