Thursday, March 1, 2018


Less than week ago and with much blowing of trumpets and mutual backslapping the Hon Shane Jones announced the first tranche of taxpayer handouts directed at provincial New Zealand.    Yesterday the gummit was on the back foot with Prime Minister Ardern admitting it wasn't a good look the revelation that Gerald Gallagher, had links to 'Renew Energy' ... a company touted to receive a $350,00 grant in a waste to energy scheme.  

Gallagher was of course found guilty by the State Services Commission of serious misconduct as a senior manager with the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority with his actions referred to the SFO for further investigation.     That grant is now on hold ... as it should be but clearly, in the rush for the gummit (read Jones as the self touted billian dollar man) to be seen to be doing something NOW, due diligence went by the board and Ardern and Jones wear the can.

In a feeble attempt at to divert attention from the stuff-up Deputy Prime Minister Peters claimed that the Company had already received a $50,000 grant from National for a feasibility study.   What he didn't say was that payment had been approved 31 August 2016 with the feasibility study completed before the SSC Report and before the SFO had even started their investigations. 

So, National washed their hands of the project once the SFO had become involved only to see the new gummit pick it up and run with it with the SFO investigation extant.    Nice one Stu.

Then to cap it all orf Mark Mitchell made mincemeat of Ron Mark over his support for (or opposition to) the Ardern ordered Solicitor-General's Inquiry into the allegations of a NZDF cover-up in Afghanistan over the incident detailed in the Hager and  Stephenson book 'Hit and Run''.    Mark was all over the place and it was noticeable that none of his ministerial colleagues leapt to his defence ... that, coupled with his losing the Deputy Leadership of his Party, and it looked a case of 'Dead Man Walking'.

p.s.    For the nice Mr Jones.   Perhaps you might get orf your butt (or tear yourself away from the latest raft of porn movies) and inquire why Transit NZL is to take six weeks to fix the Lemons Hill slip on SH11 linking Kawakawa to Paihia.   It's the main tourist route and, until fixed, locals and tourists have to take a 50k diversion through Moerewa and Pakaraka.   Nah, on second thoughts handing out taxpayer funding to dodgy people is more in your line.


Wilbur said...

It's just as well that bald-headed fool Joyce kept is mouth shut today then.

Anonymous said...

Cyclone Gita is not a political entity........

Who's watch did the BBC handout happen on?

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Own goal guys ... yup, BBC did received grants from Callaghan Innovation supporting R&D and yup, this happened under a National gummit. But R&D was sold under a Labour gummit when they decided the business outlook wuz bleak and decided to cut and run.

To link those payouts to the Renew Energy f****p is nonsensical. The Callaghan Innovation Fund support was above board and not even 'you' would suggest that any of the BBC management was under investigation by the SFO ... are you?

Egbut ... thank you for the PR. Those of us who live there know that. Masterly inactivity continues apace.

Anonymous said...

Veteran...think tactically. As proved by the Kaikoura slips they can only be cleared by advancing on a narrow front. Your firepower is reduced to the lead section. Flanking is out of the question as the tanks get bogged.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... agreed but one man with a wheelbarrow and a shovel doesn't cut the mustard ... ok, a certain amount of hyperbole in that but .....