Sunday, February 11, 2018

Trump blocks Democrats response to Nunes memo

As expected.

Like all dictators, Trump doesn't tolerate dissenting views.

Adolf owes me a beer.


macdoctor said...

Sounds like the dems have deliberately inserted classified information in order to get this reaction from Trump. Trump has merely told them to reword or redact.

Psycho Milt said...

More accurately, sounds like the memo contains information that would damage Trump, and he's merely told them to bring it back when they've changed it to something he'd be happy with.

gravedodger said...

Within the current mental state of the Dems still entrenched in the denial stage of grief, both those povs are likely.
Overall the legal positions of a lot of people will have many lawyers doing overtime.
The lists of potential criminals just keeps growing.

Anonymous said...

Even more accurately we presently have no idea about any of this because facts are so elusive.


Snowflake said...

The facts are only elusive if you're a retarded Trump fangirl like Macdoctor. To normal people it's all obvious.

Anonymous said...

3:16 (Moscow time)....They are only elusive if you wish them to be.

My advice is stop playing by the rules and leak the bloody thing.

Lord Egbut

George said...

The democrats were badly hurt by the first memo so much so they claimed it was the end of the Earth to publish.
And, when published, suddenly it was a nothing burger.
Then the games afoot.
We, claim the Democrats, have our own memo and we're going to tell... and if we put a few truths in it'll never see the light of day so we can claim to be victims

Snowflake said...

Trump was playing the victim this morning. Keep up George. He was also busy defending the honour of his abusive employees and colleagues. He's on a tear! How's your 401k doing BTW?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


By your definition of 'blocking' all you'll get is a tespoonful of vinegar.

David said...

This whole dossier/memo stuff is a mere sideshow. The only truthful thing in the Nune's memo was his name, and we're not even sure about that!

Meanwhile, 'Merica rapidly descends into a theocratic dictatorship, there are no adults left to hold the Administration to account for its continual breaches of the law.

We've just seen Rob Porter resign "in disgrace" for being outed as a wife beater. Porter should have been slung out of the Whitehouse almost as soon as he set foot in the door. His role was the little known Staff Secretary, a position that requires access to the most highly classified intelligence, but he did not have the appropriate security clearance required for that role. Trump, Kelly, Hicks, The FBI, The CIA, and even Uncle Tom Cobbly knew he was illegally in that position, but no one did anything.

And the basket of deplorables both here and in the USA still cheer on Trump while he destroys the little left of their Democracy. They won't wake up until the jackboot smashes them in the face.

Snowflake said...

And of course Adolt tries to Welsh. Can’t admit when he’s wrong, which is why it happens over and over again. No capacity to learn you see. Sad.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And of course Snowflake is so dumb he doesn't know when, or when not, to use capital letters.

Let me spell it out for him. The process for releasing the Democrat memo is the same as that used for the Republican memo.

The Democrat memo has been sent back to its mendacious (lying) authors for removal of sensitive classified information, deliberately included by the authors so that idiots like Snowflake could shout that the memo has been blocked.

Snowflake is a classic example of an old Chinese proverb:-

'Neither children nor fools should see a thing which is unfinished.'

Parenthesis included for illiterate dumbarses like Snowflake.

Anonymous said...

If they are lying there should be no need to remove anything....except the truth.

lord egbut (Upper case key gone out in sympathy)

Snowflake said...

But for some reason the President ignored the advice of the DoJ when it came to releasing sensitive information in the Nunes dud. Not really that interested in rransparency is he? Where are his tax returns BTW?

Andrei said...

Hey Lord Egbut your article prominatly features Adam Schiff

Did you catch up with this?

Andrei said...

Of course all this crap just goes to show how pathological American politics and politicians are.

They are all a bunch of creeps who don't give a fuck about the welfare of their people let alone people in foreugn lands

They blather on about non existant Russian interference in their elections when they spend billions of dollars fucking up other peoples democracies - like $5 billion dollars fucking up Ukraine, tranforming the richest Soviet Republic into a European Somalia in the process

And how much did that Soros creature put into Britain to try and influence the Brexit vote?

Of course American politicians expect everybody to behave as badly as they do - it is called projection

David said...

And how much did that Soros creature put into Britain to try and influence the Brexit vote?

Don't know, don't care. Soros is a private citizen and may spend his money as he wishes, within the law. I understand it is hard for you to separate the individual from the government when your man Putin IS the government.

Andrei said...

David Vladimir Putin has nothing to do with this pathology!

FFS don't you think he has more pressing concerns that the nonsense that consumes the Washington beltway?

Anonymous said...

Andrei......perhaps you can explain why the pudgy action man banned Twitter and VPN's from Russia. They are being used to great effect in the west by Russia and he doesn't want to bit on the arse by his own weapon.

I suppose you are now saying "Cosy Bear" and "Fancy bear" are a figment of an overwrought imagination.

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

I don't get uour malfunction Egnut.

The Clinton machine thought they had the last election in the bag but they lost - the skulduggery of the machine was exposed and to distract bears of little brain such as yourself from their own malefeasance the Clinton machine blamed Russia for their misfortunes

And you are living proof that this has worked

It works because Slavs are the niggers of the 21st century and racism is alive and well among the intellectual lightweights who predominate in the West

But eventually the scandal will break and we are looking at something far more sinister than Watergate

Hopefully the USA will get its democracy back but I doubt it

Anonymous said...

I am terribly sorry to see that you have contracted "Dodgers disease". We on the blog wish you a speedy recovery.

Lord Egbut