Saturday, March 17, 2018

Friday's Fulminations

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Andrei said...

доброе утро - Let's start today as we mean to continue

Andrei said...

Well knock me over with a feather that link dinna work - maybe this one will

Anonymous said...

Gosh..that was so convincing I'm off to join the state sponsored Russian Mercenaries in Syria, if only I had seen that last year.

Andrei said...

You'ld be a humourless fellow, anon @ 8:10 am - Apspergers?

David said...

Always knew WA was a long way behind the rest of OZ, but didn't realise it was a full 24 hours.

Gerald said...

Nah wouldn't advise that.

Andrei said...

I'd take that with a grain of salt Gerald

It is true that about a month ago a move by the Syrian army to resecure an oil facility in Deir al-Zor was blocked by a massive American Airstrike and the Pentagon when it announced this operation justified it to protect American service personel who were at that facility

Which begs the question Why are American Military occupying a Syrian Oil Facility? Which of course is a gross violation of international law!!!

But as to the Russian Mercenaries from "Wagner" - well I have my doubts

Wagner is a Germanic name a REFRL's propganda piece on them fills it out with Germanic neopagan symbols rather than Slavic neopagan ones

In Ukraine Slavic neopagan symbolism is observed in the guys fighting in the East for the Quisling Government, the notorious Azov battalion for example

On the other hand those fighting on the so called "pro Russian" side look more to Cossack symbolism which is heavily Orthodox Christian in its ethos and symbolism

There are however a number of Chechen volunteers in the Syrian Arab Army (Government) so it is conceivable that some of the dead Russians are Chechens.

Be all that is it may I'm sure you would be appalled if the American Government was blocked from resecuring a Texan oil facility illegally occupied by Mexicans (say) supported by Russian soldiers illegally in the USA and protected by Russian airpower

Anonymous said...

Andrie you are so full of disinformation that you squeak when you walk....that there is an oil "facility" by the city comes as no surprise, there are oil "facilities" near every city.......–17)


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