Wednesday, March 7, 2018


St Jacinda of Mt Albert or Pope Bridges 1 of Tauranga (or even Beelzebub 11 of St Mary's Bay).

Arise 'Sir' Ross Taylor ... you're the real deal.

Anyone who thought NZL, at 2 for 2 after three overs, wuz going to win is a liar unto himself.


Anonymous said...

Pearls amongst swine Veteran....ODI's are never consistent and no true indication of talent........oh for the days of leather on willow when Blowers waxed lyrical over the quality of the Vin Blanc and the perfect Newlands pitch and game that that lasted four days.

I once went to a monologue by Blofield in Malvern and was surprised to hear that Ian Fleming named Bonds villain after his father who were close friends.

Lord Egbut of Bunbury

The Veteran said...

Well 'Bumble' was waxing lyrical yesterday. BTW did you ever see that delightful piece of TV commentary when he completely lost it with the camera focused on a nubile young lady holding a hot dog that contained and extremely large sausage ... test match cricket too.

J Bloggs said...

That is the best ODI innings I've had the pleasure to watch since Ross Taylor took apart Shoiab Akhtar's bowling in the 2011 World cup.

A knighthood would be well deserved