Monday, February 5, 2018

The Steele dossier

Since the publication of the Nunes Memo, I decided to hunt around for the Steele dossier, and have come across it.  It's been "out there" for about a year it seems.

Trump denounced it as "fake news".  There are three possibilities in terms of its accuracy and reliability.

It's largely accurate.  It's largely false.  It's got some correct and some false intelligence.

Of course a lot of whether you want to believe it comes down to the credibility of Steele himself, or ones political persuasions.  There's some background on Steele here.  It's been reported he had anti-Trump bias.  Who knows.  But he was a logical recruit for the DNC because of his experience in Russian intelligence, following his MI6 background.

The dossier is 29 pages, but relatively easy reading.

There are some very interesting snippets.  One relates to Russian intervention in the US election that was aimed at getting both candidates to denounce the TPP, which Putin deemed to be against Russia's interests.  And both candidates did.  Of course, Winston Peters was staunchly anti the TPP, but is now in favour of it, but still wants a trade deal with Russia.

The second is a report that the FBI were loathe to intervene in the election itself, for fear of politicising it.  But then of course Comey announced a fresh investigation into the Clinton emails just a month prior to the election in November 2016.

Happy reading.  It'll make a great movie, if nothing else.


David said...

Nunes and Steele are both sideshows, the Rethuglicans are continuing their attack on democratic norms and the institutions that preserve democracy. They seek nothing less than a one party theocracy.

Facts are

1. Carter Page was a person of interest to the FBI and had been under surveillance for a long time before he got involved with Trump.

2. Law enforcement bodies use a number of sources, they even pay some of them themselves.

3. The FBI investigation into Trump does not show the FBI is biased against Trump, it shows it is biased against criminal wrongdoing, as it should be.

Trump and the GOP's attacks on law enforcement, independent media, any opposition to the Orange Cheeto is the continuation of the Religious Reich's attacks on freedom, knowledge and expertise. The GOP is stacked with Know nothing idiots who can only destroy, never create, can only tear down, never build up, can only enjoy their own dinner if they know another is starving.

Anonymous said...

Thank for that Nick, I knew about Steele but could not find the report. Just as an aside Steele is extremely well thought of in the UK intelligence circles and is very professional. He is no more or less anti Trump than the majority of people and in his own words.."Why should I make this stuff up"

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Dream on you guys.

Were are you going to hide when the Inspector General reports?

Andy said...

The Russians interference in the US elections is kindergarten stuff in comparison with US interference in elections in other countries.
What has been proven beyond any doubt is that a sitting president and one of the candidates colluded with a foreign entity to manipulate the outcome in the Democrates favour.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, another little troll who feels that in not providing links he can influence our opinion. Stop reading off the whiteboard and tell us a little more about yourself like is your post a part of your 120 a day.

Lord Egbut

Snowflake said...

Now the the Nunes “memo” has been revealed as a total dud and embarrassment, Adolt is pinning its hopes on the mysterious “Inspector General”. All a bit Wating for Godot don’t you think old fella?

Gerald said...

Noel said...

"Office of Inspector General (OIG) is a generic term for the oversight division of a federal or state agency aimed at preventing inefficient or illegal operations within their parent agency"

But which IG are you referring to?

David said...

Noel, whichever IG will give Adolf his heart's desire, namely a front row seat at Trump's hanging.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Nick. Why don't you go through a list of the greatest actors an actresses since 1940 and choose a cast for your excellent movie?