Friday, March 2, 2018

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Anonymous said...

It seems Breibart and the rest of the right wing media are asleep at the wheel....the missed this little gem that will make America great again..

"Ford Motor Company annnounced this afternoon that it was cutting 35,000 jobs worldwide, closing five plants and eliminating four models.

The job cuts include 22,000 in North America. Plants to be closed are in Edison, New Jersey; Oakville, Ontario, Canada; Brook Park, Ohio, near Cleveland; Hazelwood, Missouri, near St. Louis; and the Vulcan Forge plant in Dearborn."

There is enormous uncertainty and sense of things unravelling along with a yearning for leadership in both the US and the UK.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

Ford cuts 35,000 jobs worldwide
AP Friday 11 January 2002 00:00 GMT

LOL Egnut

In related news I hear Hitler just invaded Poland

Johno said...

LOL! Now that, Egbut, is embarrassing. Perhaps Milt could spare your blushes and delete your post for you.

Anonymous said...

So the US is not losing 22,000 Jobs in the auto industry after the Mangoes bellicose statements?......golly Andrei you sound that you don't want America to be great again.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Good link...laff my socks off.

David said...

Gotta feel sorry for Commander Heel Spurs, all his friends have now left the WH and all he is left with is a useless daughter and a corrupt SiL, and even the SiL is almost out the door, his access to sensitive information revoked, leaving Commander Heel Spurs with no one who can read and then draw pictures for him.

The noose is tightening, the FBI is getting closer each day to a raft of prosecutions that will see Trump's circle imprisoned. Trump himself will be deposed after the mid-terms tilt the balance back towards decent and ethical politics.

Trump's Basket of Deplorables will tear their hair, gnash their teeth and howl at the moon, but the edifice will tumble around them and the decent, the educated, the elite, will be back in charge.

The Veteran said...


Andrei said...

"...but the edifice will tumble around them and the decent, the educated, the elite, will be back in charge"

Since when gave the decent, the educated been in charge of the USA, not since George Washington (who was a slave owner by the way)

American politics is pathological David and Washington DC is na cesspit inhabited by deceitful snakes

And when these creatures of the sewers get exposed they distract people of low mental cognition such as yourself by pointing the finger a Russia which you swallow hook line and sinker

Gerald said...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gotta feel sorry for Heckle and Jeckle.

Shelldrake said...

Have just watched a recording of the Bill English valedictorian speech.
Bill will be sadly missed. It was one of the best I have heard delivered by a NZ Politician. Certainly better than anything Lange, Clark, Bolder or Holyoake or Ardern could have delivered.

A great balance of personal history, family, his values and achievements. The strength of delivery, emotion at times, humour and relevance made it a great speech from an unfortunately underated politician.

It would behove politics present and prospective of all persuasions to listen and look at it carefully.

Anonymous said...

Andrei......'Twas Faceache and Google that fingered the Russki's......proof positive of RT interference. I wont supply a link because obviously you have difficulty in absorbing truth. Vlad's latest bit of sabre rattling is neither helpful or true.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Andrei......if you can't trust the Moscow Times then you can't trust anyone.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

Oh Egbut you continue to demonstrate your abysmal ignorance

The "Moscow Times" is a English language newspaper in Moscow with a tiny circulation - it is run by Dutchmen and presumably finded by the NED or the CIA

RT is a TV News outlet - it is the Russian version of the English BBC

Facebook is a social media platform with subscribers across the globe including Russia, the USA, Australia and New Zealand - Hell Egbut there are even people from Burkina Faso and Western Sahara who have accounts and post things.

It is actually a wasteland filled woth nonsense like puppy videos and female skate board fails along with people expressing political opinions

You yourself have posted anti Trump things on this site, maybe facebook as well if you have an account which makes you as equally culpable of "meddling" on American politics as any accused Russian

Indeed Bernie Sanders has been hammered for receiving support from the ALP

The FBI can produce as many absurd indictments as they like for Russian activities on Facebook, the truth is these indicted people apart from 3 of them have never set foot in the USA and never will so these laughable charges (read the indictment) will never be tested in open court - a fact which the FBI relies upon when bringing them

I'll tell you what Egbut I challenge you to get a Vkontakte (the Russian equivalent to Facebook) account and use it to organize a protest in Vladikavkaz - if you succeed I will take begin to this nonsense more seriously

Until then phttt

Andrei said...

". Vlad's latest bit of sabre rattling is neither helpful or true."

If you were to listen to the entirity of what was said you would know that this is a reponse to the USA's unilateral withdrawal from the 1972 ABM treaty and its new doctrines on the use of Nuclear weapons.

Actually Putin has been warning the West about the dangers of the path being taken since 2008, warnings that have gone unheeded or mocked

Now he has your attention

Psycho Milt said...

RT is a TV News outlet - it is the Russian version of the English BBC

In some alternative universe in which the UK has no rule of law and is run by an authoritarian kleptocracy, maybe. In this universe, it's the Russian version of Xinhua News Agency.

Anonymous said...

Andrie.....yeah right

Now lets talk about creditable political opposition to Putin,...(sound of gun shots) sorry lets move on. The only thing that was mutually beneficial during the cold war was the hyping up of the other sides capabilities.

To keep the each sides population in a state of fear and the military/industrial ie. the rich and powerful, were kept in in clover. When the Soviet Union collapsed all the fearsome weapons and state of the art aircraft were crap and made out inferior materials. The US military knew this but hey, lets not spoil the party.

Lord Egbut