Friday, February 9, 2018


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Without any direct contact, as alleged by all comment I have seen reported, with Minister Hipkins, PM Ardern, Deputy NZLP leader Kelvin Davis (an ex teacher no less), the cascade of mixed messaging has culminated this day in Chippy informing us Charter Schools will face closure by years end.
A bill will be introduced to the house to achieve the Union demand of closure of Charter Schools.

Even our very limited in ability MSM have reported a reasonably significant parade of success from the ACT initiated push to do something effective to address the sad pool of collateral damage left to rot by the union controlled monolithic one size fits all  State School system.

A significant marker in the evolution of socialism and its inevitable failure is revealed by consigning bunches of citizens to an abyss when dogmatic adherence to centrally controlled change fails.
Collectivization of agriculture being one lethal outcome killing millions in Russia, China, Cambodia and elsewhere.

It is not suggested that The union demand for the destruction of the ACT initiated experiment will end in deaths directly but if the many reported examples  of success from the Charter schools has any truth in avoiding sending a few failures at the lower end of the state school system to a life of benefit dependence, drug abuse and criminal activity has been at a minimum interrupted, it could seem to be covered by one of the synonyms quoted above.

The latest move was covered by a moronic statement from a clearly dogma motivated talking head saying " the policy was clearly signalled in each of the hydras policy pre election so therefore the people clearly supported it".
That is total BS as only a detailed survey of all their voters might reveal if that was indeed true, I believe it would have been well down on the list of motivations of those voters in the booth and then totally corrupted when a vengeful old man chose the second, third and fourth place getters to be seated on Mr Speaker's right hand.

As one who sincerely believes education is a major solution to societal ills confronting an increasingly challenged world in this 21st century, closing Charter Schools in blind obedience to the thinking of threatened union morons is  not good news.


Cheeky Charlie said...

Muzza, best you leave defending charter schools to whaleoil, he is as wrong headed as you, but at least he can string together words that make sense.

Graeme Osborne said...

On what basis are you an opponent of Charter Schools Charlie?

pdm said...

Graeme I can help - ideology. Charlie is almost certainly either a member of the Labour Party, Teachers Union or both.

The Veteran said...

Today chartered schools, tomorrow any school that does not ascribe to Labour's one glove fits all dictate ... beware the few remaining private schools.

gravedodger said...

Brave bastard charlie, leave my id out in deference to the finer feelings of those who largely through an accident ended up in my laager. For many reasons my id here is either Dodger Grave or the whole dam nom as conferred by some insightfil comrades (real ones) at the AVFB and it would be appreciated if you could assist.
Yes I have on rare occasions used a more personal id when the mood takes me, my choice not yours.

Psycho Milt said...

1. Any of the existing schools that wish to continue operating are welcome to do so, but as special-character schools within the public system, not as taxpayer-funded private companies. The government has a pretty clear mandate to reverse NACT's attempt to get a foot in the door for privatisation and de-unionisation of the public education system, and good on Hipkins for making an early start on it.

2. The performance of most of these taxpayer-funded profit extracters has not been great relative to the generous funding provided, and some of them aren't meeting the performance requirements. In many cases, the previous government should have been looking at closing them anyway.

3. The description of the public system as "the union controlled monolithic one size fits all State School system" is so wrong it damages the credibility of the views expressed in the post. Public schools already have charters, are controlled by boards of trustees, are free to become special-character schools if they want to differ widely from other schools. And if you want an example of "monolithic," look no further than the previous government's imposition of an American-style standards and testing regime. Fortunately, Hipkins is dumping that also.

4. To be fair, there has been an example of a minister disgracefully trying to force closure of a special school for pupils who couldn't be handled adequately by mainstream schools - Hekia Parata's attempt to close Salisbury School: Fortunately, we can expect a higher standard of education minister under the new government.

The Veteran said...

Waiting for PM to come galloping to the rescue of his government. Well at least in the case of Salisbury School the consultation process wuz put in place. Not so with Chartered Schools ... no consultation at all with St Jacinda or Hipkins too gutless to front the Boards, the teachers or the pupils.

Nah, all to be done at arms length, ramrodded through Parliament with the Select Committee process a farce because the decision has already been made.

And the kids ... nah, they don't count, probably come from the Labour voting demographic anyway so 'we've' got them by the short and curlies ... or perhaps not.

David said...

Veteran, in a representative democracy the consultation process is the election campaign. There is no requirement for the government to consult on anything. It may be advisable, it may be respectful, but it is NOT required.

I seem to remember you banging on about how National had a "mandate" whenever an unpopular policy was opposed in the parliament. If that was the case then, it is also the case now.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor David. Still hasn't learned to read.

The Veteran said...

David ... and the kids ... to be forced back into the State system that has already failed them. Well done Labour. But then, this was never about the kids. Rather it was payback to the PPTA and NZEI union heavies.

Clearly 'advisable' and 'respectful' (your words) doesn't figure on planet Labour.

Allan said...

Hipkins is a brainless,socialist, idiot. His actions are purely ideologically driven with absolutely no thought or realisation of the effect that the closure of these schools will have on the future life of children who had found a reason and a place to succeed. The Labour Party have proven by this idiotic piece of legislation that they do not give a toss for the so called down trodden. They are just puppets whose strings are pulled by their rabid Union backers.

Psycho Milt said...

Won't somebody think of the children!! Tolley and Parata closed a bunch of schools themselves, because the minister's job is to look at the big picture, not to keep schools open because individual children or parents want them to stay open. As I recall, right-wing blog commenters were routinely contemptuous and dismissive of the parents and children protesting those closures. Of course, those closures weren't about reversing NACT's attempts to get a foot in the door for privatising and de-unionising the education system - which is the actual reason for the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Hipkins' bill.

Anonymous said...

Five charter schools opened in 2014, with very mixed results soon apparent. Another four got the green light to open in 2015. These schools can be governed and run by private companies to make a profit (not that any have yet), can employ unqualified teachers and compete with local schools for students. The schools already established have been funded at a much higher rate than comparable public schools, with millions of dollars in establishment funding on top. Charter school proponents deny it, but the figures show that charter schools are being funded at up to FOUR TIMES the per-student rate of nearby public schools, even when the separate funding of teacher salaries is added to the public schools’ operational funding. Most of the schools are operating at below their minimum guaranteed roll, but their funding has not been affected, as would be the case in a public school.

New Zealand students and schools do better than those in any of the countries where charter schools have been established. Charter schools in the UK and US have increased inequity overall and undermined public schools where most children go. US research shows most charter schools do worse or no better than mainstream public schools.

International results are not encouraging....

Lord Egbut

Snowflake said...

It’s largely impossible to know how well or otherwise these schools were doing as they were sheltered from the usual accountability mechanisms and extraordinarily well-funded in order to make them look good. A poorly executed ideological experiment where there was a clumsy attempt to rig the results. Try harder, losers.

Anonymous said... were doing OK until the losers bit. It's not a football match, it's a debate.

Lord Egbut

Cheeky Charlie said...

PDM, wrong on both accounts. You will find me at Akaroa 4 Square, which is how I know Muzza for he is always complaining about "out of towners" standing in the aisles, blocking the path for his mobility scooter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was para phrasing Adolf?

Snowflake said...

Just calling it as it is, Egbert old chum. Vet and Adolt have possibly taken the crashing defeat of Bill English and the Nats worse than anyone outside of the comments section at Kiwiblog and a nondescript mansion on Messines Rd.

The Veteran said...

Snowflake ... I don't take losing badly ... part and parcel of politics where I have enjoyed more wins the losses. The one thing I do know is that the pendulum will swing back and the inherent instability of your mob may well see that happening sooner rather than later. 'Your' Electoral Integrity Bill may well turn out to be a marker.

Returning to the original post and this letter from a grandmother of children who had their lives changed through their attendance at South Auckland Middle School, a chartered School, posted at sez it all.

But I don't expect St Jacinda will bother to respond ... why should she when the Select Committee process will see the Bill reported back substantially unchanged. The six Labour/NZF/Green members of the Select Cttee to the five National will see to that.

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny how any debate here gets turned into an 'us' vs 'them' argument and policies aren't objectively assessed.
It's a bit like watching a Ford vs Holden debate from the seat of a Toyota.