Thursday, February 1, 2018


Everybody hates dairy farmers right?  Hence a concerted media campaign to impugn, denigrate, envy, any and all, with potential for tragic outcomes when mental illness can end in a suicide.

Snowflakes are quick to rail against school yard bullying, cyber bullying, calling out fat bastards, work bullying and beneficiary bashing, yet a constant attack on the one single income stream that contributed bigly to NZ successfully negotiating the GFC has nary a peep in opposition to the clear barrage of image destruction of those employed in dairy farming.

It is, in fact, state sponsored BULLYING.

Homepaddock today presents a graphic demonstration of how water from the nearby Mighty Waitaki River has drought proofed and transformed the excellent soils of the rolling downs of North Otago. Hills that in my youth were notable for many years of successive drys. 

The river was made sustainable due to the forward thinking inherent in the massive storage dam and canal system in the McKenzie country.  Tekapo, Pukaki and Ohau all natural lakes that were first controlled with generating dams spilling into the braided river systems that drain the catchments originating in the Alps from the  Lindis Pass to the ranges south of the Rangitata.

Now further harnessed by canal to eventually reach man made Lakes Benmore, Aviemore and lastly the first control dam built on the river 7Kms west of Kurow. A dam called Waitaki, the last to be truly built 'by man" in NZ sans the heavy machinery that sustained all major constructions from then on.

One of the side effects of major Irrigation schemes is the allied boost of ground water,  minimum flows in creeks and streams that in many prior summers  either dry up completely or, more often, reduce to pools that become stagnant, threatening many forms of water dependent life cycles.

Water is a necessity of most life forms and much is shouted in barely disguised attacks on users when an entrepreneur prepares to make coin from "OUR WATER".   Water bottlers, vegetable and fruit growers and viticulture can at anytime become a target.  Then, as the bullseye there "Greedy Bloody Farmers"  especially the dairy variety.

All the rules and sanctions that are in place to prevent young humans learning sometimes harsh realities of life are tossed aside, while concerted attacks on sometimes vulnerable people struggling to maintain their equilibrium around animal welfare in the face of many potential hurdles are tolerated and even encouraged.  That is deemed to be OK.

Then we come to the recent political hullabaloo around "Swimable Rivers," a publicity stunt that made farming and in particular dairy producers the convenient Aunt Sally. Everyone hates them surely.

By far the most polluted waters here in Canterbury are streams and rivers that collect the urban detritus and substance abuse of urban settlement to become not only "Unswimable" but to be avoided at all costs. The Cam, Heathcote, Avon, and Halswell have all hosted disastrous pollution at times.

Now, in the last month, the Shopfront for NZ, the City of Sails was recently forced to close Milford Beach to water enjoyment in high su mmer when the city was in the gun for raw sewage getting into a stream and then the pristine waters of the Waitemata. Alas no farmer to blame so a few hours of angst and now nothing to see here, move along. Not even a hint of anyone at fault or a scapegoat.  It was a one off mishap. LOL.

Maybe sometime in the future, one local body will prosecute another public entity all at cost of the poor ratepayer, creating a bonanza for lawyers as a sop to making a pathetic public move to prove fault while avoiding any personal responsibility.  While the morons, who by declining to spend on maintenance, spent money on alternative, nice to have, ego boosting, transferred essential spend in budgets to non core events, while staff and management, who by poor performance failed to deliver,  will all escape any culpability.

In another world some poor sap will face  a court because it was deemed his/her fault that some quite natural animal waste was allowed to enter a waterway.

BWT where do trout go toilies, hopefully someone is picking that  up.


The Veteran said...

GD ... farming is an alien culture as far as Labour and the Greens are concerned. Many of them think milk comes from milk containers. In their lexicon farmers are rich pricks and are cannon fodder to be blamed for all natures ills starting with ingrown toenails.

Now townies and pollution is an entirely different kettle of fish and when it occurs that's part and parcel of city living.

Farmers started recycling before townies could even spell the word. Townies polute ... it's in their DNA.

Johno said...

Greenies and lefties rail against intensive farming, but are actively herding the proletariat into intensive housing projects. These projects are of course in the cities with crumbling overloaded sewer systems that routinely despoil their own beaches.

Nobody, and I mean *nobody* does hypocrisy like the left.

Too bad the left wing council in Auckland doesn't spend some money on doing its job (i.e. improving sewers) instead of funding degenerate sex parties.

Anonymous said...

Johno...........A sewer or water system dose not deteriorate in the life time of a parliament, particularly one that has been operating for 102 days.

Lack of investment in the countries infrastructure from all governments, especially the last one (8 years) is the problem.......your lefty rant sounds a little unhinged to me.

Perhaps if you explained the Council funding structure re: sewers I might be more sympathetic.

Lord Egbuy

Johno said...

Central government has nothing to do with Auckland's sewer system you clown.

It is the job of Auckland City alone through its wholly owned WaterCare business.

Typical lefty, thinks everything should be managed centrally by the government.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Johno....Central Govt has nothing to do with the sewer system, quite right, but it should. Watercare receives no funding from the council or govt. It is a stand alone company and is it's operating budget is from the end user. That the sewers are crumbling means a lack of investment which the end users cannot support unless there is 5x rise in prices. Unless there is massive injection of money the sewers will keep crumbling......typical righty, thinks that that low taxes fix sewerage systems.

Lord Egbut