Tuesday, March 20, 2018


with 76.7% of the vote on a 67.4% turnout.   His nearest rival, Pavel Grudinun, standing as a Communist, garnered just 13%.

Was the election fair and free ... hardly.   Putin's real rival, Alexei Navalny, the Leader of the Progress Party, was barred from standing in the election by Russia's Central Election Commission.

That aside and apart from some reports of ballot box stuffing by Putin supporters (why they thought they needed to do that fair escapes me) it is clear that Putin enjoys a clear electoral mandate.   The Russian people have traditionally welcomed 'strong' leaders (with a 'touch' of ruthlessness for good measure) and Putin certainly fits that category. 

The 67.4% turnout compares favourably with the 55.5% turnout in the US Presidential election where, while they had a real choice, many Americans voted with their feet and called it a plague on both the major parties.

Here is little ole NZL we managed a respectable 80% turnout but nothing is ever going to rival North Korea where in the 2014 elections they recorded a 99.97% turnout (albeit there was only one name on the ballot paper for each constituency which is shown to you for you to drop untouched into the ballot box.   Should you want to cross out the name you have to ask for if to be given to you ... suffice to say there ain't too many requests). 


David said...

Why the need to stuff ballot boxes? Simple pimple; Russians stayed away in droves and they needed to stuff to get the turnout up, otherwise Putin would have looked sad with only a 30% turnout.

Andrei said...

"Putin's real rival, Alexei Navalny,..."

Yeah sure

The funny thing is if you actually knew his political views you wouldn't like him - in recent times he has played to the Western media and his past positions have been airbrushed away

But in the Russian heartland almost no one has even heard of him

The Veteran said...

Andrei .... and of course we can only wonder why since he constantly featured on the Russian State media ... cough, choke.

Anonymous said...

Darn it, its happened again. Putin & Russians interfering in elections.
Is there no end to their brazenness?


Andrei said...

You watch "Russian State media" on a regular basis Veteran?

And you are familiar with the issues that concern the citizens if Rostov, Vladikavkaz, Makhachkala. Volagagrad Kazan, Perm...

It never occurs to you that VVP's popularity might be because he is an effective leader

And the fact he is an effective leader who can outsmart his Western counterparts might be the reason for the hostility he receives from the Western elites who particular don't like alpha males

Which is why we have an overgrown schoolgirl for our Prime Minister of course!

Andrei said...


The Veteran said...

Andrei ... calm down. I acknowledged in my post the fact that Putin enjoys considerable popular support among the general populace. Stalin too enjoyed wide support (except from those who crossed him in any way, shape or form). Just don't understand why his supporters thought it necessary to stuff ballot boxes. That's not me saying that ... Pavel Grudinin, the Communist Party candidate for President called it the 'filthiest' election in recent times and agreed there had been voting irregularities.

Andrei said...

I can assure you I quite chill Veteran - laughing really

Pavel Grudinin is pissed because he lost a bet and has to shave off his mustasche :)

I'm not sure Pavel Grudinin "called it the 'filthiest' election in recent times" he did say there were irregularities but he also said that there was absolutely no doubt Putin won

The last American elections were full of irregularities and extremely dirty - indeed there is not even a consistant procedure for voting nationwide, methedologies for testing whether people have voted in multiple states, nor even clarity about which state some people should be voting in

Of course if the videos which purport to show ballot stuffing are indeed that there is no guarantee the bogus ballots even went to VVP - maybe they went to Pavel Grudinin. Who knows? Not you, not me and they may actually show something else quite innocent - no way of knowing

Over all VVP won and there is no doubt about that

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... no great argument by me re ballot box stuffing. Indeed, I am reminded that in the 1960 US Presidential election which Kennedy won from Nixon in a very close race Mayor Daley of Chicago (a Democrat machine politician if ever there was one) extorted his precinct captains to 'got out there and vote early and vote often'. He then held back the counting of votes in Chicago until the upstate vote was in (it traditionally favoured the Republicans) when he knew how many votes he needed for the Democrats to carry the State.

The upshot was that Kennedy won Illinois by less than 10,000 votes (out of 4.475m cast) and took the states 27 Electoral College votes. Nation wide Kennedy won with 49.72% of the votes to Nixon's 49.55% however he (Kennedy)won the Electoral College vote by a greater margin 303 to 218

Judge Holden said...

Mighty Putin is mighty alpha gorilla who ride horsey with no shirt on. All other leaders are little girls! All hail mighty gorilla or more journalist be murder! Right Andrei? Fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the strong leader took a newly democratic country with western investment lined up and a bright economic future and totally fucked it up by invading a bit of dirt that wasn't actually Russia's which invited sanctions as he knew it would. The Russians love being the underdog and like the Irish the deathwish is not far away. The UK fits into Russia about 100 times yet it's economy is far bigger, Russia's economy is static and it's all the west's fault.

Outside the main cities the populous are rather like 1930's USA implicitly believing in all the the White house/Kremlin press releases. They are unsophisticated to the point of being enthralled.

Putin plays chess very well and is always three moves ahead of his adversaries which leads me to believe the gas attack's true agenda has not been realised. The Ukrainian pilot that Putin's Govt blamed for shooting down MH17 has just shot himself in the head......obviously remorse....yeah right. We are in for rough ride now that Putin has achieved this overwhelming mandate.

Lord Egbut