Monday, March 26, 2018


Mark Mitchell, National Party Shadow Minister for Defence and Justice, is invited to meet with Winston First backbench MP Jenny Marcroft who said she had been instructed to tell him that government support for the Mahurangi River Restoration Project in his electorate was contingent on his ending his advocacy for it and further that if the money was granted from Shane Jones' Provincial Growth Fund they did not want Paul Goldsmith, National's Shadow Regional Development Minister, questioning the Minister about it and further still, that they were not happy about his Mitchell's exposing Ron Mark's rorting of NZDF assets for his personal use.

A little time later 'she' sent Mitchell a text message inviting him to forget the conversation ever took place.

Winston Peters in a statement denied any Ministerial involvement in the matter and said he had directed Marcroft to apologise to Mitchell.     We are bound to accept his word as we all know WRP is an honorable man.  Two scenarios then present #1 that Marcroft was directed to do what she did by Fletcher Tabuteau, the newly installed Deputy Leader, or by Clayton Mitchell, their Whip or #2 she went completely off the reservation and acted alone.    If  you apply the civil standard of proof being the balance of probabilities #1 sticks out like dog balls.

Whatever, it is not a good look.   Trying to silence an Opposition Mp doing his job by threatening to withdraw government funding from a project in his electorate unless he stopped doing his job.     NZ First drew on legislation in force in Zimbabwe to try and ram through his waka jumping legislation.   Now they are doing what Mulgabe did to try and stifle (buy off) opposition MPs.    Both are equally abhorent in a functioning democracy.

Question time in Parliament should be fascinating.   Methinks the Speaker will be hard at it having to invoke his 'witless' protection programme.

p.s.   The word around the traps in Wellington is that the Green Party rank and file have forced the Green's caucus to reconsider their support for the waka jumping legislation.    If true all kudos to grassroots Green supporters.   Less (but still some) to the Green MPs ... better late than never.



Nick K said...

Marcroft approached Mark Mitchell, an ex cop and security consultant in the Middle East, and tried to blackmail him!?

Is there a limit to their stupidity?

I'd love the media to investigate this and discover she was under orders from Tracey Martin. That would make not only my day, but my century.

Anonymous said...

Mugabe never had to "buy off" politicians of any colour he just had them "sorted".

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Nick .... You're sooooo right. This is sooooo stupidly bizarre on sooooo many levels as to make Inspector Clouseau blush with embarrassment.

What Winston First would have you believe ... newbie MP Jenny Marcroft woke up one morning after a restless night tortured by the fact the Winston First is polling around the moe and the realisation if that continues there won't be a trough for her to snout from. She decides the best way forward is to put the hard word on Mark Mitchell that government support for the Mahurangi River Restoration Project which he has long championed was contingent on his butting out of the project. That would open the door for Minister Tracey Martin who also stood in Rodney (came third, 24,759 votes behind Mitchell) to take the kudos; help her to win the seat in 2020 and. more importantly, get Marcroft into Anne Martin's (Tracy Martin's mother) good books. Anne Martin is of course the NZ First Party President and, as such, and along with WRP has the final say in where Marcroft is placed in their List rankings.

And if you believe that scenario then I have a bridge over the Auckland harbour to sell you going 'cheep'.

So, Marcroft does the deed and tries to blackmail Mitchell. That was dumb; dumber still that she did not realize (or chose to ignore) that Mitchell was a no-nonsense multi-millionaire ex cop who made his fortune as a hostage negotiator in Iraq where he regularly ate the Marcrofts of this world for breakfast.

Having delivered the message and being told by Mitchell she had one hour to get the Minister who used her as his/her poodle to ring Mitchell and explain she realised the whole thing had turned to custard. Marcroft panicked and when you panic you do stupid things ... she texted Mitchell and asked him to forget the conversation had ever happened. Bad move ... texts create a trail. Mitchell released the text to the media. From thereon in NZ First was donkey do in trying to explain it away.

Sorry Winston ... the Marcroft acted independently version doesn't wash. She is Rotorua born and bred. She probably doesn't know where the Rodney electorate is let alone know anything of the Mahurangi River Restoration project. She had to be acting at the behest of a Minister(s) ... either Martin or Jones with a little bit of Ron Mark thrown into the mix for good measure ... delivered either directly or indirectly through their Deputy Leader or Whip.

This is a clusterf**k for Winston First who will of course deny any knowledge of it and berate the media for beating up on a non-story that is 'demonstrably and palpably false' (to borrow WRP's standard retort when confronted with an awkward truth).


Gerald said...

"Mugabe never had to "buy off" politicians of any colour he just had them "sorted".

He's just parroting.

"This is Zimbabwe politics, not New Zealand politics," said Mitchell

Noel said...

Nick said "...tried to blackmail him!?"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This all just goes to prove all journalists (and ex-journalists) arn't as smart as they think they are. Because that's what they keep telling us on radio and TV, and that the CoL is working for NZ, and they never tell lies! Lols.

HaHa - she and Curran fighting in the race to be first dumped from the pack of fools.

My advice to Marcroft - avoid dark alleyways and pin-striped Luigis for a few years.


The Veteran said...

Gueez Gerald ... lightweight apologist for the COL. Is THAT the best you can do .... accuse Egbut of parroting. Sheesh, and while he's one of yours I would never accuse Egbut of parroting ... he's his own man in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

BTW Jenny - it's not too late to vote against the waka jumping legislation. Else you may find you are the first casualty.

Must not embarrass the drunken dwarf - first rule of Winston First.


Noel said...

I'm surprised Mitchell been an ex cop didn't review the Crimes Act and lodge a blackmail complaint?

The Veteran said...

Noel ... I'm not. The matter is best dealt with as a Breech of Parliamentary Privilege in terms of Section 409 (1)(b) and/or (c) of Standing Orders ... Contempt of the House.

409 (1) The House may treat as contempt any act or omission which - (b) obstructs or impedes any member or officer of the House in the discharge of the member's or officer's duty or (c) has a tendency, directly or indirectly, to produce such a result.

The powers of the Privileges Committees are absolute. The can censure or suspend a member.

Guess you will know in 30 minutes time whether Mitchell is going down that track.

Alloytoo said...

I think National should ask each and every NZFirst minister whether they put her up to it or knew about it? Get that on record.

Right now Marcroft is either toast, or she has a minister by the sensitive bits.

Now the question is, as Mitchell so rightly addressed: Which Minister?

The Veteran said...

Noel ... I have it confirmed that National has lodged a breech of privilege with the Speaker. It will be interesting to see how Mallard deals with it. Methinks urgent discussions are taking place between Mr Speaker and WRP .... oooops, shouldn't have said that as we all know the Speaker is completely impartial in these matters.

Noel said...

"Hon Paula Bennett: Does he believe his actions and those of other Ministers have met the bar set in 2.57 of the Cabinet Manual, "

Is 2.57 a part of Section 409?

The Veteran said...

Noel ... the Cabinet Manual is distinct from Standing Orders and applies only to Ministers. Marcroft ain't a Minister. She (and indeed all members, including ministers) are subject to S409.