Monday, March 5, 2018


I couple of days ago I completed 'our' census forms on-line.   Pretty simple and no beefs with that.

One of the questions asked 'where will you be on the night of 6 March and again, no problem.   But what happens to a person who dies between filling out the form and 6 March because surely he/she ain't going to tell 'them'.    I guess its possible Census NZ can factor in some sort of statistical discount but I wonder.

But what really had me excised is that there don't appear to be any census enumerators doing the rounds as previously.    Sheesh, over in the Hokianga many people don't have access to computers and, without putting too fine a point on it, can't read and/or can't be bothered.   There will be any numbers of Hokiangas up and down the country.

Now perhaps I'm missing something and someone will put me right.


Noel said...

We had an enumerator visit here three days ago. Code arrived in the mail the day after.
They have the Hokianga hold outs covered.
"Census staff would then visit Northland households that had not completed the Census in the weeks after Census Day with paper copies and computer tablets to help those people fill it in."

The Veteran said...

Noel ... thank you. As I said, no enumerators here ... just the code in the mail.

Any idea how they measure houses used as holiday homes with the owner absent o'seas?

Noel said...

Noel said...

Sorry for that.
Unoccupied dwellings are counted including those where the resident is away.

Gerald said...

Its a tally of people in NZ on the night. Overseas yah not here.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... nah it is not. There is a separate census covering dwellings so just how do they collect the data on empty dwellings?