Wednesday, March 21, 2018


For whatever reason I get to travel the country a fair bit.    I can say without doubt my least favorite New Zealand city is Auckland (characterised by traffic, beggars and crime) followed by Hamilton (Cowtown - with a derelict city centre) followed by Christchurch (nice place until destroyed by the earthquakes and only slowly getting its act together).

Dunedin has a certain charm ... cute, quirky and quaint but bloody cold on a bad day.

But without doubt Wellington takes the cake as the best of our five main centres.   Compact, vibrant ... but gueez city fathers, please get your act together and sort out the Victoria tunnel.   Problem for Wgtn is that one day it's going to be hit by the REALLY big one.

Best provincial cities (in no particular order) are New Plymouth, Tauranga and Nelson with Oamaru (not a city) getting an honorable mention.   

Paihia (which is not a bad place) is overrun with refugees from Auckland who (like the writer) saw the light and decided to quit while we stood had a life to enjoy.    Great golfing, great dining, great scenery ... now all we need is for SH11 (Lemons Hill) to re-open.


Anonymous said...

My favourite view of Wellington is over the stern.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I was in Wellington for a day last week and I can't remember a day there when the weather has not been superb. But then again, I don't go there very often.

Alan Hancox said...

Dunedin is no longer the 5th main city, it was surpassed by Tauranga some years ago. I lived in Auckland for many years but shifted to Tauranga and have not regretted it. Lacks a bit of infrastructure because of fast growth but has the most annual sunshine hours of any of the main Cities. Beats New Plymouth for climate and beaches. New Plymouth beaches are crap.

pdm said...

Time for you to visit Hastings and Napier Vet.

I will shout you a beer or two when you do.

Anonymous said...

No sympathy for Flat city then?

Lord Egbut