Thursday, February 22, 2018


Just gets smelly and unhygienic with no palpable results, a bit similar to mud wrestling with pigs.

The important bit will come when the decision is made and the whole teim have to get on with implementing it.

Smith, Carter, Barry, and co who through perseverance and longevity have survived at levels often well beyond their ability need to give early notice they accept time has been kind but it has arrived at the crossroads..
Much of their apparent success has emanated from the gentrification of the electorate combined with an inexplicable lack of desire for younger voters to engage to a level  that even has them voting.
Social media has built a new Colosseum for future combat.

The military have evolved to a system that has commanders giving orders and soldiers carrying them out. When a commander is elevated beyond his competence then things can unravel fast but can still be salvageable if lower ranks can act with courage, in politics it is no different.

I am one who sees Ms Kaye as lacking a presence that equates to leadership but she is launching what appears to be a serious assault on Hipkins and Davis that even the worst speaker since the shrieking banshee Wilson sat up there running interference, can cover for.

Is it good for democracy that Mallard in seeking a personal biased means of enforcement with removing questions for infractions from either team?
Or is that a suppression of one of the tenets of the Westminster system where holding the Government to account  is a vital part of the process.
To deduct a question from the questioner as a punishment for an infraction of his warped sense of discipline by someone entirely removed from the process must be a retrograde step. Expulsion removes aa problem but the system can continue with another stepping up. Mallard needs to pull his head in.

This rabble need to be held to account and with so many wheels wobbling and beginning to fall off, it might take a lot more than a Canoe jumping act to keep  the vehicle warrantable.


Shelldrake said...

I agree , even Wilson and Hunt would be welcome back. Mallard is acting in a manner that is inconsistent, irrational and biased. He is parliament's man not a party man.
Even more disturbing is Mallards little party piece delivered each day before the TV broadcast of Question time. It is simply a platform for Mallard to explain the Labour party's take on parliamentary business. Plain awful. Also his personal appearance is not that of a speaker. Unkempt, scruffy man.

The Veteran said...

I don't think anyone could be as bad as Speaker Wilson although Jonathon Hunt (of taxi chit fame and trying to access the UK OAP and refusing to stand in the rain at the Cenotaph while he was High Commissioner in London) would run her a close second.

Mallard is just sad. Cut and ran for the List when he realised that Bishop was going to take his seat of him ... a seat that had been Labour since Adam was a cowboy. To be fair (and I don't have to be) he does have an encyclopedia knowledge of Standing Orders.

Paulus said...

Agreed Vet - never thought anybody could be worse than Wilson but in a few months Mallard has shown himself to be far worse in terms of arrogance, ignorance and totally one sided.

Anonymous said...

How dare you criticise Hunt! He has the Order of NZ so must be very special indeed.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I thought it was the Order of WC? (Wine and Cheese)