Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I make it a practice to watch the valedictory statements of all ministers and ex-ministers from both sides of the House.    Those, along with member's maiden speeches, tend to give you the measure of the person.  Maiden speeches and the member almost always talks about their upbringing, their hopes and dreams.   Valedictories are more reflective and most are surprisingly honest.

Yesterday I watched Steven Joyce's valedictory.   It was Joyce at his best.    Certainly reflective, measured and strong, punctuated by dashes of humour and touching hearing a father talking about his daughter and autistic son.

And at the end of it the whole House bar one stood and applauded.   The Pinstriped Dwarf remained glued to his seat and only reluctantly stood after it became obivious he sat alone.  

You have no f*****g class Mr Peters, no f*****g class at all and when you depart from parliament (with a wooden stake driven through your heart) a fitting epitaph would be if members boycotted your valedictory and instead gathered at the Backbencher across the road to toast your departure ... but they won't because they possess something you lost a long time ago (assuming you ever had them at all) .... called manners. 


macdoctor said...

I would prefer that they all sat through his valedictory speech holding large placards with the word "No"...

Anonymous said...

I rue the day Joyce decided to leave. He was my first candidate as National Leader with Judith Collins a close second. Good luck to him. He's a successful, decent guy who will continue to be successful and decent.


George said...

Did you know that Peters is a part time grave digger?
At the moment he is concentrating on completing his own grave and epitaph..
As he has no shovel to accomplish the task he has cleverly used his mouth.
It takes longer, leaves a bad taste in every-ones mouth but all look forward to its completion and an end to a sad bad mad period