Saturday, March 31, 2018


The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from generation to generation, says that when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.

In government however, a whole range of far more advanced strategies are often employed, such as:

1. Buying a stronger whip.

2. Changing riders.

3. Threatening the horse with termination.

4. Appointing a committee to study the horse.

5. Visiting other sites to see how others ride dead horses.

6. Lowering the standards so that dead horses can be included.

7. Re-classifying the dead horse as “living, impaired”.

8. Hiring outside contractors to ride the dead horse.

9. Harnessing several dead horses together to increase the speed.

10. Attempting to mount multiple dead horses in hope that one of them will spring to life.

11. Providing additional funding and/or training to increase the dead horse’s performance.

12. Doing a productivity study to see if lighter riders would improve the dead horse’s performance.

13. Declaring that as the dead horse does not have to be fed, it is less costly, carries lower overhead, and therefore contributes substantially more to the bottom line of the economy than do some other horses.

14. Re-writing the expected performance requirements for all horses.

15. Promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position.

Hat tip ... PM of New Zealand 

Friday, March 30, 2018


Best "red" head I have seen  apart from club walls and other "mine is bigger than yours" options.
Using the wedding ring test actually 20 points.
Apologies for the photography but time was of the essence.

Nothing farmed for that guy, just out looking for action in the roar.


It's a fair question given St Jacinda's backing of her errant minister and the lies she told over the Carol Hirschfeld affair.    Sorry Jacinda, saying Curran made a mistake and should have been a little more transparent just doesn't cut the mustard.

Why? ... because Curran acted in defiance of the Cabinet Manual and that is a sacking offence.

Specifically, clause 3.81 of the manual states "If an employee wishes to communicate privately with the Minister about a matter concerning the agency by which he or she is employed, the Minister (my emphasis) should ensure the employee has first raised the matter with the agency's chief executive".

The fact that Curran sought the meeting (and the trail of text messages confirms that) compounds the offence.  

So again I ask the question ... what hold does Curran have over the Prime Minister?

Sheesh ... having the Prime Minister beholden to her Minister of Foreign Affairs is bad enough.   If he pulls the rug she's a gone-burger ... but one of her own Labour Party Ministers!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, March 29, 2018


St Jacinda's naive claim that there were no Russian spies in NZL to kick out shows a Prime Minister out of her depth.    That naivety was best summed up by security analyst Paul Buchanan who said this .... "(it was an) unbelievably stupid thing to say and it has made New Zealand a laughing stock (around the world)".

Paul Buchanan is of course no member of the GRWC.   His blog, Kiwipolitico, positions itself on the left side of the political divide.   Nevertheless, his background and experience in intelligence matters is such that his views have to be accorded a certain respect.   In this instance he's telling it how it is.

All of us who have been privileged to have held a red (diplomatic) passport know that part of our brief was to report back any conversation with a foreign national of substance where they spoke positively about New Zealand or alternatively, negatively about their own country or, more importantly, their own government.   That information was passed back for analysis and possible follow-up by the intelligence community.

So why it might be possible to claim Russia has no undeclared spy assets in the country it ignores the fact the the job of every diplomat is (to a greater or lessor degree) to gather intelligence about the country they are accredited to.    We do it, 'they' do it.

So good ole little NZL stands alone from its traditional allies and is being pilloried for it.   Our Foreign Minister is clearly beholden to his masters at 57 Messines Road having been wined and dined there (but only to excess).   You can fairly ask what hold do they have over him?    What-ever, the result is that he has presuaded the Prime Minister that it's not in our best interests to side with our friends and allies in following their example and expelling Russian diplomats in retaliation for the Skripal poisonings.  

Not in our best interests.   Tell you what Noel.   The odds on NZL getting an exemption from the newly imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports into the USA just got a hell of a lot longer. 


From the Wall St Journal:-

Tells you everything you need to know about journalists and editors.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


TV is being saturated with adverts calling on Maori to exercise their vote on the Maori option ... to go on the Maori on General roll.

The adverts are heavily saturated with Maori symbolism with a subliminal message that if you are Maori you should vote on the Maori roll.

Wonder why ... can it just be the Labour holds all the Maori seats?

No matter then that the majority of Maori choose to register on the General roll.

Marx Bros And Their Sister

Adolf has been taken aback, nay - thunderstruck, at the speed, extent and sheer stupidity of the shambles which is this shambolic Coalition of Losers.

Ardern - get a special committee to answer any question apart from 'What did you have for breakfast?'  (She must be a Presbyterian.  We Presbyterians always have a committee answer any questions.)

Curran/Hirschfelt - there must be a hell of a lot more going on here than meets the eye.

Twyford - a born fool who every time he says anything makes a born fool look intellectual.

Jones - will fly Air New Zealand to The Chathams and Pitcairn.

Peters - as if the old crook didn't know about the blackmail fiasco.

Happy days!    These guys are funnier than the Marx Bros.


I make it a practice to watch the valedictory statements of all ministers and ex-ministers from both sides of the House.    Those, along with member's maiden speeches, tend to give you the measure of the person.  Maiden speeches and the member almost always talks about their upbringing, their hopes and dreams.   Valedictories are more reflective and most are surprisingly honest.

Yesterday I watched Steven Joyce's valedictory.   It was Joyce at his best.    Certainly reflective, measured and strong, punctuated by dashes of humour and touching hearing a father talking about his daughter and autistic son.

And at the end of it the whole House bar one stood and applauded.   The Pinstriped Dwarf remained glued to his seat and only reluctantly stood after it became obivious he sat alone.  

You have no f*****g class Mr Peters, no f*****g class at all and when you depart from parliament (with a wooden stake driven through your heart) a fitting epitaph would be if members boycotted your valedictory and instead gathered at the Backbencher across the road to toast your departure ... but they won't because they possess something you lost a long time ago (assuming you ever had them at all) .... called manners. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


A media that obsesses about every breath Trump takes being a clincher for impeachment, tonight revealed one of their own, Carol Hirschfeld told porkies about a "casual and innocent post gym workout"  with minister of communications and wireless Clare Curran.
Result sword wound incurred in a fall, gone by lunchtime.
Meanwhile Teflon Curran is not even mentioned only identified as  nameless government minister even though her "opportunist" meeting with a significant Red Radio executive was actually diaried.
Oh I forgot it is different when the socialists do it.

Would someone point out to the biased an thereby badly corroded people masquerading as journalists, most punters can see they have no clothes.
Their incompetence is palpable.

With a policy declared to increase the funding for the wireless adjunct of the already well served NZLP into a fledgling TV network to ensure the propaganda will continue if some zealot should mercifully bring the terminal TV One the release euthanasia could bring by salescide.
A RNZ TV would always be safe from such traumatic death because no entity could buy it.
A sale could only happen if the price was one dollar and the government threw in a few million as a sweetener.

A sign of things to come

In the last two days we have discovered that government Ministers tried to use influence around funding of a project to persuade a member of parliament to stand aside on the same matter he was lobbying for; and then a government Minister misled the House on a meeting with a journalist for the state-owned radio channel, resulting in the journalist losing her job.

The Prime Minister has rolled over on both matters. 

She needed to assert her authority and fire someone.

But we all know that won't be a NZ First minister, and if she fires a Labour minister but not a NZ First minister questions will indeed be asked as to why the favouritism.

Disgraceful doesn't do it justice.


The media is agog with Stormy Daniels and her claim she had an affair with Trump before he became President.    Well, if true, at least it happened before he assumed office.    Not so in many other instances ... seems to go with the territory of being 'the man'. 

A short walk through history confined to just the US and UK and we come up with ...

President Roosevelt ... married to Eleanor.    Marguerite 'Missy' Lehand worked for FDR as his secretary.   She lived in the White House and  FDR altered his will to include her.   FDR's son Elliott later revealed that she and FDR had a long affair of which the family was aware at the time.

President Kennedy .... married to Jacqui.    Kennedy was a serial bonker of other women.    While President he had at least three affairs; with Marilyn Monroe ... ended shortly after her very sexy rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to the President at a Democrat fund raiser in Madison Square Gardens in 1962 when the gossip became too hot to handle; with Mimi Alford,  a 19 YO White House intern deflowered on Jacqui's bed and Judith Exner who had links to 'The Mob'.   Exner claimed he made her pregnant and she had an abortion.

President Bill Clinton ... married to 'her'.    Most famous affair was the Lewinsky scandal (what is it with White House interns) and best remembered for his statement 'I did not have sex with that woman'.    His predilection for 'the women' was best summed up by HRC when she said 'it's hard to keep an old dawg on the porch'.

Prime Minister David Lloyd George .... married to Margaret.   Gave rise to the old ditty 'Lloyd George knows my father, father knows Lloyd George repeated ad infinitum and sung to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers.    Said by one of his biographers to have fallen in love with different women at least three times a day.  His long time Mistress for thirty years was his secretary Francis Stevenson.   She lived with him in London leaving Margaret at home in his Cararvon Boroughs constituency.     I love this from Lord Kitchener who is said to have remarked early in WW1 that he tried to avoid sharing military secrets with the Cabinet as they would all tell their wives except for the PM (DLG) who would tell someones else's wife.

I'm sure our readership can come up with many more examples and that's why I find it hard to get unduly concerned over what Trump may or may not have done as a private citizen.

Monday, March 26, 2018


Mark Mitchell, National Party Shadow Minister for Defence and Justice, is invited to meet with Winston First backbench MP Jenny Marcroft who said she had been instructed to tell him that government support for the Mahurangi River Restoration Project in his electorate was contingent on his ending his advocacy for it and further that if the money was granted from Shane Jones' Provincial Growth Fund they did not want Paul Goldsmith, National's Shadow Regional Development Minister, questioning the Minister about it and further still, that they were not happy about his Mitchell's exposing Ron Mark's rorting of NZDF assets for his personal use.

A little time later 'she' sent Mitchell a text message inviting him to forget the conversation ever took place.

Winston Peters in a statement denied any Ministerial involvement in the matter and said he had directed Marcroft to apologise to Mitchell.     We are bound to accept his word as we all know WRP is an honorable man.  Two scenarios then present #1 that Marcroft was directed to do what she did by Fletcher Tabuteau, the newly installed Deputy Leader, or by Clayton Mitchell, their Whip or #2 she went completely off the reservation and acted alone.    If  you apply the civil standard of proof being the balance of probabilities #1 sticks out like dog balls.

Whatever, it is not a good look.   Trying to silence an Opposition Mp doing his job by threatening to withdraw government funding from a project in his electorate unless he stopped doing his job.     NZ First drew on legislation in force in Zimbabwe to try and ram through his waka jumping legislation.   Now they are doing what Mulgabe did to try and stifle (buy off) opposition MPs.    Both are equally abhorent in a functioning democracy.

Question time in Parliament should be fascinating.   Methinks the Speaker will be hard at it having to invoke his 'witless' protection programme.

p.s.   The word around the traps in Wellington is that the Green Party rank and file have forced the Green's caucus to reconsider their support for the waka jumping legislation.    If true all kudos to grassroots Green supporters.   Less (but still some) to the Green MPs ... better late than never.


Twyford's housing announcement is total bullshit

I can't take credit for the headline, nor the content of this post.  Matthew Hooton has done my work for me (on Facebook).

Hooton has spent just one hour crunching the numbers on Twyford's announcement, and has discovered that, on a number of scenarios, the development just cannot work.  If it does, the density will be greater than Manila, Mumbai and New York.

The numbers Twyford talked of don't take account of roads, parks and other amenities.

He put this on Facebook.  A former Labour MP made a comment.  It was, "moan, moan, moan. FFS.  We have a crisis."

When comparing it to Hobsonville (which is very compact and dense), Hooton discovers this:
For Hobsonville, there will be 11,000 people on 167 hectares which is 65.9 people per hectare. 

Assuming only 3000 houses with only an average of 2 people per house, Twyford is assuming 6000 people on 29 hectares which is 206.9 people per hectare, or more than 3 times the population density. 

Of course, he says he wants up to 4000 houses and "young kiwi families" may be an average of 2.5 people per house, which would make it 344.8 people per hectare. So he is bullshitting whichever way you look at it, especially if he is saying only 3-4 story structures (not sure what's allowed under Unitary Plan).
This country has made an utter mess of housing and land development.  The major culprit is the Resource Management Act, but there is no desire to burn it and start again.  Instead, politicians create homebuyer subsidies, bureaucracies and puff their chest out and produce a lot of bluster just to get votes.  It's shameful.  And I don't limit this to Labour - Nick Smith was equally as bad.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Ho Ho Ho


with the admission by Steve Smith, Oz Cricket Captain, that 'they' were guilty of ball tampering during the test match being played at Newlands.

Worse still the admission by Smith that the tactic had been devised by the 'leadership group' (so called) without reference to the coaches or team management.   For the record the leadership group comprises Smith, Vice-Captain David Warner, fast bowlers Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazelwood and spinner Nathan Lyon.

Their action was best described by the SMH as 'dumb' and 'deplorable' in equal measure.   Dumb because there were thirty TV broadcast cameras focusing on the players every move; deplorable because it reflects on the whole teams culture when a plan such as this can be conceived on the hop and there's no one around to put a stop to it.

The fall guy in all of this was the bowler Cameron Bancroft.   He has now been charged with a grade 2 offence by the ICC and, at the very least, will sit out the fourth test due to start next week.   But the buck can't stop there.   Steve Smith, talented cricketer and fiercely competitive player as he is must, at the very least be stood down from the captaincy.   Problem is who to replace him with Vice Captain Warner donkey do in the whole sorry business.

Oz cricket is in crisis and all of their own making.   Seems to me they haven't moved on too far from the (in)famous under-arm incident.

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Fresh on the back of another weak performance in the House where he was skewered by Judith Collins and forced to admit the only Kiwibuild houses we are likely to see in the next little while are those the government intends purchasing from private developers.

That translates to a net increase of housing over and above that planned and built by private enterprise as zip, zero, nothing.

Campaign rhetoric doesn't easily translate into results.    Twyford is increasingly looking like a possum caught in the headlights and wondering what to do next.

So, what did he do ... well to divert attention from his failings in housing he put his Minister of Transport hat on and joined Shane Jones in taking pot shots at Air New Zealand for doing what it is mandated by the Companies Act to do.

Look Phil ... you are the Minister.   The answers within your governments gift.   Buy back Air New Zealand (as you did KiwiRail) and turn it into an SOE.    Then and in accordance with the public policy imperative you can direct it to fly into where-ever, what-ever number of times per day/week and all will be well perhaps ... or not.     All you need to do is to convince your Finance Minister to stump up with the several billions of dollars needed to purchase the company and accept a reduced dividend.

I wish you well (cough); the balls in your (and Shane's) court and not with Air New Zealand.

Friday, March 23, 2018


Dr (of Medicine) Jonathon Coleman has announced his intention to resign from parliament to take up a new role as CEO of the Acurity Health Group.    On a personal level I wish him well.

But, having said that, I have a strong view that if you put yourself forward as an electorate MP you should serve out your term.   You accept the good with the bad.    That was my view when Shearer quit; it remains my view.   It matters not with List MPs.   They are automatically replaced by the next name on their Party list.   Not so with electorate MPs.   By-elections cost (and a figure of $500,000 has been mentioned) and that alone should be reason enough to have MPs think carefully before they tender their resignation.   The flip side of the argument I guess is that if an MP is of a mindset where he/she thinks they cannot any more make a useful contribution to parliament then they should go.    The argument is balanced but IMHO they should serve out their term.

By-elections are fickle things (as National found out in Northland) and although Northcote can be considered a 'safe' seat for National the reality is that the coalition government should still be enjoying a post-honeymoon period (although they appear to be trying hard to turn that around).    Another factor to be considered is that the by-election will probably take place when Winston is acting PM.   Anything and everything could happen and probably will.

Dr Lance O'Sullivan has been touted by some as a possible National candidate.   I think that's people interviewing their typewriters.   O'Sullivan is not and never has been a member of the National Party although he has put out 'feelers'.   It is also a matter of record that he has talked to ACT, TOP, the Maori and Green Parties.   Seems to me he has no great ideological base and is prepared to go with the Party that offers HIM the best deal.

If Northcote is looking for another Dr to represent them then they should look no further than Dr Chris Reid.    Chris is National and has previously stood for selection.    A past elected member of the Northland  DHB and current Chair of the National Advisory Council of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners he is widely respected by the medical profession.    Chris previously served in the UK special forces (Special Boat Service) and is a successful author.    He has much to offer.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018


Last Friday and with great fanfare and trumpeting Shane Jones announced the refurbishment of Kerikeri Airport terminal to be funded from 'his' one billion dollars Provincial Growth Fund,   Just one small problem ... the project was signed-off before the change of government.   Stage 1, the conversion of the old Aero-Club buildings into a temporary terminal to allow the old terminal to be demolished along with construction of a new car-park is 90% complete.   The contract for the new terminal is being let after being held up for nine months by the tweaking of the design.    Jones needs to get his story right.

It is no secret that the Jones boy has his eyes on the Northland seat as representing perhaps the only chance of NZ First surviving post 2020 with their current polling somewhere around the MOE.    Problem is that Shane Jones is a four time loser ... 2005 lost Northland by 9,275; 2008 lost Northland by 10,058; 2011 lost Tamaki Mataurau by 936; 2014 did not contest; 2017 lost Whangarei by 11,143   (came third).

He certainly deserves the appellation of carpetbagger extraordinaire along with his penchant for living it up on 'your' dime.    We well remember his watching of porn movies in his hotel room charged off to his ministerial creditcard and his unathorised chartering of executive jets.    We remember too his grant of citizenship to a dodgy Chinese businessman against departmental advice (the Lang Yiu affair) and his proposal to limit the amount of time you can spend under a shower.

Jones is clearly looking to use your dime to buy him the Northland seat.   Problem for Jones is that he has baggage and heavy baggage at that.

Meanwhile 'we' will happily accept 'your' funding of the upgrades to the Paihia and Russell wharves.     Thank you taxpayers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Adolf visited Auckland for a few days last week to attend the funeral of his last surviving uncle who reached the age of ninety.

Before I departed, I was taken for an early morning drive through Hobsonville, Whenuapai and Kumeu to see some examples of high density housing (HDH) and the scope of land about to be opened for subdivision.   There doesn't appear to be any shortage of land for housing.  Just a shortage of roads to carry all the extra cars.

Image result for hobsonville auckland

However I'm bloody glad I don't live there.  Stacked one against each other for mile after mile, they'll be slums in thirty years' time.

I wonder how they'd go in a fire.  You'd smell the stink of roasting pork from twenty miles away.


St Jacinda's virtual signalling of her governments intention  to ban further oil and gas exploration on-shore and off-shore is a good move.    Sure, we are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas admissions but the move will have only minimal effect.

Our demand for fossil fuels is what it is and any production shortfall (and we are a net importer of energy) has to be made-up by importing it from o'seas.    Not great for the balance of payments but as St Jacinda's exposure to commerce and economics has been limited to working as an assistant in a fish and chip shop (at least Pauline Hanson owned her one) she might not understand that.

What the government can do is to encourage a switch to alternative energy sources as a means of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.   That's great in theory as long as the alternative source costs about the same as oil and gas.   If it costs more then government has three choices #1 taxpayer subsidy or #2 let the economy take the hit or #3 a combination of both.   Whatever, there is a price to pay and nobody will be exempt.

Then of course there is the small matter of the 10,000 well paid jobs likely to disappear when the industry shuts down.    Perhaps the Jones boy might be able to convince them to go and plant some of his billion trees for him but I think not.

But is was refreshing to here him in parliament yesterday when  asked to comment on his pledge to the Taranaki oil industry back in 2013 that a Labour government was absolutely committed to supporting it.    His response ..."political rhetoric isn't static" (Hansard).     At least that's being honest but it begs the question ... how many more of 'his' government's commitments are going to be consigned to the dustbin labelled political rhetoric?


For whatever reason I get to travel the country a fair bit.    I can say without doubt my least favorite New Zealand city is Auckland (characterised by traffic, beggars and crime) followed by Hamilton (Cowtown - with a derelict city centre) followed by Christchurch (nice place until destroyed by the earthquakes and only slowly getting its act together).

Dunedin has a certain charm ... cute, quirky and quaint but bloody cold on a bad day.

But without doubt Wellington takes the cake as the best of our five main centres.   Compact, vibrant ... but gueez city fathers, please get your act together and sort out the Victoria tunnel.   Problem for Wgtn is that one day it's going to be hit by the REALLY big one.

Best provincial cities (in no particular order) are New Plymouth, Tauranga and Nelson with Oamaru (not a city) getting an honorable mention.   

Paihia (which is not a bad place) is overrun with refugees from Auckland who (like the writer) saw the light and decided to quit while we stood had a life to enjoy.    Great golfing, great dining, great scenery ... now all we need is for SH11 (Lemons Hill) to re-open.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


A year ago this blog was registering about 60,000 page views per month.    I see that for the last 30 days we have hit over 95,000.

We must be doing something right (or wrong) to attract those numbers.    Hope it is the former.

Makes it all kinda worthwhile.


The Ministry of Social Development have just announced the new benefit rates to apply from 1 April 2018 .... you can access the information here.

Included  in the schedule is this little doozy under NZ Superannuation and Veteran's Pensions ...

World War 1 veteran's lump sum payment on death ... $15,040.46.

Just how much effort did it take by some peon(s) to work out this inflation adjusted sum since, to the best of my knowledge, the last NZ veteran of that conflict, Bright Williams, died fifteen years ago ... and MSD would have known that.

Bureaucracy is a wonderful thing.


with 76.7% of the vote on a 67.4% turnout.   His nearest rival, Pavel Grudinun, standing as a Communist, garnered just 13%.

Was the election fair and free ... hardly.   Putin's real rival, Alexei Navalny, the Leader of the Progress Party, was barred from standing in the election by Russia's Central Election Commission.

That aside and apart from some reports of ballot box stuffing by Putin supporters (why they thought they needed to do that fair escapes me) it is clear that Putin enjoys a clear electoral mandate.   The Russian people have traditionally welcomed 'strong' leaders (with a 'touch' of ruthlessness for good measure) and Putin certainly fits that category. 

The 67.4% turnout compares favourably with the 55.5% turnout in the US Presidential election where, while they had a real choice, many Americans voted with their feet and called it a plague on both the major parties.

Here is little ole NZL we managed a respectable 80% turnout but nothing is ever going to rival North Korea where in the 2014 elections they recorded a 99.97% turnout (albeit there was only one name on the ballot paper for each constituency which is shown to you for you to drop untouched into the ballot box.   Should you want to cross out the name you have to ask for if to be given to you ... suffice to say there ain't too many requests). 

Sunday, March 18, 2018


With the announcement by the Greens that as they can no longer ask questions in the House holding the government to account they are gifting National all of their Question Time allocation for them to do as they think fit.

A move of this sort would have been described by Sir Humphrey as 'very courageous'.     I particularly like the comment posted on The Daily Blog (mouthpiece for the Greens)  which has it that a Labour Party source greeted the news with "are you fu****g stoned".

This is unprecedented in NZ politics.   A political party with MPs holding ministerial warrants and having signed a support agreement with the government, siding with the opposition to embarrass the government of which it is a member.    

Clearly the Youthgate affair and Winston's determination to pursue a free-trade agreement with the Russians are the straws that have broken the camel's back.    This ain't 'trouble t Mill' territory.   This is a full blown clusterfu*k that could bring the government down.


The best thing St Jacinda could come up with in defending 'her' Minister of Defence against the charge that he used the RNZAF as his personal Uber taxi service was that all the trips constituted 'official business'.    C'mon Jacinda ... you need to do better than that.   No-one but no-one has suggested Mark was using the aircraft for anything else than official business ... if that were the charge proven then she would have had no option but to award him a DCM (don't come Monday).

Nah ... the charge is the inappropriate use of military aircraft in having the RNZAF fly him to/from official business from Hood aerodrome in Masterton close to his home.    There were four such flights in all; one using a B200 King Air fixed-wing aircraft and three using a NH-90 helicopter. 

Mark has access to the Crown limo service used by all Ministers.   He also has a government supplied self-drive car garaged at his home.     In his defense he said using airforce assets was cheaper than using a Crown limo.

Bullshit.    The aircraft were based at Ohakea which means they had to fly from there to Masterton  and thence to their final destination (Woodbourne and Waiouru respectively) and then back to Masterton before returning to Ohakea.      The Aircraft Cost Calculator for the B200 has the hourly operating cost at USD1,909.65.     The figures for the NH90 are all over the place and range from Mr Mark's NZD1,285 (when in a PR last year he described them as "unreliable" and gas guzzling") to the NH Industries entry on Wiki which has the hourly cost (for the High Cabin version) at USD24,000.   I suspect the real figure is somewhere in between.

Gonna be interesting the results of the OIA requests lodged seeking the cost of a Crown limo from Carterton to Wellington airport return and a single airfare Air NZ to Blenheim/Woodbourne return plus a Crown limo from Carterton to Waiouru return measured against the aircraft operating costs.

Mark's Crown limo line defense is arrogant bullshit from an arrogant bullshitter with a hugely inflated sense of his own importance laced with a generous dollop of sense of entitlement.  

And St Jacinda believed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ho Ho Ho

South Australia election result: Liberals, Marshall win power from Labor

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Would the Young Labour cluster have fallen foul of liquor supply laws?  Sexual assault looks potentially open and shut unless being a committed socialist gives immunity.
Will  the complex and its owners/operators/managers have some problems around supply of liquor to minors?
Is "Dr" Liz Craig really a doctor when contrasted  to, say Dr Meg Woods?
Why did Ms Craig not qualify as a "Senior Party person" in attendance? (she is according to Wiki around 50 years old) and in one image posted, seen  enjoying a bit of active participation holding a green  bottle while seated two seats away from  Doc Sarb Johal.  Must have been just before she got the urge to go to bed only meters away from a raucous drinking session that allegedly resulted in much vomiting and random acts of casting the offensives. Even to the quoted extent some of the attendees could not attend the Sunday morning ongoing indoctrination sessions.
Ms Craig  looked decidedly awake in the image (sans  time evidence) as published. That said she did apparently have "an early flight".
How long can Barely Sober and his fellow travelers in  the Media Party continue to dance on a pin head?
Does any thinking person not see probable cause in Ms Ardern's refusal to be interviewed by Hosking on his breakfast slot just prior to the storm hitting, unless topics were limited around the fairydust sprinkling taxpayer funded pacific jaunt?  Maybe explicable at the time,  she was on the PI junket but now appearing decidedly dodgy in light of the "denial of any knowledge"  of the still emerging cluster.
How was the apparent copious liquor availability 1 Paid for? 2 accessed? and 3 monitored?
Are the in situ  complex managers in anyway connected to the Party,  choose whether that refers to The NZLP or the actual  disturbing activities purported to have occurred, referenced by some as a "party".
Did the Summer Camp Participants pay a registration fee or did the totally uninvolved,  LoL,  NZLP  hierarchy have a greater involvement than acknowledged so far?
Is Tess McIntyre the suggested 'young labour' Person in the hot seat, someone of note or just an itinerant Possum who disappeared the moment the headlights cast illumination.
Did  the alleged, orientation confused 20 year old, have any historical links to the NZLP or its membership, we only are told he is not connected 'now'. If that is correct how and why was he even present, or could any backpacker looking for a 'dump station' just wander in and think it was too good to pass up.
How many  other 'non' NZLP members attended either as facilitators, speakers or registered  gullibles.
What does Kirton have that gets him into witless protection so expeditiously.
Dr Sarb Johal has a web page that includes "disaster mental health" as a specialty-  now is that appropriate eh?
 So Hosking, Garner, Williams, Leighton Smith all from "The Wireless" have asked some questions, is there nobody in the Print Media or Tv blessed with sufficient curiosity to make the effort because it is certain relying on a "Ministerial press release" aint gunna do it.
National are correct in keeping stumm, was it or maybe not, Napoleon who was said to "never interfere when the enemy is destroying itself".

I understand problems with prison overcrowding but is "witness protection" finding space harder to access?

ps Should the VUW students march to the HQ of the Nasty Law firm in Wellywood have gone on to Frazer House? it was only another 15 minutes and one might think a tad more current?
Then using think and student in one sentence a bit------, oxymoronic maybe.


From the newswires ... 8.14 pm yesterday.      In a case reminiscent of a Kafka novel, a Romanian court has ruled that a 63-year-old man is dead despite what would appear to be convincing evidence to the contrary: the man himself appearing alive and well in court.

Constantin Reliu asked the court in the town of Barlad to overturn a death certificate obtained by his wife after he had spent more than a decade in Turkey, during which time he was out of contact with his family. The court told him he was too late, and would have to remain officially deceased.

“I am officially dead, although I’m alive,” a bemused Reliu told local media outlets. “I have no income and because I am listed dead, I can’t do anything.”

A spokeswoman for the court explained to local news outlets that Reliu had been too late with his appeal against the death certificate and had thus lost the case. The ruling is apparently final and cannot be appealed against, leaving Reliu in legal limbo.


I will be watching the result of the South Australia State election with some interest both as a 'renegade' Australian and someone whose ancestor, William Butterfield, was the architect for Adelaide's St Peter's Cathedral.

The House of Assembly consists of only 47 seats so a Party needs just 24 seats in order to govern alone.   Now Adolf and/or David will no doubt correct me if I'm wrong but Sky News Australia was reporting this morning that a record 300,000 voters (about 25% of electors) had lodged early ballots but that they wouldn't be counted until Monday.    That would render the Saturday night result pretty meaningless in the 17 seats classified as marginal.   

Just why the early ballot can't be counted on the day quite escapes me.   They're a weird mob over there.

Mind you many Australians argue that South Australians and Tasmanians don't matter anyway.

Friday's Fulminations

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Friday, March 16, 2018


Not much more to be said on the Labour Party Youth Camp debacle except to say the meme being pushed by Party apologists that the camp was only "vaguely" connected with the Labour Party has been blown well and truly out of the water with the admission by PM Minister Ardern and Party President Haworth that 'they' took full responsibility for what happened and that 'they' had failed in 'their' duty of care to provide a safe environment for those attending the event.    For f******e ... there was even a Labour Party MP sleeping over in the camp on that night.

And now there are reports of at least two more incidents at Labour Party events.    I do think however that David Farrar over at Kiwiblog injects a degree of realism into the discussion.   Young people and free access to alcohol coupled with a lack of supervision is an explosive mix ... shit happens.     But that aside ... it's the apparent and clumsy attempt to coverup the sexual assault that is more concerning.   Nuff said.

Then we had our Deputy Head of Mission in Washington and her entirely inappropriate and explosive tweet attacking the Trump administration ... for Noel ... are your sources still telling you that NZL is going to get an exemption from the tariffs to be imposed on our steel and aluminum exports to the US? ... methinks that just got a whole lot harder.

And now Mr 'Medals' Mark busted for diverting RNZAF assets, including NH-90 helicopters, to act as his Uber taxi service.    Is this the same Ron Mark who, in a press release issued on 21 April 2017, described the NH-90 as "unreliable gas guzzlers"?.     Mark has access to both Crown limo's and self drive cars both of which cost considerably less than the $19.70/minute operational cost of the NH-90 (operational cost excludes depreciation and the capital charge).   All this at a time when the Finance Minister is signalling the defence budget is being closely scrutinised ... code word for cut.  Seems Ethnic Communities Minister Jenny Salesa has a rival for the title of Minister for Extravagance.

But all this is overshadowed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his going off the reservation in his attempt to curry favour with the Russians over his long promoted free-trade deal with that country.   In doing so he has been rightly labelled as Putin's poodle.    First there was that extraordinary interview where he dismissed Russian involvement in the shooting down of MH-17 saying there was no evidence of 'their' wrong doings.   This despite the fact that the Dutch investigation showed the downed aircraft embedded with fragments from a Russian Buk missile; that the missile launcher itself was tracked that day moving from Russia into pro-Russian controlled rebel territory in the Ukraine and then back into Russia after the missile was fired and that the Russians vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to prosecute those responsible for the criminal act.

Then Peters goes so far as to equate Russian human rights excesses as comparable with the  Australian decision to deport NZL citizens convicted of serious criminal offending in Australia back to NZL and now New Zealand stands isolated from the UK, France, Germany and the US in its failure to condemn in the strongest possible terms the use of nerve agents by the Russians to silence Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the UK just a few days ago.     The joint declaration called the attack "the first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since the second world war" and that "there is no plausible alternative explanation to Russian involvement".

Peters has sandbagged himself into a corner.   He has wined and dined himself too much at the expense of those from 57 Messines Road, Karori and is now beholden to them.   He truly is Putin's poodle.  And the real sad thing is that St Jacinda can't do a thing about it ... he is the power behind the throne; call him back into line and the coalition is a busted flush.   Peters is a law unto himself ... always has been ... always will be.   Labour knew what they were getting and got what they deserved.

The weak from hell for Labour just keeps keeping on.


So a twenty something who was at the "summer camp" is alleged to have put his hands into the pants of two females and two males and is now declared not to be a member of the NZLP.

Sir Michael Cullen has now signalled his many dreams on how he will recommend ways for his fellow socialists to invade the pants of any one who might have a dollar in their pockets.
Wealth tax, capital gains tax, sugar tax, alcohol tax, fat tax, fuel tax, payroll tax transaction tax, death tax, land tax, dividend tax, congestion tax, the list is endless.
Makes Disney's "Scrooge" wallowing in his vault of money not so humorous.

Now wannabe Aus Prime Minister has floated an awful assault on savings with a dividend tax on shares.
One significant knowledge gap for those on the left with no conceptual understanding of how the capitalist system has delivered such largess across the globe is exposed repeatedly with total disconnect on how wealth must be created before it can be redistributed.
A recent published graph was a clear revelation of the gulf of difference between poverty levels c1800 and today. Yes there are some fabulously rich out there, some inherited but most created by technology, music, sport, stage, screen and a few by smart investing and hard work.
Socialist theorists who have embarked on a learning curve dominated by political study just never appear to get any connect between wealth creation and state largess.
That leads to endless slaughter of geese laying golden eggs and 'Shortonbrains' is just the next taxi to depart the station for another "open season".

Hint to Willy, the company that delivered the dividends that you see as a seventy billion opportunity, paid tax on the profits, the company workers from apprentice to CEO paid tax on their wages, the company and its staff all paid consumption taxes and there is a growing need for citizens to fund their retirement as the welfare ideology is in self destruct mode.

Here is a radical idea,  cease with the bribes, churn and feel good largesse,  cut the spending, did you miss how things took off when Mr Trump cut taxes. Pity is that Pollies seem unable to resist the allure of spending OPMs in a misguided notion they are doing good  work or much more accurately merely polishing their already  shiney  and ample arses.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


As a classic failure in political management, the incident at the Young Labour summer camp near Wahi might have some residual  value as a resource in advancement of knowledge where the cover up can turn a manageable situation into a cluster.

It was not a third rate burglary of the Democratic Party offices in the Watergate Complex that sank Nixon to a point where resignation and a pardon from his successor Gerald Ford became the only option, it was the paranoid bungled attempts to avoid any provable Oval Office involvement.

With Nixon's Re-election committee chairman, ex  Attorney General John Mitchell no longer a member of the executive and more middle men including Hard man Gordon Liddey who was able to demonstrate his level of staunch by holding his hand over a flame until his flesh burned, there was a very long shot to link Nixon to the break in. However his close advisers including Chief of staff Haldeman and Senior Whitehouse counsel Earlichman went into full coverup mode and eventually it all unravelled leading to Nixon's resignation and gaol time for most of his closest advisers.
A massive factor in the unravelling came with an FBI leaker dubbed "Deep Throat", in reality Mark Felt who fed vital  info to Bernstein and Woodward from Katherine Graham's Washington Post investigation.
Was that in fact the onset of politicisation of the FBI.
The Prime Minister is being seriously let down by her Party apparatchiks and with her increasing tarnished image as an open and honest leader emerging in greater revelations  with each day that passes, she does not need any more manure dumped on the front lawn of her McMansion, being pregnant and all

The events of yesterday that saw Party President Haworth and the PM refusing to clean house with an Inquiry to be conducted by  friendly Wellington Lawyer Maria Berryman leading the interior decoration team charged with the refurbishment.

One of the face saving ploys to be instituted in addition to a temporary cessation of such youth indoctrination events will have  a  senior Party official in charge in any future efforts  ???

50 year old Liz Craig MP, Invercargil based list member, a public health expert, was not sufficiently senior???

Richard Worth was gone and very few know what he was actually supposed to have done.
Aarron Gilmore similarly gone quick smart for a drink fuelled faux pa.
Gilmores replacement Claudette Hauiti gone by lunch time.

Coffey,  Craig, Ardern, Warren-Clark all MPs addressed the gathering with Coffey and Craig in starring roles in images  on the interwebby.

Frazer House and the Ninth Floor will need some bigly rugs and more brooms.

Jonesy has got it sussed.

Shane Jones is on to it. He has now worked out that to plant 100million trees you have to have seedlings and has given taxpayers money to a Bay Of Plenty nursery so that they can grow seedlings for his - never going to happen - project.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I'm on record as saying American voters were presented with a poisoned chalice in their choice of a Republican or Democrat for President in 2016.   I still hold to that view.

But our diplomats abroad need to be able to advocate for our country at the top levels of whatever administration is in power.   They must be seen as bi-partisan.

It is hugely disappointing that Caroline Beresford, the Deputy Head of Mission at our Washington Embassy, should have taken it upon herself to tweet 'urging the Democrats to get their s**t together for 2020 or else we'll all die'.    She may think that but she can't say that.   It was totally unprofessional and in doing so she has made herself persona-non-grata with the Trump administration.   She cannot now effectively advocate for New Zealand.   She must be returned home to serve penance before taking up another position abroad ... did I hear High Commissioner to Niue?

Sadly it appears our Foreign Minister appears disinclined to so act or is it a case of the MFAT mandarins rallying round in support of one of their own?

Most of us who have been privileged to have held a red (diplomatic) passport understand completely the protocols to be observed ... clearly and unfortunately it appears Ms Beresford didn't.



The classic ploy used by pedophiles since for ever to attempt to hide the appalling degrading events that would be catastrophic for the perpetrator if exposed to sunlight.

A group of young labour attending a "summer camp" would naturally have most,  if not all,  with the same dewy eyed hopes as young rugby mad kids have in aspiring to become All Blacks, a dream of becoming a person of note in the NZLP tribe.
How likely then that a cover-up could succeed for over a month, even a retard might just work out that making a fuss could be the end of any personal political aspirations however unlikely in reality.

An oft quoted maxim that a cover up will always become a graver problem than the original offence.

It is almost embarrassing to compare and contrast the MSM behaviours over Key pulling a waitress' ponytail in an ill advised act of stupid, or Phill Twyford's staffer who stole thousands of dollars while having access to the Now Minister's credit cards with 'campgate'
The bigly Law firm Russell McVeigh had contretemps over harassment of interns widely panned leading to calls for banning the prestigious firm from Universities and a review of the entire intern system, yet the NZLP is seen by too many otherwise smart people as somehow exempt from  sanction over this latest exposure of serious criminal offending way beyond mere harassment.
An oft claimed qualifier is "NO ONE MADE A COMPLAINT TO POLICE". What utter bovine excrement, Police do not need a complaint, they only need to become "AWARE" that a criminal offence 'has' occurred. That said it may also need some cojones to risk what sadly has become a hierarchy too amenable to being subject to political considerations in such sensitive matters.

Three 16 year olds and a fourth still not yet 16 were allegedly assaulted by a 20 year old male when he groped the alcohol exposed young people by reaching into their underwear, at a minimum that seems plenty of cause to at least make some inquiries. An event that had a parade of socialist elites attending to impart their views on socialist theory could be intoxicating enough for most starry eyed acolytes, yet it is alleged that some serious alcohol supplies were present and that alone might just require some questions to be addressed by Mr Plod,  quite apart from the clear and still not denied sexual offences

The secret is now shared by too many one month later,  new wall paper or a coat of whitewash is not gunna work.
That the mob managed to avoid serious trouble when Darren Hughes had a naked man running away from his Lodgings in the rooster crowing hours, escape criminal inquiries by a combination of cover up and obfuscation that had suspicions of police collusion might have been achieved under the very controlled Clark regime but under the "Play Center" level rules guiding the current government, it is already a failed contrivance.

"Hello hello hello what have we ere then?
Trev the "muss" might need extra life jackets on hand or will the witless protection program risk a shortage of available beds next Tuesday afternoon?


Newsroom has released a video shot on the night of the incident at the Labour Party Youth Camp which is now the subject of a police investigation.

You can watch it here    Sheesh, if there was any party destined to turn into a clusterf**k (pun intended) this was the one.

It's really time for 'defenders of the faith' to pull their heads in and stop digging.   The incident was bad enough.   The subsequent cover-up and lies worse.

At the very least Andrew Kirkton, General-Secretary of the Labour Party, who orchestrated all of this should resign but dollars to doughnuts he won't because 'they' won't let him ... he knows too much.


While almost all media are skirting around the truly unacceptable cover-up of sexual assault allegations with all the support the compliant MSM can muster, another alcohol fueled disaster from history was shown on the NZLP TV station getting all moist and excited over a toy at Christchurch International Airport.

Meanwhille in the real world Christchurch City Council owned CCHoldings wholly owned subsidiary Lyttleton Port Company is facing a two week total shut down because the Rail and Maritime Union have decided to get rich and dear leader of the Peoples Republic is only  intent on maximising a photo opp over a drone.

The Hub of South Island trade comes to a stop in midstream and a gobsmacked PM was, it is claimed in ignorance of a month long scandal the that her tubby little Troughmaster General  heiress, we are supposed  to believe did not let slip the 'news' to anyone on the ninth floor?

If it was not my country it would be great theatre and a modern day Gilbert and Sullivan could flourish.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What will Winston do?

Britain has called on New Zealand to take reprisals against Russia if Russia does not provide a credible reply to the nerve gas attempted assassinations.

What will Russia's chief advocate and cheerleader, Winston Peters, do?  After all, he's our foreign minister.

That will be almost as interesting as watching what will happen when Labour MPs are investigated by police for obstructing the course of justice over the summer camp sexual attacks.

On that matter, Labour's rape culture needs addressing badly.

Monday, March 12, 2018


What we know so far ... teenagers attending a Labour Party Summer Youth Camp in the Coromandel; were sexually assaulted by ???????

St Jacinda was blindsided when the matter was raised  at her post cabinet news conference.   Seems Labour Party apparatchiks were determined to cover the matter up.

So much for Labour being concerned about 'our' vulnerable youth.   What about 'their' vulnerable youth?

The BIG question ... why weren't the police informed?

Snowflake to Labour Party HQ ... what line should I take Sir.   Labour Party HQ to Snowflake ... see rule 101 ... blame National.   Snowflake to Labour Party HQ ... not sure that will work this time but I'll give it a go.


No-one who saw Tiger Woods' amazing putt on the 17th at the Valspar Championship played at the Innisbrook - Coopperhead course would have any doubt the 'man' is back. 

Someone will likely prove me wrong but I would hazard a guess that no-one else has returned to the top of a professional sport after such an extended layoff as Tiger had.

For myself I never thought it possible and said so.   Happy to eat a double portion of humble pie.


Readers of my blog will know I'm no fan of President Trump (nor Shillary) but credit where credits due with the news that he has achieved what no other serving President managed to achieve in forcing North Korea to the negotiating table while escalating and maintaining sanctions against the rogue state.

It remains to be seen how this will play out but at least they're going to be talking one on one and, as Churchill said ... 'jaw, jaw is better than war, war'.

Across the ditch and Malcolm Turnbull has been successful in getting Australia exempted from the decision by the United States to impose punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from abroad.

New Zealand currently exports 63m worth of steel and aluminum to the United States each year.    It will be interesting to see whether St Jacinda can pull orf a similar exemption for us .... waiting, waiting ......

Sunday, March 11, 2018


every day looking more like a possum caught in the headlights on a dark rural road and about to be run over by a truck as he backtracks on everything to do with housing.    And it just gets worse with a reinvigorated 'Crusher' at number 4 in National's ranking looking forward to holding his feet to the blowtorch.    

Promises made in Opposition are easy.   Doing it is the hard part and already the cracks in Labour's housing policy are starting to assume earthquake proportions.

Smart move by Bridges to give Collins Planning (RMA reform) reform as well.   The Act is broken and inhibits economic development.    Labour and its poodle parties can't/won't move to fix it in any substantial meaningful way ... at best they will apply band-aid solutions.    Collins has the nous and strength to develop this into an election winning policy.

Just as important ... her jump up the ranking will reinvigorate National's activist base.   Looking good.

Ho Ho Ho