Thursday, February 1, 2018


Just as your hypocritical fraudulent mates will indulge in over the Preserve WRP Bill.

With scant regard to how the Melons emerged from the swamp where Anderton's rust bucket, nostalgia powered vehicle ended up, as iterated by Fitzsimons and other pioneers,  disregarding much of the glossy that enabled the once principled  bunch of environmentalists albeit with a dressing of sanctimonious socialist dogma included, to become a credible force in NZ politics, it could have all  hit a brick wall under the ethos of that the PWRP bill.

National saw no gains in supporting your bill that is predicated on  liberalising all Cannabis use within the gathering consensus around medicinal cannaboid drug claims already covered by the Bill  the government has going to select committee.

Soap boxes are not grandstands Ms Swarbrick not that your whine on one of the propaganda arms of the left this morning indicates you have any concept what politics actually is in the real world.
Building grandstands using soapboxes could end a project, you need to read some history.
The late Sir Keith Holyoake had some great advice for tyro MPs, "breathe through your nose" thereby shut up and leave your capabilities undiscovered to  the public at large for now. Just because a deficient complicit Media lauds your elevation it may not be how you are assessed by Joe Average Voter who considers there are more important things afoot than your glorious self belief.
As it stands at present your electorate endorsement comes from a nebulous 6% and who knows how many of them actually agree with your obviously inflated opinion.


Johno said...

It was also voted down by all of WinstonFirst and even 8 Labour MPs. Why is the little girl whinging about the Nats?

Greens are a joke. They meekly rolled over for the PreserveWinston bill but got *nothing* back in return. Why won't these spineless creeps stand up for themselves?

Wouldn't have happened in the Rod Donald/Jeanette Fitzsimons era.

pdm said...

Perhaps the Greens will do revenge and now vote against Winston's Whaka jumping bill. Even abstaining will do the trick I think.

Then again they don't have the nous or the guts for that.

Johno said...

What have they got to lose? It's not as if they are getting any crumbs from the COL currently.

Seeing them tip over Winston's waka jumping bill would be great theatre.

gravedodger said...

Will never happen unless they have a sea change in their political culture, including a massive acceptance of how the Sainte-lague method delivers in real time with the Peters BS left out.

A pragmatic environmentalist after the election results were declared would have at a minimum sought what the Party "might" extract from National even as regards their hard left dreams. Talking with agreement for suppression of content would have cost them nothing, how much of the sectret 32,35, 38 or whatever pages have they accessed.

A full cabinet ministry position of power sharing was there for the taking but either they could not do simple maths or they were (my belief) blinded by the hard left BS position that precluded even trying. Some of the outcomes my understanding has seen with German coalitions that before they came to pass could have been more unlikely than a Nat / GP coalition yet they happened and not all ending in the death of the male Mantis.

No, Mr Shaw was so far up his own digestive tract from the smelly end he was too naive to actually see where Winston was heading and believed the bull excrement that they would benefit from Auntie Labour getting a bestest deal for them. Ha Ha Ha, left lying on the couch with their nickers around their ankles and not even a hint of successful coupling.
Could Ms Swarbrick ever see what might have been, hell just the political grandstanding from eschewing Crown Limos to get some mung beens from Moore Wilsons without a bike ride, priceless.
Now one of the jilted will have to head down there for industrial disinfectant soap to get all the excrement Pin stripes army just delivered from a great height all over Chloe and the rest of her dopey mates to be hopefully removed in successive showers, even then the senses have a remarkable ability to create a dirty feeling purely within the psyche, that should be what the Melons endure as their reward for enabling Dwarf to put them back in their box again.

Useful idiots eh.