Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A sign of things to come

In the last two days we have discovered that government Ministers tried to use influence around funding of a project to persuade a member of parliament to stand aside on the same matter he was lobbying for; and then a government Minister misled the House on a meeting with a journalist for the state-owned radio channel, resulting in the journalist losing her job.

The Prime Minister has rolled over on both matters. 

She needed to assert her authority and fire someone.

But we all know that won't be a NZ First minister, and if she fires a Labour minister but not a NZ First minister questions will indeed be asked as to why the favouritism.

Disgraceful doesn't do it justice.


Andrei said...

You can almost feel sorry for Jacinda Ardern - her life's ambition realized but only by making a deal with the devil

Now she is 36? weeks pregnant and leading an unstable coalition which is a little like herding cats

Anonymous said...

No sympathy at all Andrei - she sold her soul to the devil himself in the pursuit of power, and deserves all that's coming to her. It's not like Winston had a record of loyalty to justify her choice. Shameful behaviour we've seen this last few weeks from her. Feel sorry for the baby though - they will have to hide all of Mummy's history from it.

And Andrew Little will be thanking his lucky stars not to be in the firing line.


Anonymous said...

National must be also thanking their lucky stars that the corrupt Peters went with Labour. Bullet dodged. At this rate, one term-govt and Labour sent back to Opposition for hopefully a decade or two!! Ardern though has been the author of her own misfortune to a great extent.


Psycho Milt said...

You do have to wonder how Curran managed to become and remain a cabinet minister. She has a history of incompetence and bad judgement going back to the days of the Red Alert blog, but this is the most egregious example yet. It's like watching Nick Smith in the previous government - you can only assume there's some excellent but performance-unrelated reason why they're still in the job.

The Veteran said...

PM ... re Curran, uptick, uptick, uptick.