Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Marx Bros And Their Sister

Adolf has been taken aback, nay - thunderstruck, at the speed, extent and sheer stupidity of the shambles which is this shambolic Coalition of Losers.

Ardern - get a special committee to answer any question apart from 'What did you have for breakfast?'  (She must be a Presbyterian.  We Presbyterians always have a committee answer any questions.)

Curran/Hirschfelt - there must be a hell of a lot more going on here than meets the eye.

Twyford - a born fool who every time he says anything makes a born fool look intellectual.

Jones - will fly Air New Zealand to The Chathams and Pitcairn.

Peters - as if the old crook didn't know about the blackmail fiasco.

Happy days!    These guys are funnier than the Marx Bros.


The Veteran said...

Small correction Adolf ... Air NZ doesn't fly to the Chathams. To go there it's either Chatham's Air or RMPAF ... Ron Mark's Private Air Farce.

No-one but no-one flys to Pitcairn ... no airstrip. This from some-one who was once in line for the job of Deputy Governor of Pitcairn albeit resident in Auckland (managing their office there) but, as I found that my six monthly visits to Pitcairn were going to be challenging with Saturday entertainment limited to a prayer meeting in the Seventh Day Adventist Church with the rest of the time to be spent trying to adjudicate on who was doing what to to whom and how and why, I decide to exercise the judgement of Solomon and give it the flick.

Johno said...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thanks Vet.

I did know those things but I expect Jones doesn't.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I read this blog is because of Fiinks rapier like wit, cutting edge political critique and grasp of spoonerisms.

Betty Swollocks

pdm said...

Therefore the blog and Adolf in particular are doing a fine job by keeping you off the streets.