Wednesday, March 14, 2018


The classic ploy used by pedophiles since for ever to attempt to hide the appalling degrading events that would be catastrophic for the perpetrator if exposed to sunlight.

A group of young labour attending a "summer camp" would naturally have most,  if not all,  with the same dewy eyed hopes as young rugby mad kids have in aspiring to become All Blacks, a dream of becoming a person of note in the NZLP tribe.
How likely then that a cover-up could succeed for over a month, even a retard might just work out that making a fuss could be the end of any personal political aspirations however unlikely in reality.

An oft quoted maxim that a cover up will always become a graver problem than the original offence.

It is almost embarrassing to compare and contrast the MSM behaviours over Key pulling a waitress' ponytail in an ill advised act of stupid, or Phill Twyford's staffer who stole thousands of dollars while having access to the Now Minister's credit cards with 'campgate'
The bigly Law firm Russell McVeigh had contretemps over harassment of interns widely panned leading to calls for banning the prestigious firm from Universities and a review of the entire intern system, yet the NZLP is seen by too many otherwise smart people as somehow exempt from  sanction over this latest exposure of serious criminal offending way beyond mere harassment.
An oft claimed qualifier is "NO ONE MADE A COMPLAINT TO POLICE". What utter bovine excrement, Police do not need a complaint, they only need to become "AWARE" that a criminal offence 'has' occurred. That said it may also need some cojones to risk what sadly has become a hierarchy too amenable to being subject to political considerations in such sensitive matters.

Three 16 year olds and a fourth still not yet 16 were allegedly assaulted by a 20 year old male when he groped the alcohol exposed young people by reaching into their underwear, at a minimum that seems plenty of cause to at least make some inquiries. An event that had a parade of socialist elites attending to impart their views on socialist theory could be intoxicating enough for most starry eyed acolytes, yet it is alleged that some serious alcohol supplies were present and that alone might just require some questions to be addressed by Mr Plod,  quite apart from the clear and still not denied sexual offences

The secret is now shared by too many one month later,  new wall paper or a coat of whitewash is not gunna work.
That the mob managed to avoid serious trouble when Darren Hughes had a naked man running away from his Lodgings in the rooster crowing hours, escape criminal inquiries by a combination of cover up and obfuscation that had suspicions of police collusion might have been achieved under the very controlled Clark regime but under the "Play Center" level rules guiding the current government, it is already a failed contrivance.

"Hello hello hello what have we ere then?
Trev the "muss" might need extra life jackets on hand or will the witless protection program risk a shortage of available beds next Tuesday afternoon?

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