Tuesday, February 6, 2018


One plank in the cardboard cutout created to represent the charade the new administration was doing stuff, was Pike River Mine Re-entry.

With great ceremony and spend of OPM, an office was opened with full media illumination in Greymouth, with all the cast present.  Bernie (albeit somewhat obscured), Tony resplendent in mayoral chains, our brand new PM still sartorially challenged, some family members and the now ex Union Muppet. A false prophet who days before the bomb went off in November 2010,  as the union rep for some of the now still dead Pike 29, declared the design flawed mine a safe workplace and  now, ironically elevated to Minister for Pike River Re-entry. All accompanied with many more millions of dosh on deposit in addition to the millions already spent on compensation, the Royal Commission and other "ointments and balm."

Fast forward a couple of weeks and a further disaster strikes the poor old West Coast.  Cyclone Fehi comes ashore on tides made more destructive by an accompanying super blue blood moon.  As a result, acres of the narrow strip of somewhat level land perched between the Alps and the Tasman Sea that supports settlement, roads, railway and unfortunately an old Cobden Tip, were taken by the combined high rainfall and the tides.

Hundreds of stranded tourists with only what any tourist travelling the long distance that exists from Karamea to Jacksons Bay might reasonably carry in food and clothing for a day trip on a state highway.  Milk tankers prevented from daily collections, delivery of normal supplies prevented to food and service outlets by roads now gorn.  Driftwood and detritus in abundance.

Photo opps aplenty but where are Ardern, Little,  Min of CD Farawayfoi? Possibly exhausted from their frantic holidays and box ticking of 100 days, they were taking the now traditional holiday break for te tiriti weekend in the winterless north where this morning as I type, our Prime Minister is hosting a BBQ at Waitangi.

In the real world Tony sans the Chains is exhorting his voters to attend a community "working bee" to assist in recovering the garbage displaced by the storm surge when the now closed Cobden Tip became wrecked, leaving tons of garbage that  has now been returned from the sea, unwanted by Gaia, for re burial.

And not a Beltway player in sight.


The Veteran said...

More to be gained from puff pieces about St Jacinda visiting the Paihia School to be told by a pupil there 'she' voted for her because of her name (for the record National beat Labour hands down at that polling place and most others in Northland) than by standing by the people of the West Coast in their hour of need and anyway, it's a Labour held seat so why bother?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

A barbecue, did you say? A White Man's barbecue?

Oh dear! You mean she failed to host a hangi?

What will Titewhai have to say about that?

Gerald said...

Hangi for breakfeast.
You are and ignorant troll aren't you Adolt.
3-5 hours for firing and heating stones, 3-4 hours cooking.

Noel said...


Kaikoura earth quake occurred mid November?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gerald appears to be an ignorant and illiterate prick who likes calling people names who ha never been near a hangi before it was time to start feeding his face.

I reckon I've put down more hangis than Gerald has had intelligent thoughts and it does not seem to occur to him that it could have been arranged for a late lunch.

Gerald said...

Do catch up troll.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... shit oh dear. Is that the best you can do. John Key, the then Prime Minister, visited Kaikoura twice after the earthquake on 13 Novcmber before Bill English, his replacement did.

In just one post you let your mouth overrule your brain and, in doing so, destroyed your credibility.

gravedodger said...

Can't destroy that which nnever was Vet.
Adolf the snowflakes with their dope addled brains need to rewrite History before they can debate it.
Clearly getting up early does not compute with Gerald.

Meanwhile the total absense of official concern from the ninth floor for what is a massive disaster for Westland, ferals with a locked in vote and a bunch of disrupted tourists just wont figure strategically to the ignorant. The first group will blindly do stupid again and expect a differeent result and the tourists were always oncers.

Far more rewarding to be brown nosing where the cameras are and another nearby bunch of children on call.