Friday, February 16, 2018

When You Make Rules........ have to police them.

That is why, when I managed a sales team for nine year, I made as few rules as possible.  I got rid of a rule which said 'you cannot authorize discounts.'   I was being inundated with requests for discounts so I introduced a revolutionary discretion for the sale people.

'You can authorize any discount you like.  For every two dollars of discount you authorize, your commission will reduce by one dollar.'

The commission was set at a level where, if all of it was used to offset discount, the company still broke even.

Fast forward to Australian federal politics in 2018.

Australia's Prime Blunderer has ruled that henceforth Ministers must not bonk members of their staff.

I kid you not.

Image result for barnaby joyce and mistress

How will he police that one?   What will he do when his best and most loyal minister is caught with his dick in his Press Secretary?

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George said...

If the PM of Aussie keeps on he will suddenly have no frienemies and have to call an election or suddenly be the opposition..
Relationships happen.
That's why there are so many of us