Sunday, February 4, 2018


Back in the halcyon days of the last National led government when everyone knew their place and Labour was polling 25% going south (that should be sufficient to rile up the Snowflakes of this world) the annual protest at the GCSB's Waihopai station was an event not to be missed and attended by many ... de rigueur for the Greens plus Labour Party activists supported by assorted 'hairy' academics and rounded off by a bevy of defrocked priests.

Alas tiz no more.    This years protest orchestrated by Green MP 'Golly Gosh' Ghahraman, fresh from being exposed as having padded her curriculum vitae, attracted a grand total of four, repeat four, people including Ms Ghahraman who, in a tweet lauding her actions, accused the government of carrying out a program of illegal spying on our Asian-Pacific neighbours.

Gueez Golly Gosh ... I know cannabis can addle the brain but clearly you haven't woken up to the fact that this is 'your' government?   That it's a government the Green Party, of which you are a member, signed a confidence and supply agreement with.   Ok, you might have been rewarded with only scraps from the table but you're in there, down and dirty, and it's no use pretending you're clean and pure and absolved from any fallout. What's more, your erstwhile leader is a member of Parliament's sensitive Security and Intelligence Committee and you are, in effect, accusing him of being complicit in illegal activities.

Funny how when a government of the left does it the left goes silent except for a lone MP caught between her conscience and a hard place.   It will be interesting indeed to see whether Ms Ghahraman's  conscience will see her voting against Winston's draconian Electoral Integrity Bill ... I suspect not because the consequences of her voting her conscience are clearly set out in the Bill.   


Anonymous said...

Veteran....I'm finding it hard to relate your post with what she said in the house. She may where her heart on her sleeve but she is acting on her conscience.

"For almost 20 years, Green Party MPs have been calling in this House for this committee to be reformed, for it to much more closely reflect other select committees in Parliament in transparency, in accountability, and membership, for it to move away from operating as a secret meeting," she said.

She added that the Greens would bring a healthy scepticism to the committee, but also promised to behave.

"We will bring cautious and, at times, sceptical scrutiny of the committee's work and the spy agencies' activities. We will also treat our responsibility on the committee with appropriate discipline and the code of conduct that is required".

Up until now she, along with every other new Zealander, had no idea of just what goes on there. Nor do we know what NZ oversight there is. Do we have a liaison officers with total access?

If we want it closed all we have to do is ask for 10 acres of Californian coast line to place a secret military installation......guess what the answer will be.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

It is Wear...stupid boy.

Lord Egbut

Snowflake said...

Golly Gosh again! Gee it’s even funnier the second and third times! You’re a comic genius. The rest of your post reveals a serious case of sour grapes. Why can’t you be more positive? It’ll make you feel better. Try some yoga.

Noel said...

I'm having some difficulty understanding your concern about the Greens having a representative.

National didn't object to Little's nomination of Winston replacing Shearer.
It was pretty obvious that once Labour got the reigns that they would have to include the Greens.

The argument that you present is the same one National raised before the election.

But if you consider page 51 paras 3.70 and especially 3.72 what actually is put at risk by their inclusion?

Noel said...

Sorry Lord Egbut should have also identified page 71 and paras.

The Veteran said...

In sequence ... Egbut, you miss the point completely. 'She' panned the GCSB for carrying out 'illegal' activities. By doing so she has called in to question the integrity of the two National Members; the Labour member and the NZ First member who comprised that Cttee during the term of the last parliament and, by extension, the current members which includes her own leader. I will take their integrity (even that of Winston Peters limited to security matters) over the slip of a thing whose contribution to the body politic up until now has been limited to padding her c.v. She may be acting in line with her conscience but it's 'her' government she's taking on. I for one will be fascinated to see whether her conscience extends to taking a stand on the noxious Electoral Integrity Bill.

Snowflake, stop being a petal. Your side made a meal of labeling John Key as Shonky. MP's from all sides of the House earn their respect. Right now I have no respect for Golly Gosh, caught with her fingers in the till doctoring her own c.v. I'll call her what I like.

Noel, sorry, your point is obscure. I don't object to the Greens being there. I do however think it would be wise for Ministers of the Crown and Members nominated to that Cttee to be subject to positive vetting at least.

Snowflake said...

Yeah, that doctoring the cv thing is a bit of a smear, but if that and name-calling is all you have then whatever gets you through the night. Still crying yourself to sleep are you?

Anonymous said... did not answer the question. Do we have oversight to the highest level or are we on a "need to know" basis? It is illegal to spy or eavesdrop on NZ citizens, do we know this is not happening.

Lord Egbut

pdm said...

Egbut I don't care one bit about New Zealand citizens being spied upon if there is the slightest possibility that said citizens are engaged in terrorist of treasonous activities inside of or outside of New Zealand.

David said...

pdm, so says every authoritarian everywhere.

How many terrorist attacks have there been in NZ? The last I recall was in 1985. Although Mossad came close in 2004.

Just why are you so keen to preserve your freedom by giving up your freedom?

Anonymous said...

Those who sacrifice liberty for security will have neither.....Winston C. I beleive.

Of course there was always the arch terrorist Dotcom who spread fear and terror in Hollywood I think it was.

Just waiting for conformation from Veteran to put my mind at rest.

Lord Egbut

David said...

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Benjamin Franklin.

Anonymous said...

Here we are, us Snowflakes, lefties and libtards sitting ducks for Troll Adolfs wit and wisdom...but no sign, wonder why. Is it because it is in Russia's interest for the base to be closed? In fact this post is remarkably troll free. Long may it last.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... your question re oversight ... that's the role of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security mandated by Parliament. The position is currently held by Cheryl Gwyn appointed by the Prime Minister in consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.

You make a very good point ... just who would be cheering were Waihopai and Tangimoana to be closed and the GCSB rendered toothless. Your answer Russia (and China) makes sense.

David ... your (no) terrorist attack argument. You can just as easily argue the efficiency of the GSCB is part of the reason.

Anon 8.43 ... then we wait for Labour (Little) to put his money where his mouth is and agitate for the Prime Minister to be removed as Chair of the Cttee and instead for that role to go to a senior Opposition MP .... waiting, waiting

Anonymous said...

Veteran....that is not oversight. Oversight is having New Zealand bums on seats next the US military personnel doing the the same job and having a senior officer next door the US CO.

We are blind as to what they are looking at and who they are targeting and as an trusted ally we should be there, any refusal would immediately raise issues.

Sometimes two countries interests inadvertently combine and the way Trump is isolating the US we have to be aware of the fact that today's ally is tomorrow's adversary. Trumps latest NATO bashing speech will only hurry along the forming of the EU army. It's not really an army it is integrating the command structure of 27 countries into a single unit. Before Dodger starts on me that is something that had the British, French and Belgians had in 1914 and again in 1939 the wars would not have got off the ground.

It is time to take a more proactive role in foreign military bases and if they don't like it they know where the airport is.

Lord Egbut Nobacon